Stop expecting too much from your kids


Stop Expecting Too Much From Your Kids






































As a parent , its only right for you to want the best for your children and this

means setting them on the right path to achieve the success that they’ll need to

improve their lives but this however.


Can cause parents to try and fast track the lives of their children by expecting too

much from them , its good to have an idea of where you’re kids should be at a

particular stage in their lives but raising the bar too high will be giving them a lot of

pressure and its time for parents to look at things from a different point of view.

















Children Are Still Growing


Teaching your kids to act in a particular way can take a lot of time and having

patience is really important as a parent , when you’ve started to expect more from

your children its easy for them to feel hurt whenever they fail to pull through and

the one thing parents need to remember is that they’re still growing up.


Meaning that they’re bound to fall short of the things you’re setup for them and

this is why raising children is a whole different process because them making

mistakes will happen from time to time , which is why they’ll be able to learn more

when they get older and the next time you see your kids acting unruly in front of



Don’t think that they’ll always act like this because things will take time so instead

of yelling at them , encourage them to do better and keep on being consistent with

helping them become better children.



Affect Their Attitude In Life


Another reason why parents need to stop expecting too much from kids is

because of the impact that it has on your child’s attitude towards life , when

parents set goals that they’d like their loved ones to accomplish.


It can put them under a lot of pressure because they’ll have to meet these targets

to make you feel happy but when they don’t manage to do so , it’ll make them feel

so disappointed in themselves and it’ll affect their confidence negatively.


Being able to believe in yourself is something that they’ll need in the future and

the way we act towards is essential because they think so highly of you , not

being able to praise them for their effort is something that will leave them sad and

this is something that will definitely have to change.

















Some Expectations Are Unrealistic


Just because you’re looking to provide the best for your kids but this doesn’t

mean that you’ll have to make them perfect , its easy for parents to get carried

away when planning out their kids future that they can ruin it by pushing the bar

too high and its not like they can become the person that they need to time.


Which is a really strong remainder to every parent that you’ll have to be more

realistic with the way we set our children on the right path and seeking a family

therapist would be really helpful for your children at any stage in their lives.



Struggling With Acceptance


The main issue that comes with creating expectations that are high for your

children is that it puts an idea of what your child should become and not what

they’re , which will cause you to fail to except your children for who they truly are

because not every child is going to turn out the same way.


Different approaches will have different results and thats something that parents

need to remember each time , you need to know who your children are before

trying to improve them and you can only work with what you have.







Those are some of the reasons why you’ll have to stop expecting too much from

your children , there are still going to turnout okay if you just take your time and do

things right . There’s no need to rush your children because you’re trying to

improve their attitude for the long term and not just for the remainder of the year ,

so don’t pile too much on them by making them try to achieve so much for you.



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Date : 15 March 2021


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