Family meetings good a idea


Are Family Meetings A Good Idea


























Holding a family meeting every now and then is something that parents might

need to consider adding to their weekly routine , even though we get to live with

our children.It doesn’t always mean that we talk and see eye to eye.Which is

mostly due to the fact that we’ve got work and other responsibilities to carryout

during the week , that leave us with less to be the parents that we want to be.


Parents need to find ways of keeping the house in order and create the

environment that will be positive for our children to grow up in.You getting to learn

some of the benefits that come with holding family meetings , might allow you to

see things from a different point of view and change the environment in the home.















Being Together As A Family


One of the main reason why this activity is very important is that gives you an

opportunity to spend time together , leaving in the same house doesn’t mean that

you’re around each other 24/7.Everyone has their own activities to do , from

schooling to going for work.These activities make it difficult for the members of the

home to actually sit down and have a proper conversation , you setting a date

during the week to check up on your children is one of the benefits of having a

family meeting.


Where all occupied with one thing or another and its only right for us to find the

time to talk with the people that we love and care about , because you never know

how someone is doing until you talk to them.



Laying Down The House Rules


Another use for gathering everyone in the living room for a discussion , is when

your trying to lay down a few house rules.Keeping the house in order and making

everything flow the way it should be , can only be achieved when you create a few

house rules.Having a some guidelines that your children can follow will make it so

much easier for parents to maintain a healthy environment , you need to be able

to go through these guidelines together.In order to make them understand what is

going on and how they should help out around the house , having this meeting will

keep everyone present so that they don’t lie about not knowing anything.


Keeping the home clean can be a very difficult task to do when nobody is doing

what they’re supposed to , making these meetings even more of a must to have

because the make parenting so much easier.















Important Decisions


We get to do so many things as a family and its only fair for parents to give their

children a platform to share their opinion on the changes or decisions that you’d

like to make , for instance.Choosing a place to go for the holidays is one of the

most difficult decisions a parent can make , because everyone would like to go to

a different place and keeping them happy would require them to give suggestions

on where they should go.That’s just one example of the kind of decisions that

you’ll have to make as a family , some other kinds of decisions can be :


Monetary decisions

Getting new pet

Birthday Party Ideas

House Renovations



Getting to share your ideas on changes happening in the home will make it easier

for them to adapt to the new normal.



Promotes Togetherness


Sticking with the theme of spending time together , setting a particular time during

the weak we’re you just get to talk about different topics with each person in the

house , will promote togetherness (Unity).When we don’t get to involve our

children in family activities , it can become easy for them to isolate themselves or

make them feel like they’re unwanted.


Setting up this small gathering can be an easy way to help them feel apart of the

group and this is what we meant by the term “togetherness’ , most parents might

be searching on the internet for what the appropriate amount of time on should

spend with their child.When its not really about the length of time but whether

you’re able to draw your child closer to you and build a solid relationship or not ,

our sons and daughters just want to be closer to you.















Behaviour & Morals


Am sure the first thing that came into your mind when you heard family meetings ,

is getting to discuss topics such as bad behaviour and other things of that

nature.Which is definitely one of the core reasons why you might look into calling

a meeting.Parents need to be more open to sit down with their children when

every they don’t display the right behaviour , having a few words with them will

allow them to see things from a different point of view.


These discussions can be very difficult to have but its the only way to bring out the

best in children , according to a post on Family Structure and Relationships by

ACT for youth. It was noted that out of the data taken of parents assessment of

relationships with children , it was recorded that over 74% if the boys and girls

would value their parents opinion over friends.Making it even more of a reason to

keep on guiding your children on the right path in life.We’d all like our children to

have the best attitude towards life and its through such topics , that you’ll be able

to make a positive change .



Resolving Conflict & Other Family Problems


Every family has problems atleast once in a while and that’s what cause a rift in

between the home , communication is a very important tool that you can use

when trying to fix the problems that happen in the home.Its all about trying to

maintain the peace in the home and provide a more positive environment , all you

need to do is call for a meeting in the living room and allow people to air out their

grievances.Staying silent doesn’t solve the problems in the household its only

when you share them , that solutions are found.















Family Doctor


Keeping your family healthy is one of the biggest responsibilities that parents have

to handle , the best way to make sure that everyone in the home is kept safe and

well.Is by having a chat with your family doctor , seeking medical advice on

anything that’s got to do with the body is very important.Good hygiene habits are

what keep us well during our day to day lives , so inviting a professional to give

you a health talk seems fair.



Those are some of the benefits that come with being able to hold a gathering like

this , even though you feel like its something small.It can really have a huge

impact on the well being of the whole family , getting to deal with pressing issues

is one of the major positives.Not forgetting that you can use this time to have a

simple conversation with your kids and ask them about their lives , sometimes its

the activities that we involve ourselves with that keep us closer together.


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