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Being far from your friends and family can be very difficult to get used to ,

because they mean so much to you and nothing will ever replace the good

memories you share together.Even though you might not be with your loved ones

during the festive season or on special days in their lives , you can make your

presence felt through gifts.


Its the small things that we do during our long distance relationships , that will

keep us closer to our family members.The only help that you might need is , trying

to pick out the right gift for them.In this post will share a few ideas on the kind of

items to send your loved ones , which will put a huge smile on their face.


Its not about how much you get to spend on a gift , its the thought that counts the

most.Even if you don’t have that big of a budget , you shouldn’t have to worry

because we’ve got you covered.Below are some of the fun mailable presents we

though would make your impression felt even if you’re not near.

















Metal Print


To kick start this list of awesome gift ideas for your loved ones far away , we

though it would be great to add something that will feel closer to home.we always

like to store all our memories in pictures and videos.Wouldn’t it be great , if you

were able to turn those photo’s from digital to something physical ?.The answer is

totally , but instead of going for your regular canvas.You can try something newer

and more durable , bot forgetting that it would make the living room look more

modern.Gifting your family a metal print with a picture of your choice , would really

put a big smile on their face.


The best things are often the most basic and simple , surprising them with a photo

of the best moment that you had.Will make them feel the love you’ve got for them

in this relationship , so if you’re looking to create something fun.Then head over to

Canvas Champ and create your very own special wall art.



Grooming Products


The next item that we’d like to share with you is self care , family often tend to

look our for each other and the best thing you can do. Is provide them wit a few

grooming products.This can range from face creams and body scrubs , to other

items you can use to maintain your appearance.To make it even more special ,

you can surprise your loved ones that leave far away with their favorite fragrance.


Now that does like something that they’d love , so just head over to Sephora and

pick all the products that you need,The good thing is that you can mail it right

away , so you don’t really have the hassle of going to the post office.If you know

someone that seems to love their beard so much , they why not buy them a beard

kit that will help them keep that clean masculine look all year long.




The Gift Of Chocolate


If you’re looking to surprise your friend or family that your in a long distance

relationship and you don’t really have enough time , you don’t have to worry

because we’ve got the perfect item that will be a great replacement by sending

them chocolate.Did you know you can send these sweet treats anywhere in the

world without having to worry about it reaching on time or getting melted.


If you’ve never heard of Z chocolate , well now you have.Its a really great

chocolate concierge service who are based in France , the have a wide variety of

sweet treats that you can pick from and gift to the people that love and care

about.They ship internationally with DHL making sure that all your packages

reach safely and on time.


Being a concierge service , these sweets come in a neat package and are

shipped with a personal note that you get to customize with your own

words.Which makes it even more special for the person receiving this gift on the

other side.Show your appreciation through something made out of love , cause

going with something sweet Is always the best option.

















Music Speakers


Another great item that you might consider , when coming up with your list of gift

ideas is a music speaker.Most of us love to play our jams and vibe to them , which

is why this would be a really good choice for your friends and family.You don’t

really need to splurge on something that will be more than what your budget can

handle , which is why we’d like to recommend an audio brand by the name of

Anker .The do produce good quality speakers at a really affordable price , a really

fun appliance to send your friends that are overseas.




Gift Cards


Even though this might not seem like a really good option compared to most of

the other things we’ve talked about , the right card would really be a good present

to someone that needs it.If you’re able to get someone a $100 gift card for Netflix

or Spotify , you’ve equally paid forward and they don’t get to worry about that for a

while. This would really make a great addition to other presents that you might




Neon Signs


These has to be one of the most creative ways to surprise the people that live far

from you , creating a very personalized neon sign would definitely add some color

to their living space.Most of the places that offer these signs made to your

specifications , would be quite alot of money out of your pocket and since were

trying to be more budget friendly.


It would be great to log on to Etsy and source out one from there , making a sign

that has a special message on it.Will be great for that long distance relationship

because each time they look at it , they’ll remember you.You can ship almost

anywhere on this platform , making it easier for you.

















Ugly Sweaters


Whenever the holidays are near , its time for the Christmas spirit to feel the

area.Even if your loved ones might not be as close as they would like to be , it

doesn’t mean you can’t extend your inner Christmas spirit.The best way to get

them in the mood us by getting them an ugly sweater , doing this will let them

know that you’re thinking about them even if they are far away.



Sports Fans


If you know that they people that are abroad are huge sports fans , then it

becomes much easier for you to select the perfect gift that will cheer them

up.Each fan has a their favorite team and player , so getting to find the jersey

they’d like.Would mean so much to them and like we said earlier , its not about

the price but the meaning that counts.





Personalized Pillow


When trying to pick a present that will put a smile on the faces of the people you

love and care about , you don’t really have to put in so much thought.Them being

far away from home , means that you need to try and make your presence felt

where they are.So why not get them a custom pillow with your face on it , is a

small thing that will help them cope with the distance even more.Getting a custom

pillow done is quick and easy , which makes it a perfect gift for long distance



















With all the newly released Apple and Microsoft products , it wouldn’t be a bad

idea to send your loved ones a new piece of tech.Especially that you’re buying

something for an occasion like a birthday or if you over heard them complaining

about what they’re currently using.Surprising them with something new and

improved , would really be what they need this year.




Starbucks Cups


If you like to get them a gift that they’ll be able to use each and everyday of the

week , a Starbucks cup would be a really great way to start the day.Getting them

these cups would be a good gift that can make them feel right at home.If you’re

not really into getting them something like this , then you’ll be able to try and

personalize a mag.





When in doubt , buy some clothing like a new pair of shoes.Would be a nice last

minute gift purchase , heading to footlocker to get some new sneakers for the

people you love.Would be a really great surprise for them , just make sure that

you get the right sizes.Even sending them some pajamas or a blanket would be

perfect for them , its the small things that we do that make our presents great.

















Flowers & Gift Baskets


Everyone will love to receive flowers on their birthday and throwing in a gift basket

that’s full of treats , makes it even better package.There are not so many services

that get to ship out these things internationally but there are some of like  , that do

offer deliver to anywhere in the world.



Being far apart doesn’t mean the connection has to be lost , sending a few special

gifts on occasions like a birthday or during the holidays.Will allow you to maintain

the strong bond you’ve always had.Hopefully you get to pick the right gift ideas for

the people you love , its the thought that matters.


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