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As University students you usually find yourself occupied with alot of work and this

leaves you feeling very tired as well as having that feeling of regret.However when

an opening shows up you get excited but , often find yourself feeling like going to

class.Instead of feeling this way , we made a list of things that you could do in

your free time.



14 Things To Do In Your Free Time For students


Now that you’ve got sometime on your hands there are a few things that you

might want to do , to help you get the most out of your free time.This list

comprises of alot of things which will help you be productive and lazy for a bit ,

which for you is still a win.




1.Binge Your Favourite Shows


This one will probably have to be a favourite of many of you,spend this free time

to binge on your favourite shows and movies on Tv.With all the work you’ve been

doing, I think you have earned a time off.So grab some popcorn , turn on the

stream and start to binge on your favorites whilst relaxing in the comfort of your





2. Check on the fam


With your busy schedule it becomes hard to keep up with your family members,

so when you have the time try to give them a call.This will show them that you

love and care for them , even though you’re very far apart. Keeping close contact

with your loved ones will maintain your bond and keep it strong.























3.Reading Books To Pass Time


Apart from looking at math calculations all day long , when you’ve got time try to

pick up a book and read it. Reading is a great way to improve on your

pronunciation and your English language, so that book you’ve been planning to

read this whole semester has to be opened.



4. Cleaning Up


Yep, you can use this time to get rid of some dirt laundry and do alittle bit if

cleaning around your room.Using this time to do this will help you free up more

time later on and keep you prepared for the week that’s coming up.





Speaking of cleaning up, you can use this free time to organize yourself.This can

be making a to-do list of things that you have to get for next week or arranging

some folders both in your phone and laptop, being organized is very important

because it makes you more likely to become successful.























6.Getting That Extra Work in


If you’ve got an assignment due or an extra load of work that you’ve been waiting

to jump on ,now would be the right time to start working on it.When we let work

pile up, it only becomes harder for us to start but, also very difficult to finish in time

due to procrastination.So if you have the time to do , then go ahead and start

chipping away at it slowly.




7.Goal Setting


Another productive way to spend your free time is to do some goal setting, having

the time to actually sit down and set some targets that you want to achieve is

good for you. Writing this list will help you stay focused on doing what you’re

supposed to and it will also serve as a small amount of motivation which will push

you to do even more than what you wrote. That being said try to places these

objectives in place, this shouldn’t only be used for school but in other aspects of

your life as well.




8. Learn something new


I know that being at school you’re already looking to build on your knowledge on

various topics but, it would hurt ti try and learn something new would it ?.Learning

new things is great I mean who knows, maybe you’ll find  something that you’re

actually good at and with all the information on the internet this becomes very

easy to do.























9. Watch Some TED talks


Questions are asked to get answers, creating or breaking certain habits can be

done easily without any effort. Those are some of the themes that you might see

in these types of videos, TED talks are really great for university students

because you get to watch the professionals answer and expand on things that you

may have been asking yourself. You can also be encouraged and inspired by

many of the successful speakers that come from the positions you’re in.





10. Go Out


Free time is supposed to be fun time, so why don’t you call up some friends and

go out to have some fun.University is all about creating some good moments that

will make you look back and smile,so don’t just stay in one place all the time.Go

out and explore the places that you haven’t been too, spend time with your





11. Volunteer Your Free Time


This is one of the ways in which you can impact the life of others with your skills,

many people think they might have to volunteer if they’re good at a particular skill

which is not true. There are alot of people that are looking for people to help them

raise their crafts to the next level and you might just be the person to do just that ,

so use your talent to improve the life of others.



12. Practice Some Self Care


Another way to spend your time is by taking care of yourself the right way, self

care allows you to maintain the balance between your emotional and mental

activity.So take some time to have a nice relaxing bath and pamper yourself with

things that keep you happy.


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13. Take A Nap


The first thing to do when you have a free space in your schedule is to have some

rest , all those hours you put up those last minute assignments have to be

recovered.You have to make sure that you remain well rest as this will help you

stay at your best.




14. Shopping


Lastly why don’t you head out and shop , I mean you do have the time after all.So

stay upto date with the latest trends in fashion and get yourself some accessories.

Make sure to use UniDays to help you get discounts and also try  honey , it helps

you save while you spend online.


There you have it , those are some ways to spend your extra time as a student.Of

course you can create other ideas from here but , you have to ensure you spend

your free time right.


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Daye 03  Mar 2020

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