Things that dont define you



Things That Don't Define Who You Are










































In life we go through so many things that can make us think differently about

yourself , but its important for you to know that whatever you’re going through

should define who you are as a person.With so many of these things that we

encounter on a daily basis , knowing some of the situations that make us doubt

who we’re.Might help look at things differently , here are things that you should

allow you to change your personality.




















Our Environment


Getting to be the person that you want to be shouldn’t be limited by your

background , just because you might not have the right things at the moment , it

doesn’t mean that it’ll be like that forever.Its very easy for you to take a look

around and think that everything is negative , but you can use this as a source of

motivation to keep you going and try to do far better for yourself.


Being in a situation where you’re not able to do certain things , makes it even

more of a better story when you’re able to come out successful.Sometimes you

need to keep on persevering through the tough times , so that the people coming

after you can have a chance to believe in themselves too.


So use your situation to benefit the lives of others and that’s the first step to make

the world a better place for everyone , so your environment shouldn’t limit you

from trying to find your full potential.





In this day and age where social media seems to be a must have , its one other

thing that can influence the way we feel about ourselves.With all the photos and

videos of the “Good life” people might be having , it can make it look like your life

might not be as interesting but you don’t need materialist things to improve the

value of your life.If you think that being wealthy is something to base your life on ,

then you need to take a look at yourself because there’s so much more to life.


The thing about being materialistic is that , there are new things that are released

every year and getting to be happy would be based on things that are constantly

changing.Which is why you shouldn’t allow these things define the person you are

because you’re worth more than anything.





















Mistakes Don’t Define You


The thing about being a human is that you’re prone to make mistakes once in a

while and if you don’t really handle this the right way , it can really affect your

confidence making it difficult for you to find the focus to keep on pushing to do

better.The good thing about making mistakes is that you’re able to find out what

you’re not supposed to do , making sure that you don’t repeat the same thing and

this will make us better people moving forward.


So don’t be too afraid to make errors because if you’re scared of failing , it can

limit you from putting in the right amount of effort and this will only put you in the

same position as you were before.So keep on being brave and continue being

creative in everything that you do , even the most accomplished people weren’t

successful on there first go around but it was through failure and persistence that

Thomas Edison.Was able to create the light bulb , if you don’t try then you’ll never

know the outcome.


You’ve got everything that it takes to be successful and all you need us to believe

in yourself , being to scared to take that leap will only leave you with so many

questions.Taking some loses comes with success and that’s why you shouldn’t let

it limit you from trying to do more , its part of the process.



Negativity From People


The things people say to us is something that can really affect the way we think

about ourselves , when hear negative words and face so much judgement in our

lives.It can affect the way were able to think about ourselves and our abilities.The

thing is that , not everyone will say something good about you and this is why you

shouldn’t really allow negativity to control your life.Being positive is all about

surrounding yourself with people that will build you up and not tear you down , so

even when people don’t have anything good to say about you or don’t believe in

your vision.


Its essential for you to try and focus on yourself , because you’re the only thing

that has control over who you are.Don’t feel like your job defines you , its just

something that’s apart of your life. They’ll always be people that will have

something to say concerning your life.Which is another reason why you shouldn’t

let all that talk get to you , by keeping on doing your thing and trusting in yourself.





















The paths that we walk through in our lives can be different but one thing is the

same , we’re all human beings and even though your past might be full of failure

or other challenges.Its very important for you to know that , things can be different

and all it takes is the ability to keep on moving on.Letting your situations get the

best of you and allowing them to place you in a place that you don’t want to be ,

will only make your life less enjoyable that it should be.


You are enough to overcome anything that life throws at you , keep on trying to do

and be better because eventually.Time will run its course and  things will start to

go your way , all you need to do is keep on believing.Those are some of the

things that you might need to remember when the environment around you starts

to get into your head.


No one defines you except yourself , use the obstacles in front of you as a

stepping stone to build a life that you’ve always wanted.If people before you have

been able to do it , then why can’t you.


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Date : 29 Jan 2021

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