Everyday positive affirmations


Everyday Positive Affirmations






























Do you ever have that experience during the day when you feel like its been the

worst possible day you’ve ever had , well you’re definitely not the only one

that’s felt like this.During these times of sadness a positive word will always

keep you hopeful and ready to experience the brighter days , which is why you

need a few positive affirmations in your daily routine.


If you’re wondering what an affirmation is , in the dictionary its been defined as

a form of emotional support of encouragement.A few words of encouragement

for you , each day would definitely help you get over alot of things that you

might be going through.Which is what makes having these words of self

affirmation is very essential for us as individuals.In this post we’ll look at some

of the examples of these positive phrases that you can say to yourself.


I know some of you might be thinking that having these things might be

irrelevant but you do need them , because some days your friends and family

will not be there to hype you up and having these words would.So you need

them for keeping you focused on the main prize which is keeping yourself

happy and getting ready of all the negativity.Below are some of the most amazing

affirmations that we could come up with , which will allow you to keep that positive

energy all the way up during the day.



















  1. You Can do It

  2. This day is going to be awesome

  3. Am willing to put in the time

  4. Success Is In my D.N.A

  5. Nothing will slow me down



Sometimes being able to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’ve got

what it takes to make things happen and have a great day takes alot of

confidence , which is why you need to be using positive affirmations each

day.Having a good day doesn’t just really happen like that , you’ll have to

prepare or set yourself up for itand then have the mindset of it being a good



Its important to use these sayings hand in hand with your efforts and not just

by themselves , as they’ll boost you to continue to achieve more with your life

in order to be the person you wanted to be.We believe that success is

something that everyone can attain , all it takes is the will power to do it.



6.Today am going to express myself

7.New day new success & opportunity

8.Mistakes are part of the process

9.Am oozing confidence

10.I am who I am



Everyday that we wake up should be taken as a new opportunity to achieve

something new and better than yesterday , the good thing about the day is that

we all get a new set of hours (24). Which we can use to place ourselves

whenever are need to be , hence gain a new slice of success.


Being able to express yourself by showing more confidence in your abilities ,

will give you more of the belief that you can get to your goals.We’re human

beings , making mistakes happen but learning from them and not being

discouraged will enable you to become even more successful.Those powerful

words are there to help you through the day.



















11.Am Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

12.I can add a new spin to the world

13.I trust Myself to get there

14.I deserve to be treated well

15. Am not going to settle for less than what I am



We feel like in order for you to do the best you’ll have to be at the your top of

your game.Which is why having these positive phrase for yourself would help

you with your self-confidence , feeling comfortable with who you are as a

person.Is just the start of becoming the best version of yourself , you are

wonderfully made and there is nothing anyone can do about that.


So each time you go out , always walk with a smile on your face because

there is only one version of you out there and your creativity is needed to make

the world a better place.



16.I can always grow and improve

17.The more I work on myself , the better I get

18.Am always grateful for everything ( Stay Humble)

19.Just Because They didn’t ,I will do it

20.Negative energy isn’t my thing



In our lives , there might be certain things that would keep us stressed and

leave us feeling under alot of pressure.Surrounding yourself with negative

energy would only slow down your growth , taking good care of yourself would

help you deal with stress easily.


Reducing the negativity in your life will allow you to stay focused and work hard

, your goals don’t really get accomplished by going nothing.Which is why you

have to put that time in to secure your future.



















21.Everything happens for a purpose

22.Inner peace is my fortress

23.Am very creative

24.I can make it happen

25.I want to be the best version of me



Even when we get to plan for certain events to happen in our lives , it may not

really go the way we planned it.This might cause us to feel differently about

ourselves , however you need to stay calm and relaxed during these moments

because everything happens for a reason.


So continue to be patient and wait for your time to come ,but wait means keep

on going.Only you can make a change in your life and learning a few things

along the way will prepare you for your success.



26.Am always positive

27.I am loved and cared for

28.I love myself and what I can do

29.I’ll get what I want

30.Its going to be alright in the end



We’ve all got a certain target that we would like to accomplish , having a

positive mindset will help you to go all the way till the end because you believe

in what you’re doing.These powerful affirmations should be used to motivate

you to hit your targets each day , because you want to benefit yourself and

none else is going to force you to do it.





31.The past is the past , keep on moving

32.I smile to share my positivity with others

33.If I cant control it , I don’t worry about it

34.I’ve got this under control

35.I believe in my daily affirmations , I know they’ll build me



Those are some of the positive affirmations to say not only to yourself but

towards other people too , hopefully you’ll continue to spread your positive

towards your lifestyle and improve yourself.Keep on encouraging yourself to

move forward.


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