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To get to that next stage in your educational career, you’ll have to go through

college or University.


During this period , you’ll get to learn alot about yourself and begin to push

yourself to achieve what you want to.Success doesn’t come easily because

sometimes , you’ll have to deal with bad grades.Which can make you feel alittle

bit sad and stressed , not forgetting about the pressure from your parents.


We’ve all been there and in this post , will look at some of the things you can do if

you want to change those bad grades into good ones.Having good marks will

further allow you to reach your goal , you’ve come along way so don’t give up

because of a few challenges that you’re facing.




1. What Your Main Reason For Getting Bad Grades


The first thing that you might want to do before anything else is knowing the main

reason for your drop in performance , because sometimes there might be other

reasons other than studying that can cause you to fail.Looking into this will make it

easier for you to plan your steps ahead , which could only lead you to having

better grades.




2. Try Paying More Attention In Class


The very first thing that you might want to do, is actually try to pay more attention

to what’s going on in the classroom.If you’re in the habit of skipping classes , then

you’ll be missing out on alot of things.If you start to concentrate on whats being

taught , you’ll be able to ask your lecture to make it even more clear for you.


Don’t feel shy to ask where you’re not clear , because everyone else may have

the same question as you.Another positive about being present in class is , the

fact that you’ll be able to take down some key points from your professor.Which

will make it even easier for you to use them as you’re studying.


I know we love to check our phones for the latest notifications and posts from

social media , but when you’re in class make the switch to airplane mode.


This is just a simple way you can start to improve your grades , you could also sit

in front of the class so that you can pay more attention and  some course actually

have marks for attendance.Which makes showing up so very essential.




3. Having The Appropriate Course Material


Most of the time , you might be getting bad grades in college because you don’t

have the appropriate course material.Having the right material will allow you to be

well prepared for your classes as well as your exams , so just make sure you’ve

got all the things you need to get ready to achieve all your goals by the end of the





4. Set Some Targets


The best way to ensure that you get the good grades that you want is by setting

some targets for yourself , by doing this it’ll help you to remain focused with your

studies.As students you’ll have to get your priorities straight in order for you to

manage yourself properly , that’s why goal setting is very essential for you to



A good way of doing this is by setting your goals at the very beginning of the term

, make sure you’ve got a small vision board to write these goals down.Another

reason why you should do this is because , it’ll help you  find more ways of how

you can get to where you want to be.




5. Study Time


The key to switching those bad grades into better ones is simply by spending time

with your books, the only way you can get to do this is by studying.There are so

many places in college where you can be able to sit down and read without being

disturbed by anyone.


Most students don’t like to study mainly because they picture themselves looking

at a book for countless hours on end without any breaks , when you could easily

split your time into different sessions and have some breaks in between.


I know you want to go out or hang out with your friends , but it would be alot better

if you’ve got all the work done and have more fun because you’ve got everything

under control.




6. Doing Your Assignments


An sure that most of your courses that you take have some assignments which

may carry a certain percentage of your mark , which means that ensuring that you

complete your assignments could be a great start to getting better results.


Being in the habit of doing this work will allow you to see how much you’ve

learned about that particular topic and could further help you prepare yourself for

the exams.Which should be a reminder that you should start , taking the time to do

your work and it could be the difference between your pass or fail.




7. Asking For Help


If you’ve git a question to ask on a particular topic that you feel uncomfortable with

, then don’t hesitate to ask your questions.The lectures and professors are there

to ensure that everyone learns whats being taught , if you raise up your hand to

ask a question.Am very sure they’ll be more than willing to answer you , so don’t

feel to shy when it comes to expressing yourself.


However if you’re feeling uncomfortable with asking your question in the

classroom , then try to make an effort to see your instructors in their office hours

and get to have that personal time with them.If you cannot manage to meet with

them during their office hours , there are alot if platforms that you can use online

to find some help.Being clear will help you to understand what you’re doing and

this will help you with your grades.




8. Study Partners


If you want to improve your grades , you’ll have to join a study group.Having a

group like this will further allow you to seek help if you need it and also motivate

you to be more engaged with your books , finding yourself a study partner is all

that you might need to stop getting bad grades.


Having that extra push from your closest friends will make you more willing to do

better , being comfortable with what you’re doing is very important.As this will

allow you to express yourself more , being in a study group will also allow you to

here different views about various topics and this could further boost your

knowledge on certain things allowing you to learn more.





9. Poor Time Management


College is a fun and exciting period in your life and its okay to enjoy your time but

, having some good time management skills will help you budget your school life

from the social one.If you don’t do this properly then , you’ll find yourself following

behind in your academics.


Which will only result in you having bad grades , so make sure that you

organize each day very well.Having some fun is very important to enjoy your stay

in school , but its just as essential to get your grades up as well and all you need

to achieve this is manage your time well.




10. Working Hard


Putting in that extra effort is what separates you from not achieving your goals ,

its all about ensuring that you work hard.If you don’t want to put in those extra

hours in outside the classroom then it’ll be very difficult for you to come out of

those bad grades.


Try by all means to make sure that you put in the right effort into what you’re doing

and you’ll see a change in your results , you can get the results that you dream of

if you’re not putting in the work.Just continue to study in those hours and it’ll

definitely pay off , when you see that A on your course score.




11. Be Positivity


Just because you’ve gotten some bad grades in the past it doesn’t mean you can’t

get better ones , all you’ll need to do is just have a different mindset .Adopting a

more positive mindset will allow you to remain positive and always expect the

best in everything that you do , being this way will also ensure that you stay happy.


During the term there  are alot of things that go on , from waking up early to

handing in all the assignments before the due date and it can feel like a

handful.Which is even more of a reason why you have to be positive , as it’ll post

your confidence and keep allow you to feel like you can take on any challenge

during the day.


Whenever you’ve your positive with your schooling , you’ll be able to focus on the

positives rather than the negatives. Having this mindset will allow you to see the

small changes that you’ve made which could further push you to be better ,

continue to be optimistic and keep on thinking positive.




12. Get Some Advice From Peer 


The good thing about you being in college is that what you are going through has

been experienced by someone and this is why getting a few bad grades shouldn’t

demoralize you , seeking out the right advice could help you get out of this bad



Going to see your student adviser would be a really great thing for you , get to

meet them and talk about how you can change your situation is very essential.If

you’re not to keen on visiting your student adviser , then you can try and see if

you’ve got any access to some educational peer groups. 


As most of these are hosted by fellow students that are part of your college and

this well even be more comfortable for you to express yourself. Educational

groups like  this could give you more ideas on how you can be more creative with

your learning.




Those are the 12 ways we thought could actually improve the results that you’re

getting during your time in college , hopefully you’re able to pick a thing or two out

of this post which you could able to your school  routine to allow you to get better.


Being successful is allow about experiencing those ups and downs , just

remember that you can manage to turn those bad grades around into something

more positive.If you’ve got bad grades , you can use them to  fuel you to achieve

even more next term.All you need to do is set some goals and focus more on your

course work , doing this will place you in a better position to achieve whatever

you’d want to get.


You’ll have to remember that you’ve got to enjoy your time as well, so make sure

you go out and have alittle bit of fun once in a while. Because having that balance

is very essential for students.



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Date 18 May 2020



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