coping with people that tear you down


Coping With People Who Tear You Down


























When trying to move forward with your life and concentrate on ourselves ,  we’ll

always get to face resistance in different types of forms that will try to prevent our

progress from happening and one of the ways that we face daily.Are from the

people that will try to tear you down , they’re words and actions can easily affect

our mood during that day.


Which is why you’ll have to find ways that help you move on with your life. Letting

people get to you through their negative actions , will be giving them what they

want by you failing to focus on your plans and here are a few tips that will help

you deal with people who try to bring you down.
















Stay Strong & Stand Your Ground


When trying to make your life better , one of the most important things you’ll have

to do is be consistent because this is what will allow you to follow through with

your goals.When they start belittling you and try putting your spirit down with

certain action , its these small things that will act as a destruction to your progress

and getting of track will only lead to failure.


Which is why you need to be more confident with the path that you’re taking and

what you believe in , being sure with what you’re involved in.Is a great way to

remain grounded , listening to people is good but when they’re showing you a bad

attitude.Its totally okay to be ignorant about what they say and will help you stay

on track and achieve your dreams.



Respond The Right Way


If someone constantly puts you down , it becomes even easier for you to respond

negatively towards them but you’re way better than that.Showing them the very

same treatment only makes you the same person and this is why we all need to

be different by staying polite.Taking the time to respond to them by talking back ,

opens the door for even more arguments and that’s what they’ve wanted all along.


The best way to respond to your haters is with your success because its the one

thing they wouldn’t want to see ,  the reason why people try to put others down is

because they might not have achieved what they want with their lives and the only

thing left to do is prevent everyone else from doing.


Maybe that’s how they deal with failure which is the wrong way to go about it , so

just keep that in mind the next time you encounter these people in your life

because they’ll always be there.Keeping your head where it needs to be will

prevent you from treating people badly , they’re still human beings at the end of

the day and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

















Don’t Try To Change Their Views


When certain individuals speak badly about you and are tearing down what you’ve

been working on , trying to defend yourself for all the right reasons.The thing most

people that do this don’t really want to here what you’ve got to say , so changing

their point of view is a waste of time.


They’ll always be resistance when trying to do something different and this is why

its important to learn how to be separate from the crowd , because no matter how

you try to correct some people. They’ll always go back to thinking the same way ,

so save yourself some time and focus on something else.



Positivity Renewal


The only way to remain strong even when things don’t look to good for you is try

to find ways to renew your positive mindset , getting immersed in positive energy

is essential when it comes to dealing with any negativity .There are so many

activities that can be done during the week that will keep your mindset in the right

place , self care is not selfish at all.Being around the things that make you happy

will put a smile on your face and we should learn to make time for these things ,

its the small things that will help you stay positive.A couple of positive affirmations

in the morning , might be what you need to start the day.

















Don’t Hold In The Pressure


When we’re experiencing back lush from the people around us , the things that

they do can be heavy on our minds and this might cause us to over think things

but it doesn’t always have to be like this because you can open up to people

about it.Getting to talk to people that are supportive like your friends or life coach ,

will allow you to decompress and let go of any negative thoughts that might still be

weighing on your mind.


Talking about the things that you go through with people that  you go through with

people that are willing to listen , would allow you to find new ways of coping with

all the negativity.Even though your therapist or life coach might not be with you the

whole day , they’ve been able to help people deal with similar situations like this

and its what makes seeking professional help even more worth it.



When we’ve got people that approach us in a negative way by trying to tear us

down because of what you might be looking to do , it can be really difficult for alot

of us to handle but the fact that not everyone would like what we get to do.


Should be a good reason why it would be essential for you to learn how to handle

yourself whenever you meet people that bring you down , Its would be good if

approach them a more positive ways because being like them.Doesn’t really

improve anything and hopefully you apply these tips to yourself ,  keep on being



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