important conversaions to have wih children


Important Conversations To Have With Your Children





























Talking to our children is a very important activity for each of us as parents , which

is why you need to spend more time with them.Communicating with the members

of your family , will also allow you to form a better bond with them by getting to

know more about them.Here are a few simple positive conversations that you can

have with your kids and teenagers , out of the many interesting ones we could

think of.



Talk about Their Behaviour


One of the most important things that parents should do if they would like to

improve their childrens behaviour is by actually talking about it , having a few

moments to talk with them would allow you to open up about how your children

make you feel when they don’t behave appropriately.Which is something that

would actually help them understand just how much they’ve hurt your feelings

whenever they choose not to listen , communicating to them and expressing

yourself.Will allow you to get them to have a much better attitude , its a really

good way to find out why they act unruly.


















Talk About Faith


Most of the worlds population are affiliated to one religion or another , which is

why another kid friendly conversation you’d like to have is about your faith.Ask

your children what they think about faith and also the things that they’ve learnt

within the week , would allow you to help them understand more about your faith.


Just because you get to go to the place of worship each week , it’s just as

important to encourage them to stay in tune with religious practise through out

their lives.So you picking a particular subject to concentrate on , would allow you

to improve the spiritual growth of your family.



Speak About Values


If you’re wondering what you’d like to have a conversation about with your kids ,

then why not try and say something positive by sharing some value.Parents are

responsible for how they raise their children and the easiest way to do this is by

trying to express the importance of family values , getting to discuss about things

like being hard working or why they should respect their elders.Will allow them to

understand why they should take up some good habits.


Sharing your knowledge with them is a small thing that you need to do , because

they don’t really get to learn most of the essential things in school and thats were

parents come in.Being great role models is all about making sure you set a good

example for them and being their guide.


















Ask Questions About Their Day


Asking them interesting questions about how their day went can also be a simple

discussion that will spark alot of laughs , getting to express themselves will allow

you to find out about their interests and also cheer them up if they had a bad

day.just because they’re young , it doesn’t mean they don’t get to feel stress.


If you don’t talk to them then its going to be very difficult for you to know how to

make them feel better , so getting to sit down with them and discuss something as

simple as this.Might lead to even more conversation.



The Talk


Another important topic that you might want to have a look at with your teenagers

, is about puberty.Getting to educate your children about the changes in their body

is something that will help them understand whats going on , because it can be

quite confusing for them.As its their first time experiencing these developments in

their hormones.


Parents need share all the helpful information that they need to make sure that

they don’t feel like their alone , opening up to them about this will give them an

opportunity to reach out to you when they need help.We’re once teens at some

point and you know how hard it can be when trying to deal with puberty the first

time , so be the difference and be there for them.

















Holiday Ideas


Planning the perfect holiday can be very difficult for each family , as its a great

way to spend more time together.In order for everyone to enjoy their holiday ,

asking your kids where the would like to go would make it easier for you to have

more excitement with each and every person.Talk to them about this will give

them something to look forward to during the year, make them happy and get to

listen to all their ideas.



Ask Them About Anything Interesting


Parents should be able to talk about anything with their children , from

constructive topics to more fun and imaginary ones.Getting to connect with them

is all about being able to have a great time , so asking them the simple things like

what their favourite colour is.Would be another great conversation to start and

keep them entertained.



So try as much as possible to take the time each day to talk with your children ,

being present in their lives is very important for us parents,Don’t forget to be

friendly with them and allow them to express themselves.


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