How To Stop family fights


How To Stop Family Fights



























The family’s that might seem perfect to us go through problems , its normal for

members of the household to argue and fight from time to time.Things can get

alittle bit out of hand as they go about yelling and shouting , which is a good time

for parents to step just like the old saying goes.A family that plays together , stays

together and when these moments happen.Its important for the issue to be

resolved , so that you can put it all in the past.



Not being able to handle this situation correctly , might cause a rift between the

unit and no household would look nice divided.Mistakes will happen and

sometimes people will clash but one thing you can prevent is the same mistake

from happening again , These are some of the small things that you’ll have to

keep in mind while you’re trying to prevent an argument from getting out of hand.


















Be Mindful Of The Way You Approach The Situation


When siblings are having an argument , the way you approach the situation

matters because there are somethings that you can do which will make it worse.In

a post written by Pat Ladovceur PHD , On The Ways To Stop An Argument.It was

mentioned that speaking loudly or in an urgent tone , are some of the things that

can have a negative impact on the situation and this is why.


You’ll have to be more calm and friendly when trying to stop family from fighting ,

its always good to be open minded and not sound too controlling because

everybody makes mistakes especially our children.


Being the adult in the home means that you approach things in a more

understanding manner , that way it’ll be easier for your arguments to end and you

can get to solve other problems that might be going on.Don’t be in the habit to let

the altercation its peak before you step in , not being able to handle this properly

is going to be easier for you to get control of the environment.


Its very difficult to know how the people involved in this issue are feeling at the

time and being gentle , is what will allow you to approach them and get them out

of that negative mindset , ultimately helping you to have a more productive talk

with them.This has to be the first step that should be taken when trying to deal

with two family members fighting.



Why Does My Family Always Fight


Getting to the bottom of things would allow you to find out the true reason of why

the argument started  , resolving problems in the home starts with you being able

to get to the bottom of things. Making sure that everybody is calm after they’re

done yelling at each other , will only solve part of the issue because you’re only

sorted out the short term problem and not long term.


If you want to dissolve this situation for good , then you’ll have to sit down and talk

about things. Calling a meeting where your family can open up about what’s

bothering them.Will allow you to fix the problems and further help them to prevent

them from fighting again , children might get into an argument with parents.


As a result if something that has been bothering them throughout the day , the

only way to know is by taking the time out of your day to communicate.You can

get rid of fights at home by facing them head on and talking to them about what

caused them to act the way they did and this is why calling a family meeting  , 

isn’t such a bad idea after all.


















Its Not Time To Play The Blame Game


When you intervene and are trying to resolve conflict between siblings or any

other members if the family , you need to approach this in a non biased

way.Picking sides and pointing fingers at who at to blame , doesn’t make the

problem go away.


To resolve this you’ll need to be calm and try to be understanding of whats

going on from both sides of the field , this way you’ll be able to see how you can

make changes and be one big happy family again.Even if you know that one of

the two siblings is in the wrong , you still need to try and meet both people half 

way , so that you can keep everyone around you relaxed as you correct things.



The Classic "Am Sorry "


The good old fashioned way to end a fight or argument that has been used is

through apologizing , getting to let each other apologize for things getting out of

hand is a step in the right direction to take. When it comes to promoting peace in

the home but , there’s something that you should remember as you get to say

your sorry.It has to be meaningful.Them not being able to truly sorry for causing

all that yelling and shouting , would only make it easier for them to pick this issue

up later own.


Most of the times its east for us to feel like rushing to get things done , its just  

okay to take your time and allow your family members to unwind before calling 

them to sit down and talk about all this. Being in a hurry to rush things , doesn’t 

mean that you’ll be able to get things done easily or correctly.If it means calling up

a family meeting over the weekend , then do just that.


















Make The Right Changes


Keeping a good and positive environment in the home , doesn’t happen if the

same problems keep on affecting the household.A great way to deal with

arguments is by coming up with ways of preventing these moments from

recurring , which can only happen through taking time to talk about them as we

mentioned in the points above and through personal growth.


The mistakes that happen don’t really have a bearing on us now but it does

moving forward , every parent and family member would like to be together for the

longest amount of time.So trying to get this done once and for all , would allow

your family to continue living in harmony.




When you see your sister and mom fighting or see your children having an

argument , it doesn’t mean that your family isn’t great because these things

happen all the time.The only thing that will keep your household in the same

situation , is you not being able to resolve these issues.


Each family member should encourage love and joy each day , don’t let all the

fighting take over the fact that.You love and care about the people in your home ,

because they surely care about you more than you’d think.Don’t be too afraid of

asking for some extra help from a family counsellor or any services of that

nature.Getting help from professionals , will allow you to fix the problem much

more effectively because they’ve handled situations similar to your own.



Broken homes aren’t so fun and its these small fights that happen , which can

cause everyone to be divided and can cause you to spend time away from each

other.The silver lining is that , its never to late to take a different approach and try

to restore unity in the home by making sure you handle these issues in a better



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