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Dwelling in the past









































Consistently allowing yourself to dwell on negative things that happened in the past is a

common habit that we all struggle with at different points in our lives, but getting to let go is

the only way we can get to experience better things in life.


Stopping ourselves from dwelling in the past is difficult because these moments are part of

us and many fail to accept that, but understanding this is what will grant you the

opportunity to make a positive impact.


Below are the small things that can help you start letting go and allow you to move on,

positioning yourself to experience much more freedom.





New opportunity


Every day is a new opportunity to make progress in our lives and even though you might

have experienced something challenging in the past, it should deter you from making the

most out of your life.


The things that happened a long time ago can’t be changed but through our decisions, we

ultimately determine what the future will look like and taking advantage of each

opportunity is the key to gaining that momentum to bring change closer.


Don’t let the past limit you from doing something about your life because it’s what we do

now that matters the most, take each moment as an opportunity to improve yourself.




















Get rid of the clutter


Surrounding yourself with people or activities that consistently remind you of the past is

going to make it difficult for you to breakthrough into the new, many of us find ourselves

living in our old ways simple because we still cling onto things that no longer serve any

purpose in our lives.


Get rid of things that are negative influences in your life is what will create enough room

for positive changes to take place, don’t feel bad about letting go of people that keep

reminding you of the past because they weren’t meant to be there forever.


You don’t have to keep holding onto negativity, let go because there’s so much more that

life has to offer.





Approach things differently


Going through difficult moments can negatively affect your approach towards life and

having the same attitude even after such times will prevent positive changes from

occurring because everything starts in the mind, which is why part of letting go of the past

is about shifting your mindset.


Constantly allowing yourself to see things in a negative light, can make it very difficult for

you to find the motivation to create a new life and switching to a more positive outlook

doesn’t mean that everything will go as planned but more about giving yourself an

opportunity to remain focused on things that are important.


Practising a little bit more gratitude each day is something that will help you continue to

remain positive even as you try and let go of the past.























Our past mistakes and experience are what make who we’re, sweeping these moments

under the rug by pretending they never happened will prevent you from becoming a better

version of yourself.


If you’ve been finding it difficult to move on, the best way to make progress is by getting to

accept that these moments happened and embracing them.


Failing to take this step is what cause most people to find it very difficult to continue with

their lives because allowing yourself to dwell in the past keeps you stagnant and this

ultimately leads to the lack of progress, never let moments that happened a long time ago

hinder you in the present.


Acknowledging that these moments took place is what will prevent them from reoccurring,

which make it even more important for us to take enough time dealing with this issue.





Fear moving forward


Whatever happened in the past will only repeat itself if you allow it, many people fail to

move on because of the fear what lies ahead on the other side.


Getting to let go of the negative things in your life is what will leave more than enough

room for positivity and begin afraid of change only gets in the way of that, even though

getting to do things differently can make us feel a bit anxious.


Always remember that we ultimately dictate how situations affect us, changing our attitude

towards the past doesn’t always mean that adversity will come to an end but its more

about making decision to continue pushing through challenging moments knowing that

you’ll overcome them.


Don’t let fear keep you from making the most out of your situation, allow yourself to keep

on moving forward.





Each day comes with its own challenges and allowing yourself to continue dwelling in the

past is something that will prevent you from taking the next step in your life, stop keeping

yourself stagnant by focusing on things that can’t change.


All the negativity that we might have experienced should enable us to strive for better,

make the choice today and create room for new things by leaving the old ways of thinking






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