Daily rules to live by


Daily Rules To Live By




























We all have a particular way of doing things each time we go throughout the day

and having a set of guidelines or setting some life long affirmations for ourselves ,

is a great way to start enjoying your life.In this post we’ll look at some everyday

rules that you can make part of your own , will allow you to improve your lifestyle.If

you want to take some small steps to become a better person , then this post is

for you and below are a few of the must haves.




















1. Your Happiness Is Important


There are so many things that we get to do in life , but finding true happiness is

seemingly rare.Being the best version of yourself will require you to be more

positive minded.The word “Happy” , may seem like a simple five letter word but it

really does carry alot of value.When you’ve got this in your life , it’ll become

harder for you to be affected by the daily challenges that we all get to face.


A good mood will always brighten up the day , so if you want to have true

happiness.You’ll have to search within you and continue to surround yourself with

things that keep you in a great mood.



2. Be Better


Another good rule to live by is always trying to be the best version of yourself

each day , this will help you to achieve more and place yourself in a better

position to create the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.


The attitude that we’ve got also impacts the people around us like our friends and

family , which is more of a reason for you to make this one of your personal rules

in your life.This can only start when you take the initial steps by putting in more

effort to be the person you need to be.



3. Always Be Grateful


With all the things that we go through in our lives , its important for us to remain

grateful for the things that we’ve been given.This many not necessarily have to do

with religion but you can show your appreciation in other ways , like for instance

you can give the things you don’t use to the needy or learn to start treating people



Doing these small things is a great way of showing that you’re thankful , we often

complain that we’re going through a bad time and forget that some people don’t

have half of what you’ve got.This is something very essential to remember as you

go about your daily activities.




















4.Health Before Wealth


Another everyday rule that you’ll need to keep close to you is making sure that

you say healthy , if you don’t treat your body nicely by giving it the right nutrients it

needs. Then it’ll become harder for you to get the things you want , eating a great

diet and keeping yourself fit are the small things that you can do. So getting

yourself some workout gear and equipment , to start getting in shape.



5. Self Love Is Not Selfish


Taking care of yourself is one of the essentials if you ask me , treating yourself

once in a while isn’t a bad thing at all.Looking after your life by getting the things

you need will allow you to feel and do better.So learn to put yourself first before

everyone else , but this doesn’t mean its now time to be selfish.I know that this

might be sound alittle bit contradictory but if you’ve got more than enough for

someone else then lead a helping hand and if not , then you should be priority.You

worked hard for your current position , so its okay to treat yourself once in a while.



6. Work hard For Your Lifestyle


One of the many reasons why people have rules to love by is to help them focus

their energy on things that will improve and better their lifestyle.The only way to

get the things you want is by working hard, if everyone would easily get whatever

they wanted.


Then life wouldn’t be fun at all , being willing to sacrifice your time and use it to get

what you want. Will get you the success that you seek , nobody will push you

constantly to try and do better for yourself.So make it a rule to keep going until

you get what you need and more , never give up in your dreams but find ways of

making them a reality.




















7. Gain More Info


Gaining Knowledge on the things that will put your life in a better position from

those that have done thee same thing , will make the path that you’ve got to follow

much easier.You should be able to look at their mistakes and try to avoid them ,

other things that you should do is utilized the internet as well.In these modern

times we’ve the luxury of getting information at our finger tips and getting to use it

correctly , will give you alot more independence.



8. Spend Wisely


We get to work extremely hard for the money that we earn and it would only be

right to spend it correctly , making sure that you don’t spend it all in one place and

on something you might not need is very important.


You can make this part of your everyday rule , which will keep your spending in

check , you can also put your cash in the right places by investing or opening up a

savings account.Even Jay-Z said it , “ You can’t afford something

unless you can buy it twice “.Doesn’t that sound like a good rule to live by ?,

because it sure does to me.



9. Stop Worrying Too Much


Even though we go through alot of challenges and difficulties , its essential for us

to start trying to worry about things less.This sounds like something hard to do but

we must give it a go , when ever you focus all your energy on a problems.It only

becomes bigger and this will also increase our levels of stress , which can lead

into depression if we aren’t staying calm and relaxed.So If you can’t control the

out come of something then don’t put all your energy on it , only get to look at

whats on your plate.


Do this more if you don’t want to always have a low mood.Stay positive and happy

even through the rough times might be there , always know that there’s light at the

end of the tunnel.




















10. Stop Procrastinating


When you begin to procrastinate each day , we’re only taking ourselves further

away from our goals. Which we set ourselves to attain , doing this will also allow

you to become even lazier.Putting things of to the last minutes is only going to

double your work load , but the good thing is that this habit can be broken.If you

want to checkout all the tasks that you laid out for the day, start now and don’t

wait for the right moment.



11. Talk Less


By this we mean that you don’t always have to explain yourself to other people ,

each time your doing something that benefit your life.Some people will always be

there to throw negativity on whatever you do and you staying silent , will only

benefit you in the long run.Staying quiet doesn’t only apply to this but also other

aspects of life , listening to people before you assume something will prevent you

from getting into an argument.This has to be one of those rules which I wish

everybody could have in their lives.



12. Don’t Rush


If you’re not sure about something there’s absolutely no reason to rush into things

,taking things one step at a time will help you prevent mistakes from happening.If

people pressure you into doing something you don’t like , you can always say

“No”.Learning to say no will help you get out of sticky situations that could happen

in your life. Which is just a reminder that you don’t need to rush for nobody , its

your life and you make the rules.




















13. Be Yourself


Getting to be yourself is one of the most important priorities that you’ll have to set

for yourself , getting to express yourself each day will allow you to find things that

you like.When your confident in your skin , you get to feel more comfortable in

trusting in you and that’s very important for your confidence.Be unique because

there’s only one version of you on this planet and don’t let anyone take that away

from you , so continue expressing yourself.


Those are some of the few things that we thought we’d share to you and at the

end of the day , you’re your own person.Having a good rule to live by , will help go

stay true to your priorities.


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