why you shouldnt force family time


Why You Shouldn't Force Family Time































The most important aspect of parenting , is make sure that we’re present in the

lives of our children and the easiest ways to do this is by trying your best to spend

time with them.Doing this would make it easier for you to know them more and

have a stronger relationship , that will help you keep the family closer.However ,

trying to force your children to be with you over the weekend when they don’t want

to can have a very negative impact on the bond that you’ve got.In this post will

look at some of the reasons why you shouldn’t be in the habit of forcing family
























If you’re looking to spend the evening with the rest of the family just because you

want to , without having a genuine reason to do so , then the whole point of

getting together becomes meaningless. Forcing each child to be somewhere they

wouldn’t want to be , isn’t the right thing to do and thats why you should be more

considerate when planning this activity.


Being able to have a lovely hour or two , should always bring a smile to your face

because they mean alot to you.Don’t be in a hurry to try and force things.




Less Fun


With everything that you and your children have got to do during the weekdays ,

its harder for us to spend some quality time for ourselves to do what we’d

want.Which is why getting to push your family to make time to be together ,

wouldn’t be the most appropriate thing to do.This is because your kids might want

to use the time for something else , which will only make them feel unhappy

whenever you push them into having quality time with the family.Even though its

very important to share yourself with your children , its just as important to make

sure that everyone is interested in doing this activity.





















Resentment Towards Being With Family


When you continue to become hard on the m and use all your chances to befriend

your teenage children.They might start to refuse to spend a few minutes out of

their day with you.When they start to do this , it’ll reduce the chances of you

having fun with your kids.Like we said earlier , its all about being able to find ways

to enjoy yourselves.Your children shouldn’t feel like they’re getting trapped by

having to be with you.


Spending time with your family is all about having a great time and this is

something that all parents need to consider , every child needs to feel comfortable

and happy when their with family.Forcing yourself on them isn’t really the best

thing to do.The reason we wrote this post is so that you get to consider what your

children might do , if you continue to pressure them and in the long run. Help you

improve your approach to the way you parent.


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