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Not Enjoying Being A Parent






























If you’re not feeling like you’re enjoying your time as a mother or parent , you’re

not the only one. Sometimes when you get to do the same thing for a really long

time , it gets to become alittle bit difficult to actually ,maintain the same amount of

energy.Even though you might be feeling this way , its very essential to remember

that being an uninvolved part can have a very negative effect on your children.


Getting to spend time with them will allow you to form a better bond , which will

help you to create a positive environment for your kids to grow up in.Feeling this

way can make you feel really bad because you know deep down that you love

your kids , but today will help you combat this feeling and improve your

relationship in the home.This is a list of small things you can do to rekindle that

flame , being the best person for your kids will allow you to be a good role model.


Below are a few of the things that you might want to consider whenever your not

feel like yourself , even parents are human so don’t really beat yourself up.Stay

positive and things will change for the better.




















Taking some Time Away


With all the work that you get to do during the week , it might leave you really

stressed out and makes it very hard for you to actually have a great time with your

kids.Which is why taking a break and spending some time alone , would allow you

to actually take a break from all these things that you’ve got to do.Taking good

care of yourself is important , try spending sometime to decompress and relieve

your stress.


Doing this each time you’ve got a chance , will allow you to feel better and this will

also have a positive impact on the kind of energy that you show towards your

children.Further making the household feel more like a home for everyone.



Seek Help


If you feel like your daughter doesn’t want to be with you and is giving you the

silent treatment , maybe its because of the way you treat your child.If you know

that you’ve got a bad habit of getting physical with them or you get to use strong

abusive language with them , we’d highly recommend that you seek some

professional help.


Getting this will allow you to actually become a better person for them , opening

up to someone can be very hard to do and this is why seeking people that you

can confide in like a therapist or psychiatrist.Simply getting to open up about the

way you feel , will make it quite easy for you to work together and find a solution

to your problem.


Parents don’t really have to go it alone and need to start taking advantage of the

many opportunities services that are open to us , your close friends and family

members are always willing to help you. So don’t feel shy if you need something

from them because ultimately , its the lives of your children that you want to

impact the most.




















Find New Ways To Connect



Maybe you don’t want to be a parent anymore because you feel like your

constantly doing the same thing each and every time , but switching things up a

bit might change all that.Being creative with your parenting is what makes this

process more enjoyable.If you feel like your doing the same things over and over ,

then do something different.So try to spice things up from the holidays that you

pick to the daily activities you do.



Self Reflection


Lastly , the only other way to get over the” I don’t want to be a parent anymore or I

don’t like my kids” , mentality. Is by taking a step back and reflect on your life ,

doing alittle bit of self reflection might help you realize why you need your

children.Remembering all the fun times you spent with them during the holidays

will help you feel differently , even though your children might cause alittle bit of

trouble here and there.


The world would definitely wouldn’t be the same without them , so try to recall the

first time you held them in your arms for the first time.Am sure you were filled with

so much joy and excitement , so keep on being present in the lives of kids.



Positive Parenting solutions do offer you help on all the things that will help you

become a better at parenting , so try and see what they’ve got to offer.Giving you

tips is one thing and getting to implement them is another thing , so its up to you

when it comes to making a change in your life. Continue doing the best you can

and stay positive.





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