Feeeling like a loser



Feeling like a loser









































When you start feeling like a loser at life, it becomes even easier for individuals to start

failing at everything they put their effort towards if not handled correctly.


The truth about life is that not everything will go your way at times and letting these

emotions keep you trapped with a negative mindset, is only going to prevent the kind of

progress that you’re able to make in your life.


Being a failure is only part of the journey in becoming successful, not everyone is willing to

go through this stage in their lives and that’s why some individuals give up. Learning to

cope with this feeling is what will allow you to keep on going and not throw in the towel,

because there’s always light at the end of the tunnel but the only way you’ll see it is if you

make it.




It’s All You


We’ve all got a choice to make in this life and it’s through these decisions big or small that

will be able to change our lives, it’s common for any individual to feel like a failure

whenever things don’t turn out that way but staying in that position is a choice.


Things only get better when you take action by making the necessary changes and not by

looking down upon yourself, the perspective that you have on life is what will help you

move forward. Changing the way you think is what makes all the difference when it comes

to having a winning mentality, only you can define you.




















Defeat Is Part of the Process


Sweeping your failures under the rag and pretending that they didn’t happen isn’t the best

option, because experiencing defeat is just part of the process.


Being a failure doesn’t mean that you’ll never get to be successful in life but rather it

should provide individuals with the opportunity to improve themselves, getting to

experience that kind of situation in life is what will teach you.


Learning from your failures is what makes these bad moments a stepping stone or

platform that will turn that not so good experience into a better one, nobody is perfect and

even the greatest minds at one point failed.


However it’s how those individuals approached these moments that made all the

difference, being a loser isn’t going make your dreams come true.




Focus More on You


Making progress isn’t about how fast you can achieve your goals but should be more

about, becoming more consistent with your approach towards life.


The harsh part about reality is that not everybody will be experiencing failure at the same

time as you and seeing other people succeed at what they do, only makes individuals that

aren’t doing so well feel worse by the minute.


Learn to focus more on yourself and less on the next person because each person has

their own set of goals that they want to achieve, so gauging your success based on what

they’ve been able to accomplish isn’t going to help you in anyway.


There’s nothing wrong with being motivated or inspired by another person but when

individuals start to lose their own identity just to become more like other people, then

whose dreams are you actually getting to fulfil ?.




















Life isn’t a race


Staying in line with the theme above, getting to cope with being a failure should be a

process that is rushed but it should be slow.


Feeling like a loser can make easier for individuals to start failing at everything because of

the inability to understand what is causing the downfall, having your comeback moment is

dependent on you becoming a better person.


Fixing the small mistakes is what will prevent you from being in the same situation later

own, rushing through this process will only put you a step backwards. Having a successful

and productive life comes down to the small things that we do consistently, as these

actions are what set up the path for success.


So move at your own pace and don’t worry about block anything that might be distracting

you from, reaching the next milestone in your life.




You lose in life so that you can learn how to win and feeling like a loser doesn’t mean that

it’s the end because it’s just the beginning, moving forward is the only way to turn those

losses into wins but you won’t know if you don’t try.




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Date : 04th April 2022



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