Ways to motvate my child to attend college


Ways To Motivate Your Child To Attend College






























Attending college or university is the next stage on in the lives of our teenage

children , that will allow them to be the person they need to.Like all things in life ,

education is one of the things that allow us to develop skills that give us the

opportunity to become useful in the community.Everything good in life , requires

alittle bit of work and this might be one of the main reasons why your child might

not want to head to school.Thats why you need to find different ways of motivating

them and getting them out of that funk , pressuring them into doing something that

they don’t want to do.


Will only put a frown on their faces , but helping them to see the value of

everything that education offers might change that.Each and every parent would

want to see their child become successful , being able to set them up on the right

path us key.When it comes to them following through with your good intentions ,

below are some of the ways of how to convince your kids to go to college or





















Share Your Experience


One of the easy ways to put some passion back in your teenager might be

through sharing your experience , you getting to tell them all the fun stories about

what used to happen when you where in school.Is something that will give them a

chance to see just how much fun happens in college.A new experience can be

very hard for anyone and maybe the idea of them moving away from home is the

issue that’s keeping them from taking the next step.


You need to also share how you were able to adjust to your new environment in

your freshmen year , because everyone has a pretty tough time getting used to

their new place.Doing this might give them a few pointers and help them do things

better than you did.



Help From Close Friends


If you feel like you’re not getting through to them , you’ll have to be creative with

your approach.A good thing you can do is to ask their close friends to help you get

them more interested in attending college , it would be much easier for them to

talk to someone that they can relate with and whose making the same decision as

them.Getting to do this would really help them make a good choice and head off

to purse their dreams.




















Ask Them Why The Don’t Want To Go


You getting to the main reason of why they might have lost their passion for

school, will play a very important role when it comes to getting them motivated

and help them find interest.If you’ve been assuming that they just don’t want to

leave the house , without asking or talking about it.You’ll never learn the true

reason about why they are stuck on one side.



Tell Them The Reality


If they don’t get to know the reality of things and keep on staying in their own

world, it becomes very difficult for them to know the truth about reality.Them

getting to sit down at home and do nothing , will only limit the chances of them

being able to make something out of themselves.


Parents shouldn’t be afraid of confronting their children and opening up about

these types of matters , telling them to look at things in a different light.Which

might hopefully help change things for the better , not everyone get to be in that

position but them taking advantage of it.Is what makes thing different from the





















School of Choice


Maybe they didn’t want to do to college because they feel like you made the

choice for them , one important thing that parents should note.Is that you

shouldn’t force your child to go to college by choosing to leave your life through

them.Let them make the decision because ultimately its all about them improving

their lives for the better , allowing them to pick a list of schools that they’ll like to

attend and then help them narrow it down.



Those are some of the small ways that you can motivate your teenagers into

finding a new interest in college , even though we’ve given you these tips.Its up to

you the parents , to take action and follow through.Are there other ways of

convincing them yo try out for university ? , sure.This post should be used as the

basics to builds when trying to restore the drive to success.


Education is a very important part in the lives of our kids , keep on making the

effort to make things easier for them to pick the right choices in terms of their



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