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Eating is all about feeling up yourself with some great tasting dishes that have got

great nutritional value , but what makes eating at home better than eating out is

the question that will try to answer in this post.Hopefully by the end of this

informative post , you’ll get more involved with preparing your meals from home.


Before going further in this post , we aren’t trying to prevent you from completely

going out with your friends.Having a great time out with your friends is actually

great for self care and sometimes staying at home might just be what you need ,

so if you’re deciding whether you should go out our not then take a time to read



Below are the benefits of preparing your meals from home , these are just a few of

them to help you make a better decision on whether to eat in or not.



1. Improve Your Cooking Skills


One of the benefits of eating home cooked meals is that you get to improve your

inner chef , learning ways on how you can prepare various meals will allow you to

have a much healthier lifestyle which is a great positive.The only way you become

good at cooking is by practicing, so try to recreate some of the dishes that you like

to eat and change them up a bit to suit your liking.



2. Customization


Many are the times we go to a place to eat and often want to have some meals

done a specific way or have a specific ingredient to make them taste better, well

this would even be more of a reason to have your meals done from home

instead.Having the ability to customize your experience always make something

taste better and besides , you’ll be one in control of whatever you might want to




3. Extra Healthier Options


Eating healthy foods will allow you to maintain your well-being, which is why doing

your eating from home is a good thing to do.When you go out, there might be

some foods that are very high in fats and calories.Which is not so good for your

body if you want to stay fit and health, when you’re at home you’ll be able to

replace various ingredients on the menu with healthier options.That way you’ll be

able to reduce your calorie intake and eat a better meal, like for instance instead

of having fried potato chips you can switch to picked zucchini for a change.




4. Comfort


The biggest positive about being able to stay home is being comfortable and

usually when your out on the town you might start feel uncomfortable after a few

bites , as you stay home you’ll be able to sit in your comfortable chair and binge

your favourite shows.You won’t even have to dress up and look fancy but just

lounge in your sweatpants and pajamas , being comfortable and relaxed as

you eat more.So this is definitely a benefit of eating from home.




5. Portion Sizing


If you want to make sure that you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle then you want

to watch your portion sizes, eating out offers you less control over the amount of

food that you get in some dishes. Even if your going to have some healthy meals,

eating excess foods can cause you to gain alot of weight.which is why staying at

home will allow you to eat  just the right amount of food to keep you full , studies

have shown that eating foods on smaller plates will prevent  you from eating

more and it helps you get full quicker.


Those are some of the reasons as to why you should eat at home more often ,

you can apply some of these tips to your routine and they’ll hopefully get better. 



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Date 14 Apr 2020



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