Example of a good daily routine


Example Of A Daily Routine




























Each morning we wake up , we usually have a particular way that we want to

things.Most of us just start our day the same way and sometimes it only leaves

you feeling like you haven’t achieved anything, which is why will help you

change that in this post. Having a daily routine that keeps you feeling healthy

and allow you to become productive is something that you should be able to

achieve at the end of this post.



The major benefit of having a fixed routine is that it will help you to become

consistent, being consistent will allow you to achieve so many things.If you try to

peruse something with the same level of energy every time , you’ll be able to

achieve it easily.


This is just an example of a routine that you can use to create your own,  you

can use this example to get ideas of what you should be able to add  to your

own lifestyle.Hopefully By the end of it all , you should be able to pick a thing or

two from here.

















Morning Routine



Waking Up Early


A very important part of the day is waking up early , waking up early will allow

you to start your day quickly and hopefully you all get the recommended amount

of sleep which has been shown according to some research to be about 8 

hours.If not then you might want to think of turning in early and the sooner you

get up , the more likely you’re able to complete all the things on your to-do list.


Meaning that you should try by all means to wake up early , I know it can  be

very hard at times but you have to make the change if you want to rearrange

your lifestyle.Ideally a great time to  wake up is around 7:00 am , so don’t worry

you don’t have to be waking up as early as 4:00 AM.



Be Grateful For Waking Up


Another element that you might want to add to your daily routine is being

grateful, when you start to appreciate the opportunities that you get.It will allow

you to be more content with the things that you have been given , the sad part

about life is that there are many people that have what you don’t have and are

willing to do anything to be in the position that you’re in.


Which makes it more of a reason to enjoy what you have right now even if you

might not want it at the moment.If you’re religious then you can say alittle prayer

or if your not just look at what you have and start to see who lucky you are , this

will help you stay humble and be more respectful to others.



Make Your Bed


The next thing to do is alittle bit of tiding up around your bed space, alittle bit of

folding the covers will leave your room looking nice and neat.This way you’ll

won’t have to worry about it later and spreading your bed will prevent you from

going back in it , atleast most of the time.

















Stretch For A Bit


Do alittle bit of stretching immediately you come out of the bed, this will allow

you to tighten the muscles within your body.Stretching helps with flexibility and

doing some of these daily will help you prevent them from becoming strained

during the day.Stretching when you get out of bed feels great , it feels like you’re

brand new and am sure that you must know what am talking about.



Shower , Look good & Smell Good


The next thing you want to do is to activate your body and one of the best ways

to do this is taking a shower.Taking a shower will help your body loosen up a bit

and also leave it smelling fresh.In order to feel great , you have to look great and

smell like it too.Don’t forget to turn on your favourite song and further elevate

your mood , this is also the part where you do most of your personal care like

oral hygiene as well.Finish off your look by wearing some of the clothes that will

make you feel like you can run things.



Get A Healthy Breakfast


Making sure that you eat a healthy breakfast will enable you to get all the

nutrients that will nourish your body and give you energy for the rest of the

day.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day , so make sure that it is full

of nutrients and vitamins.


Which is why their are alot of recipes that you can look to try but because you

might be in a hurry to do things you can make a smoothie.Smoothies are packed

full of fruits and vegetables that are very good for  us.With the addition of other

healthy supplements , this becomes a must have if you are looking to feel

energized in the morning.

















Daily Productivity



Get Some Work Done


Its time to get some work done, having a daily routine allows you to be more

productive as we found out earlier.Most of the times we are busy but don’t get

alot of work done, making it even more essential for you to focus on your craft

even more.


One way to keep your focus is by ensuring that you Get rid of the destructions,

you can also make sure that you work in a space that has less noise as this will

allow you to concentrate more on what your doing.Remember to always put in

the right amount of effort each time you work and be positive.



Take A Break


Taking breaks in between your work, will allow you to stay refreshed and this is

useful as it keeps you focused on what you’re supposed to do.This would be a

great time for you to refuel by taking a healthy snack like a Cesar salad , as it

contains proteins and vitamins that will help with nutrition.I know you always

want to work but , taking breaks will allow you to work more effectively.
















Daily Afternoon Routine



Working Out


Another important thing that you can add to your daily routine is a little bit of

exercising, working out is a very good way to end a long day of work.Doing our

work hours , we often feel stressed and doing alittle bit of some physical

activities will help you unwind and lighten your mood.


Exercising has got so many benefits and the most common one is that you get

to lose weight and look great but , there are several other positives that come

with it as well.However did you know that people that workout are more likely to

be successful or that working out actually improves your posture , those are just

some of the few benefits of exercising. Adding this to your daily routine would

be just what you need to release some of the stress that you’d have

accumulated during the day.



Have Some Me Time


A very big part of a healthy lifestyle is self care and if you don’t take care of

yourself or have some alone time , it becomes harder for you to stay balanced

both emotionally and mentally.Having some time to yourself , that you can use to

do whatever you want will keep you happy.


Having personal time is important for everyone of us and it can be used for

anything that is not work related , so you could use it to continue reading a book

or even catch up on your favourite TV shows.



Catching Up With The Family


Staying in close contact with the people that you that are around you, making

sure that you check up on them will help you strengthen your bond that you

already have.Sometimes you won’t be able to know how someone is feeling

unless you talk to them, being involved in the life of your children will allow them

to develop an environment that is good for everyone.


Checking up on the people that care about you is something that we all have to

add to your daily routine , try to be amore responsive  person to the people

around you.Am pretty sure that they would appreciate it, you can catch up with

them over dinner.
















Night Routine



Meditation and Reflection


Before going to bed, you have to reflect and review the day that you had.

Focusing on the good things that happened within the day will ease the stress

you might have been feeling, doing this will also allow you to get better and

make some adjustments to the way you approached things. Meditation is all

about mentally focus , you don’t always have to be in the “Zone” to meditate

because you can mediate from anywhere.



Write Down Tomorrows Goals


Having a small journal can really come in handy because you’ll be able to write

down more goals to achieve, setting some goals the night before you sleep is a

very essential part of your night routine.This will allow your mind to be more

prepared for the things that you need to achieve the next day.



Try To Turn In Early


The final step in this example of a daily routine is turning in early, sleeping early

will enable you to feel well rested and have more energy to take on the day.The

earlier you get to sleep , the better you position yourself to wake up.I’d say on

average you can try to sleep before 10 pm , so that you can get all the sleep that

you need.Don’t forget to set your alarms too.



Those are some of the steps that you can use to create your own routine and

adding some of these things to your day could really be a great way to help you

get better with managing your time.


The best way to ensure that you get the most out of these steps is to try and

practise them daily , as you do this you’ll get to be in a better position to improve

your lifestyle.You can save the picture below to use it as a reminder of the things

that you have to do throughout the day.


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