Plant Based Diet
Eating A Plant Based Diet Benefits

Eating A Plant Based Diet 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day , eating healthy foods for breakfast

will give you the right amount of energy to take on the day.Ensuring that you have

the right nutritional value is great for your well being, with the introduction of plant

based dieting it has become very easy for you to keep on eating healthy meals.To

help you with your diet and to make it more fan, will look at some of the breakfast

ideas that work well with a plant based diet and various other information that you

might find useful.By the end of this post you should be well on your way to adding

some great recipes to your everyday routine.


For those of Us that might not know anything about eating plant based and are

looking for information about what this diet contains , well don’t worry because

we’ve got you covered.Below is a short but brief look at this diet and then we can

look at some of the breakfast meals you can try.



What is Eating Plant Based Diet ?


Just like the name suggests , this is a diet that mainly consists of foods that are

derived from plants.These can be things such as vegetables, grains, seeds ,

legumes and fruits.



Is It Easy To start ?


Eating plant based like any diet is very easy to start but it will definitely take

sometime to get used to , so don’t be in such a rush to completely make the

switch,Which is why we added some breakfast recipes below that you can try as

these are a great way to start and if you like them then you can keep on going and

change most of the foods that you eat.



Is Eating plant Based Vegetarian ?


Most people think that the two diets are the same thing , which is not true even

though they might have some similarities.Vegetarians have different variety to the

way they eat and some of these actually allow you to consume dairy products

according to Harvard Health , so you can think of this diet as going strictly

vegetarian with no room for any dairy and this makes it more vegan if anything.
























Whats The Main Source of Protein When Eating plant based ?


Because most of these foods are this diet are plant based, the main question to

ask is where would you get most of the protein from.Usually we often associated

with eating meat , but their are some foods that you can actually use as a

substitute for these.One of them is beans, beans is one of the vegetables that has

a very high protein level and this makes it a very good replacement for you.


However their are foods such as nuts , rice and peas that can also be useful to

help you with your protein intake.You should also try to utilize the use of health

supplements that are available to us.



Is There Variety With Eating Plant Based ?


With any diet , you have to be able to customize it the way you’d want to in order

for you to fully enjoy it and this is so with a this particular diet.Even though it has

limited options, there are a multitude of ways that you can actually prepare meals

and enjoy them.You can still be able to prepare you favourite meals like pancakes

, burgers and even pizza but with different ingredients. Which will take some

getting used to for a bit and am sure you’ll get a hung of it.



Are Their Any Benefits Of Eating Plant Based ?



Another common question people often have before they start dieting is the

benefits of starting that particular diet and in this cause, there are plenty of benefits

with eating plant based and below are just some of the benefits.























1. Reduces Cholesterol


Cholesterol is a very useful and essential element within the body , as it Helps in

the production of chemicals such as vitamin D and hormones which are very

important for each of us, but eating foods that are very high in fats can increase

the level of cholesterol within our body.Which can cause you to suffer from fatal

medical conditions such as heart disease or even stroke , but a plant based diet

will help you with that. Dr Victoria Othersen from Francisan


Physician Network stated in a video that eating more plant based foods will help

you lower your levels of cholesterol because most foods that you’ll eat a actually

very low in fat and this will leave you feel better as well as healthier.




2. Plant Based Dieting and Weight


Eating foods that have too many calories and carbohydrates will only lead you to

weight gain, which am sure is not what each of us want to do.which is why

swapping your diet is the best way to go, because most of foods that you’ll be

eating will have less calories.


which will make it easier for you to maintain your weight, however its essential to

still have the right kind of selection.This is because things like potato chips can be

apart of this diet but are very high in carbs, so its all about watching what you eat

to maintain your look.




3. Improve Overall Health


Lastly but definitely not the least, participating in a diet that consist of ingredients

that are plant based will improve your overall health.Vegetables are very rich in

vitamins like A and C , not forgetting the various other nutrients as well like

potassium that are very good for the cells within the body.


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Hopefully this gave you a little bit of insight on what the benefits are of a plant 

based diet and give you more of a reason to start , the best way to start a diet is by

first learning what you can gain from it.Changing your lifestyle is the easiest way to

live a healthier lifestyle , its  small steps that will improve yourself and your health.


let us know down below. Changing your diet in a day can be quite difficult , so

stretch it over a long period of time to get better results.



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Date 16 Apr 2020

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