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Things Teenagers Can Do By Themselves



























The good thing about being a parent is that you get to watch your children grow

from being toddlers to becoming teenagers , in no time.Which am sure gets to put

to a smile on your faces but even as they get older , its important for us to

continue being the positive figures in their lives.However , because they’re all

grown up now there are some small things that you can actually stop doing for

your teenage children.


In this post , will look at some of the few things that you’ll consider stopping.

Raising children is just about building them up to be the people you’d

want them to be in society , just because you’re going to ease up on your

parenting.It doesn’t mean that you start neglecting them because they’re still your

children after all and still need your positive impact.Below are some of the things

that you’ll have to consider letting go of.















Cleaning Up After Them


When your toddlers get to become teenagers , its about time that they get to clear

up there own messes.Making sure that they clear up their bedroom spaces and

keep them neat , as well as keep them well organized.


Its a small thing that they should be able to do , being in the habit of always

picking up after your children is very bad.Getting to stop doing this for them will

allow them to become more responsible for their personal hygiene , which will

keep them health and maintain a safer environment to live in. Tidying up and

cleaning the dishes that they use , are the small things that you’d like your kids to

do on there own.



Making Decisions For Them


As our kids grow older , its important for you to allow them to express themselves

more by letting them make more their own decisions.Parents should try to live

their lives through children by picking the things they would want to have , as your

children start to get into their teens.Its important for you to allow them to start

having a life of their own , by giving them more of an opportunity to make

important decisions for themselves.


Parents shouldn’t try to relive their lives through the children , I know you might be

thinking that they’ll make choices that will ruin their lives but that’s why you’re

there.Being the adults in the household , you’re supposed to supportive of your

loved ones and try to guide them in decision making and not do it for them.















Doing Their Chores


Making a chore schedule for your kids to follow , will allow the house to be more

tide and organized.If everyone gets to do their part by cleaning up , its easy for

the workload to be distributed.Parents shouldn’t be forced into doing chores for

their teens , being grown up is about learning to become responsible for yourself

and you doing their chores for them doesn’t help out all.


So try to make sure that you stop doing the things you tell them to , becoming

more responsible starts with starts with the little things and this all starts at home.



Stop Babying Your Teenage Children


For parents , we sometimes find it difficult to see our young ones to be all grown

up because we always think of them as baby’s.Which is really a good thing

because , I know you’d always want to take care of our children but they need to

also try and start taking care of themselves as well.


Having this mindset would sometimes make it hard for us to listen to our children ,

like for example.If your child wants you to increase their curfew by an hour at the

age of 15 , you might think its unreasonable because their still young in your eyes.

So try to treat your children like their age and give them the respect they deserve

because , they aren’t young anymore.



Saying Negative Things About Them


Its very essential for our children to receive positive words from us parents ,

because being positive will always put a smile on their faces.Being teenagers ,

they can be going through alot of things in their lives and not forgetting that

they’ve hit puberty.So adding those negative words to the mix would only make

things worse , which is even more of a reason why you should try and be more

friendly with the way you get to communicate with your children.


Another reason why you should never say negative things towards your teenage

children is because , you’re supposed to be a good role model for your kids.Which

means you’re supposed to show the appropriate values you’d like them to have ,

being negative can rub off on them.


So don’t demoralize but get to uplift them and praise your children , harsh words

would negatively affect your children for a long period of time according to a post

that was written on parents harsh words might teens behaviours worse by NPR.















Don’t Spoil Them


If you’re teenagers always expect you to provide everything for them each and

every time , then it’ll be easier for them to feel more entitled.Which is bad for them

because they’ll feel like they deserve this treatment from anyone.We should try to

make sure that we don’t raise our children with such an attitude, teenagers should

be more independent with the way they do things.If they consistently get to relay

on you for things it becomes difficult for them to try and do things by themselves.


There are so many things a 13 year old should be able to do on their own , so

don’t try to do things for them all the time.There’s a big difference between helping

them and actually doing things for them , so asking you for help shouldn’t turn into

you doing all the work.



Stop Monitoring Them


Giving them personal space is very important and them being able to have it is

essential , your children are older and this means they need privacy.Parents

should try to monitor their every move , its time for you to trust them and give

them respect by giving them more privacy.Like we said earlier , teenagers are

supposed to become responsible and giving them some freedom will allow them

to learn how to use it wisely.Don’t try to be to overprotective of them , so allow

them to have some personal space.



Pushing Them Around


Forcing them to wake up or so a few things around the house should come to ab

end , your children are old enough to make and set routine for themselves.When

are children get to become teens , its important for you to shape them and set

them up to become more reasonable with their lives.



Those are some of the small things that you need to stop doing for your children ,

while making sure that they have a good environment to grow up in.These aren’t

toddlers anymore and this means they should be able to start doing things on their

own , you babying them wont help.


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