feeling like a failed parent


Feeling Like A Failed Parent ?



























Raising children can be such a difficult job and it becomes even harder whenever they

aren’t behaving  properly , its quite normal to feel like a failure as a parent when going

through these moments.


Being a mother or father is about being present in the lives of your children and even

though you might feel like you’ve made some mistakes , always remember that giving up

on them isn’t an option because they need you.


There’s a lot that comes with being a guardian but most of its making sure that your kids

are doing okay and feeling  like you’ve failed them , only makes it harder on them because

the people they look up to aren’t excited about them anymore.


Its hard to see your kids sad but below are so of the things you can do when you feel like

an unsuccessful parent ,  which will help you come out of that funk and start being the

person your kids need .

















Take A Step Back


When you feel like a failure as a wife and mother it can affect the way you relate with your

children , as parents its essential for you to take breaks by having time alone.With all the

responsibilities at home as well as the other activities that need to be fulfilled , its only

normal to feel stressed and not wanting to do anything else.


Its not really about having a vacation every week or visiting the Spa each day but its about

having a few moments in the day , that help you reset and decompress from all the

activities that had to be done during the day.


Taking care of your children starts with you and this is why having a break is great as it

gives parents that much needed time to relax , sometimes having a break  is what you’ve

been missing.



Parenting isn’t Easy


Most of the time when children get to act unruly or negative towards you , even  after

teaching them the correct way to carry themselves.It would make any parent feel like a

failure because of not being able to instill a particular value but this isn’t always true ,

Raising children is a process and what you teach them gets easier to learn as they grow



Being patient is the only way  that you’ll be able to remain composed even whilst you bring

up your children , because its like learning how to ride a bike.Removing the training

wheels doesn’t mean that you can’t fall down and the moment parents start to understand

it this way ,  the less you feel like such a failure.


Kids will make mistakes every once in a while and its your job as a guardian to walk them

through , by teaching how to be better.



















The expectations that you set out for your children , is what will help you determine

whether they make progress or not and when you set that bar too high without putting in

the necessary effort towards helping your children succeed.


Then your expectations will only set you up for failure and this will result in you not

appreciating the progress of your kids , further making you believe that nothing can

change.There’s nothing wrong with having hopes and aspirations for your children but

know what they’re capable of before setting out a path for them , every child is different in

their own way .


Which makes finding something that works even more important , don’t look and compare

other children with your own.



Different Approach


Finding a different approach to the way you do things  , is what will allow you to become

much more effective and if parents feel that they’ve failed their children.Then a good place

to ask yourself what areas you’ve been poor in , will allow you to take the next step to



Attending a few parenting classes or asking close friends and family what worked for them

,might give you ideas on how you can approach your situation.Its normal to struggle as a

parent and the good thing is that you’re not alone , its communities like this that help

guardians become the people their children need to be.



















Staying encouraged during the moments when you feel like a failed parent is what might

help improve your mood , being positive during the hard times in life allows you to remain



One way to be motivated is by not dwelling on the current and focusing ahead , when let

yourself dwell too much on the things that are going wrong.The perception that you’ll have

about life will also change , don’t look down on yourself or your children.


Am sure if you look back and see what you’ve been able to do as a mom , there are so

many difficult obstacles that you’ve had to overcome.Which should give you more than

enough motivation to keep you going , seeing your children smile and be happy is why

you shouldn’t give up on them.You’ve only failed as a parent when you give up on your

children .




No parent is perfect and whenever you or the children make mistakes , its how you handle

these moments that will define where your relationship is going to be.Don’t let this feeling

keep on controlling your life , so get past it and move forward because there’s so much

more you can do as a mother or father in the lives of your children.


Its never too late for you to become the person that has a huge impact on your family and

don’t let the changes start tomorrow but today , take action.


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