What to do when teenager shuts you out


 What To Do When Teenager Shuts You Out



























Parents usually find it difficult to deal with their teenage children , whenever they

give us the silent treatment.When you feel shutout from the lives of your children ,

it can raise alot of alarm bells in our heads and we start to think all sorts of

things.Such as whether they’re going through a rough patch because of

something you did or maybe it might be another issue that’s bothering them.


Which is why , you’d have to try and let them open up to you.Whenever you get

the chance to talk to them.If they keep giving you the silent treatment and stay in

their rooms , its not going to solve the problem.To help you with this , we’re going

to look at some of the small things that you should want to consider in such

situations.Each of us would like to see a smile on our childrens faces and whether

your handling toddlers or teenagers , its important to remember that their your

children that you love and care so much about.



Don’t Assume & Yell At Them


One of the most important parenting tips that we can give you , whenever your

teenager shuts you out of their lives.Is try not to assume that you know what the

problem is , most parents may feel like they know each and everything whenever

it comes to their childs behaviour.Being a teenager can be a very new experience

for your child , as they get to undergo so many changes in their lives and this

might put them under alot of stress.


Which might be one of the main reason that they completely shut you out and

don’t want to talk with you.Now imagine if you went to shout and yell at them ,

how would you think they’ll feel ?.If anything , you being hard on them might just

push them further away from you and am sure no parent would want that.


So before you want to start lashing out at them and giving them a long lecture , it

would so you some good to try and resist that urge and this will help you prevent

any further misunderstandings.















Don’t Force Bonding


Even though, we might be looking to find out what the problem really is.Parents

need to make sure that they don’t force teenagers to spend time with them , being

able to share a few minutes with your child would really allow you to improve your



However , forcing your teenagers that are staying silent to quickly open up.

Wouldn’t really help the both of you get to the bottom of the problem , because

they might still be in a bad mood at the time.


If you continue to push this on them , its only going to make them less likely to

participate in family activities.So take it slow and be patient , wait until you feel

that they’ll be emotionally be able to talk. This will make it so much easier for you

to bond and have a more meaningful conversation.



Talking To Them


The best way to deal with a child who shuts down and starts to ignore you as

parents , is to have a good old conversation.Finding out what the main problem is

will surely help out with coming up with the right solution.Just like we mentioned

earlier in this post , assuming things about your teenagers situation is not the best

thing to do.


The good thing with is that your dealing with teenagers and not toddlers , because

they’ll easily get to express themselves and this will lead to a more productive

conversation with them.When sitting down with them try to hear them out and not

overreact , even if they give you more of a reason to be upset with them.


Finding some clarity will allow you to build on your relationship and make it better

,if they tell you that they’re acting like this because of the way treated them.Then

apologize to them , even if you didn’t mean it.But like we said earlier , try not to

force this talk to happen.















Give Them Time


In most of the parenting tips that we’ve given you above , one of the main things

that you’ll need to take out is making sure that you give them alittle bit of

privacy.Being able to show them some space and not intrude , will allow your

teenagers to feel comfortable.When you’re not trying to rush things and being

patient is what will give you , more time to pick out the right path.


Doing this is a sign of respect and in return , they’ll reciprocate it in their own

special way.As the saying goes “Respect is Earned “, you giving them some

space will make it easier for them to open up later on.


If your child is so quiet and doesn’t want to talk about their problems , some

privacy might be what they need to think about how they’ll open up to you.



Be Friendly


Sometimes when your son or daughter , might seem to be pulling away from you

and refuse to talk.Its essential for us to remember that at one point in our lives ,

we were teenagers and this is something that we seem to forget.


By speaking to them in a manner that they feel more comfortably would allow

them to actually help them be able to talk.Being friendly and be the parent that will

provide your children with the love and support that they need , there’s nothing

wrong with being more open with your kids.















Counselling & Professional Help


With all the information thats available to us , its very essential to use professional

help and you getting to see a family counselor.Allows you to find more creative

ways to get through to your teenagers , when the give you the silent

treatment.Utilizing the internet for what its supposed to be used for by getting the

help you need to improve your family , it doesn’t make you any less of a person

by getting help.


Its your children’s lives that your supposed to be concerned about , if you need to

get better as a parent. You can visit The Positive Parenting Solutions platform , as

they give you ways better ways to impact the lives of your kids.



Self Improvement


When your teenager shuts you out of their lives , its time for you to do alittle bit of

self reflection. Getting to find some ways to improve the way you parent and treat

the young adults in your household , will all yourself to become the person that

they need in their lives.That will provide them with all the love and support they

need , which is why you must try to reflect on yourself.Whenever you’re receiving

the silent treatment from them , so that you make sure that you treat them better

and have a much better time with them.



Teenagers can give parents a few tough times but just as we’ve seen from the

above tips , the way we handle ourselves while we try to help them out matters.At

one point in time you were a teen once , so be friendly towards them.


Them being distant won’t really last for a very long time and with your help , will

give them a better chance to get better.So don’t give up on being positive and

showing them that you care.


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