signs you've given your children too much power


Signs Parents Have Given Child Too Much Power










































Being a parent means that you’ll have to be involved in the lives of your kids but

when do parents need to stop giving their children too much attention and what is

the limit to showing them too much love ?.


The truth is , parents can’t love their kids too much because they won’t be young

forever and giving them a lot of affection you can is what is required of you but if

your only child wants constant attention from you , then maybe you’ve given them

more power over your life than you should have and here are some of the signs

that parents need to look out.




















Want Special Treatment


One of the first signs for any parent to take note of when trying to know you’ve got

an attention seeking child on your hands is that they’ll demand special treatment

from you the parent , which might be a result of you trying to make things too

easy for them because every parent would want their children to do well but this

doesn’t mean that you’ll have to bend your back every time they’d request

something from you.


If you continue to tell them yes all the time , its going to make it really hard for

them to take rejection in the future and spoiling them is one thing that will limit

them from adapting to reality.Telling them no sometimes is okay and even though

children might through tantrums when they fail to get what they want , it’ll help you

maintain control and raise them to be more patient with the way they carry





Centre Of Attention


The more obvious way to tell whether you’re giving your child more power than

you should is by them seeking attention from you constantly , am sure that you

love your kids so much but when they begin to seek your attention all the time

even when you’ve got other things to do.


They’ll act as a destruction and this will limit you from being productive with your

life because the truth is you’ll also need some time for yourself and being able to

be the perfect mom takes a lot of energy out of you , every parent needs to have

time for themselves because parenting is the biggest balancing act that we’ll have

to get a hang of and if your kid is constantly trying to be the centre of attention by

throwing tantrums in order for you to listen to them then you’ll have to reevaluate

your parenting skills.




















Never Pay Attention To You


Another danger of spoiling your child by giving them too much power is that it

makes them less likely to listen to what you’ve got to say and being the parent in

the home , means that each child has to listen to what you tell them and them

failing to do something is a sign of disrespect.


Which is one value that no parent would want their children to have because of

they don’t listen to you at home , then its really going to be harder for them to do

the same for people that they might not know.



No parent would like their children to show these types of traits and sometimes as

parents we’re the problem because we enable our kids to be this way by giving

into what they want , if you love your children then it would be really important for

you to try and make things better by improving their attitude.






Its something that can take a while but having that authority as a parent is what

will allow you to prepare your children for life and show them the right attitude to

have , even though these  behaviour attributes in children might make parents

feel like nothing is going to change.



You shouldn’t have to worry because everything can change with time and even if

things might be difficult using resources like positive parenting solutions and other

types of professional help that will make your life as a parent a whole lot easier ,

but its up to the parents to decide whether they should go through with it or not.




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