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With the availability of the Internet, it has enabled us to gain access to alot of

information with just a click of a button.Which is a good thing because it allows us

to be connected to people from all over the globe , platforms such as Facebook,

Instagram and Twitter do play a very huge role in the way we communicate with



Even though these applications are nice to use , you can  easily get hooked to 

them making you consistently looking forward to the next post and this makes it

even more of a reason for as to Detox from social media.In this post will look at

what social media detoxing is and why its important for you ,hopefully by the end

of this post you’ll try and limit the amount of time you spend on some of the social

media platforms.























To begin with we must first learn what social media detoxing is , like any other

detox the goal is to try and get rid of something that may be affecting you in order

for us to feel better.So in the case of social media detoxing , we’re mainly talking

about taking a step back from these platform in order to reduce our dependence

on them.Having Looked at the definition of what the aim of social media detoxing

is , we can now look at why its important for us to do it.You have to know that

taking sometime off can be a bit difficult at first but with time , you’ll be able to go

off long periods of time.



1. Reduces Pressure.


With all the things that we see on social media like cars, holiday destinations,

money and the nice jewellery, It can make us feel like you have to own all those

things in order for people to appreciate you or look at you some kind of way.Its

Important for  everyone to remember that social media doesn’t define who they

are, try to get a grip of yourself and know who you are.This can only be done if

you take sometime off your phone.



2. Limits The Amount of Destruction’s 


Detoxing from social media will allow you to get rid of things that are using up

most of your time, using these social platforms is great but its when we start to

depend on them which makes them a destruction.If you spend too much time on

your phone it will cause you to be less productive, being productive is what makes

us achieve whatever we want to and that’s why try to take a bit of a break.























3.Increases Your Success


I know most of you are thinking about what this means and have some doubts ,

but it will become clear after you read a few more lines.They way we define

success depends on what you as an individual picture as success , so if your

pictorial vision of success Is based on the things that you see on social media then

it will change the way you think.


Often are the times you look at our achievements and say we haven’t done

anything, when in actual sense you’ve become a total different person from

before. Am not saying you can’t use it to inspire you to work harder but , just try to

appreciate what your efforts and by doing this you’ll be more likely to gain




4.Less Negativity


When you’re constantly on social media you tend to develop the habit of seeking

peoples approval indirectly which is through the form of likes and dislikes, which

will have a negative impact on you especially when a post doesn’t get the amount

of likes that you wanted.This will sometimes leave you feeling disappointed with

yourself , which will affect you emotionally and mentally.The best thing to do is get

rid of this energy by rediscovering yourself.



5. Improve Your Relationship With Others


When we spend all day looking at our phones , we tend to isolate ourselves from

everyone.This isolation will cause us to neglect the people around us and if his

will only weaken the bond between you and them. So keep that in mind when you

start noticing yourself becoming more distant and take time to think of what you

can change.























6. Give Your Eyes some rest


This one is a pretty obvious one but it has to be stated, a benefit of social detoxing

is you get to give your eyes the much needed rest that they deserve to have.Did

you know that using your phone too much can affect your sleeping pattern ? ,

well apparently it can and if you don’t get that rest it will have a usage impact on

the amount of energy that you can put in.



7. Promotes Self Care


As you start to detox from social media ,it becomes much easier for you to

practise self care properly. Taking great care of yourself is important as it’ll help

you improve your well-being, each of us have to take sometime to have a few little

tips on personal care.



8. New Interests


Now that you’ll have enough time to think about things , it might be a good time for

you to find a new interest.Most of the time we don’t get to learn new things not

because we can’t but , because we just haven’t got to try.That being said when

you start to detox you’ll be able to learn new things.


In conclusion that was our post on the importance of social media detoxing , I

hope it shaded more light on the topic and you something from this post.Like we

said before taking time off social media won’t be easy but it with time it can be






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Date 09 Mar 2020



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