Get teens to spend less time in their rooms


Get Teens To Spend Less Time In Their Rooms


























Providing our children with a comfortable and stable environment , is something

that each parent should do but being a parent is also about maintaining the well

being of each and every member of the household.When your children get into

their teens , they’d often like to have some privacy of their own and this would

often cause them to stay in their rooms for most of the day.


Even though they need privacy , teenagers spending too much time in their rooms

can have a negative impact on their well being and parents need to find some

ways to get them out of their rooms.Being creative in the way you come up with

your ideas to make them leave their rooms , will make it less likely for them to feel

like you’re invading the privacy they need.


Children at this age might be going through alot of problems as they go about

their day , you getting to see them might actually change the way they feel.The

only way to know how they feel is by having a few minutes with them each day ,

which will only happen if you’re able to get them out of their rooms for a bit.Below

are some of the ways that you’ll be able to have your teens spend less time in

isolation , when they’re at home.















Don’t Give Them A Reason To Stay


One of the first things you’ll have to think about when trying to make sure that

you’ll get them to be more active , is by giving them less of a reason to spend their

time in one place.By this we mean that you’ll have to make it hard for them to pick

staying in their bedroom.You giving them all the amenities like a television set ,

computer monitor and computer.Are some of the things that will make it harder for

their children to feel like spending time in the living room or with other members of

the family


So that’s something that you might need to look at if you’d want them to be more

active , try and take the things that they need.By putting them in areas that are

easily accessible to you the parent , so if your 13 year old soon wants to play

video games.Then try not to put a television set in their rooms and tell them to

play in the living room.


Its the small changes like this that will have a more productive impact when it

comes to achieving what you’re looking for , parents should get children what they

need but its important to prevent them from becoming spoiled.Making them feel

entitled would allow them to feel like they need the special treatment.That’s one of

the things that you can consider when trying to prevent them from being isolated

from everyone else.



Schedule Family Time


The best way to have a great relationship with your children is by having family

time , spending time together with them is important to do.Even though we’d like

our teenagers to come out of their rooms more often , forcing them to spend time

with everybody else.Would only make it harder for them to be excited to be with

you , because you pushed them to into an activity that they didn’t want to have.


Which is why you’ll have to schedule family activities with them , not only will you

get them out of their rooms but it’ll also double up as a good way to build your

connection without having too interfere with their own activities.Having a few

minutes with your children , will allow parents to check on them emotionally and

get to know their interest.Which will make it much easier to get them the right gift ,

in case you were wondering.This simple thing will make them be more active

around the home and get them to enjoy the time with their family.















Give Them Something To Look Forward Too.


If you’re looking for ways on how to get your teenager outside , why don’t you try

to provide them with something to look forward too.Maybe them staying in the

same place in the house , might be because there’s no motivation to do anything

with their lives.Parents should try and change this by giving them fun things to do ,

while you spend your time together.Bonding with your family is always important

and for it to be fun , you might want to ask your children what they’d would like to

do for the day.


Them knowing that their going to do what they love , would give them something

to look forward to and make them spend less time in their room.However , if they

get to pick an activity that you might feel isn’t for you.Atleast try to be more open

and give it a shot , we usually don’t get to spend enough time with our children

each week.So using the little that you’ve got , will make it more valuable.There’s

another creative way of keeping them far from their rooms will put a big smile on

their face.



Play dates


I know that play dates are usually for toddlers but , getting to encourage them to

spend more time with their friends would really help them open up and leave the

house for a bit.When they remain by themselves , it becomes harder for them to

feel motivated to do things.However , seeing people that they can easily relate to

would make it much better own their part.Parents having encouraging them to

have their friends over or taking them to go have some fun , would really help you

deal with your teen problem.



Other small things like preventing them from eating in their rooms , will not only

keep the house clean but double up as a way to keep them in their bedrooms.It all

comes down to being creative with how you do it , that will get the job done.So be

gentle with them and try to give them the privacy that they need.


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