Dealing with hatred from child



Deal with hatred from child








































Not being able to enjoy parenting can make you sound like a bad guardian when you say

it out loud but the truth is , it’s very common for any mother to feel that they can’t handle

raising children anymore and even when you feel this way.


It’s not a sign to give up on your children, being the person that gets up every single day to

ensure that your kids are able to have a stable and successful path in life. Isn’t the easiest

job in the world by any means, but seeing them become the people that you’d want them

to be as they grow. Has to be one of the biggest rewards that come with being a parent,

so don’t be someone that feels like things can’t get better with your family because they



Only if you’re willing to put in the effort to make a difference, taking the steps today is the

only thing that is standing in the way of you having a different attitude when it comes to

being the person your family needs. Which is something important to remember, even as

you look through some of the strategies that can help you deal with the struggles that

come with being raising children.





Be Okay With Admitting It


The first step that you’ll have to take is acknowledging that you’re unhappy with being a

mom, when you start to sweep feelings such as these under the carpet. It can have a

negative impact on the way you approach your day to day activities because, that thought

will always be playing in the back of your head and it’ll affect the kind of effort that you’re

able to put into your children.


Just like any problem that needs to be fixed in life, knowing that there’s a situation that has

to be addressed will make it easier for answers to be found and when it comes to

something as big as this. It’s really important for parents to look themselves in the mirror

and tell the truth because it affects the livelihood of their children as well.


Admitting that you’re not enjoying being a parent doesn’t make you a bad one, the fact

that you’re able to tell yourself the truth. Means that you’re on the right track to make sure

that things change for the better not only for you, but everyone else in the home.




















You Matter Too


When you feel like being a mom is too much for you to handle then it’s time to start taking

more time out of the day for yourself, self-care is not selfish because if parents don’t take

good care of themselves.


Then who’s going to be there for your kids when they need you the most?. It’s no secret

that parenting can be stressful and having to do the same things every week, will only

make it difficult for you to focus on the little things that are important.


Having those few moments to yourself can help you unwind from all the stress that comes

during the day, allowing you to rest and reset. When was the last time you did something

for yourself?.


We need all the energy that we can get and its make those small changes to your daily

routine that can make a difference in your life because you also matter, stop taking self-

care for granted by making time for yourself daily.





Try Something New


If you’ve been looking for what to do when you hate being a parent, then it’s out with the

old and in with the new. Doing the same activities whenever you get to spend time with

your children is only going to make you feel drained each time, change is always a good

thing because it ushers you into something new.


Thinking out of the box and being creative with the way you do things is only going to

make it more enjoyable for your children, don’t be in the habit of always following what

other parents are doing but be different because at the end of the day it’s all about forming

a special relationship with your children.


The truth is your children might not even like repeating the same routine too, making it

even more of a reason for you not to be afraid of trying something different.




















Struggles & Good Solutions


The most common reason as to why most parents become unhappy when parenting is

because of using the wrong approach when it comes to raising their children, not having

an effective way of approaching various challenges during your parenting journey. Will

cause you a lot of headaches and this is why it’s very essential for you as guardians to be

proactive by looking at how best you can deal with the difficulties that you face.


The truth is no two children are the same and the rate at which they learn things will be

different, however. Getting to find out how other parents approach these problems can

give you an idea of what kind of path that you can take with your child, speaking to a

family therapist can also help with this.


No path when raising kids is going to be easy but it’s all about staying committed and

following through, having advice from these sources doesn’t guarantee that everything will

be fix but it does put you on the right path.


Ultimately it’ll be up to you as a parent to be effective and follow through with the change

because everything takes time, having the right strategy will give you something positive

to look forward to.





Improving the lives of your children does start with you, so whenever you feel like you hate

being a mom or unhappy with parenting. Don’t be too quick to throw in the towel and stop

trying to make things better because when you make this thought the focus of your life,

even the small achievements that your kids get to make will become invisible to you.


Making it even harder for you to actually appreciate parenting for what it truly is, so take a

deep breath and keep on trying to be the best mom you can because your kids won’t be

young forever. Eventually feel unhappy will be a thing of the past, stay positive.


; New methods of parenting, self-care, new parenting strategies & a little bit positivity can

change everything.





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