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Keeping order around the house isn’t that easy if you don’t have any rules for your

children to follow , which is what parents should have to consider making.There

are many posts about parenting that you can find on the internet that will tell you

the best methods of parenting but at the end of the day , you’ve got the last say in

how you’d want your children to turn out.


If you’re looking for a few ideas or examples of house rules for kids , then you’re

in the right place.In this post will look at a few examples of rules that you might

want to add in order to create your very own and as a bonus , will provide you with

a printable image that you can download to add extra value.


Being able to set a couple of guideline that parents can use to keep the household

in order , will make providing your children with a good environment for growing

much easier.But you’ll also have to remained them that with all rules come with

consequences when they’re broken , I know this might sound alittle bit harsh on

the side of the children.However , this will allow them to understand that there are

reactions to all the things they do.So give them some little thing to do , whenever

they break a rule but don’t be way too hard on them. Am sure there are better

ways to discipline children without being hot headed
















Adults Are Incharge


As the main adults in the household , you as parent get to make all the rules for

kids at home.This rule also means that if you might not be around because of

work or other errands , then the children would have to what the babysitter has to

say. Sometimes its very difficult for the babysitter to control children when you’re

not there , if you’ve been a sitter before you know what I mean.Telling them this

will make it easier for them to listen to every adult.



Abusive Language Isn’t Allowed


Creating a good environment for them to grow up in means that you’ve got to

prevent them from acting negatively , which is why you need to set up this

one.Using abusive language in the home and in front of your children is bad , if

they get to see you using this kind of vocabulary as a norm.


Then it’ll become very difficult for you as parents to change it when they become

older , making sure that you can pick content that’s appropriate for their age will

help you maintain the rule.As their are so many things that can influence them.



Family Stays Together


Another common house rule that you might want to let your family know is that

you’ve got remain united at all times , even though it might seem hard to actually

get along with each other.You’re got to remained them that there are the people

that they’ll be with the most , bonding with your family is  something that will help

you keep each other closer together.


So try to make this one of the top guidelines that they’ve got to follow and creating

a few times within the week for some activities that you can do , is something

worth clearing your schedules for.
















Telling The Truth


Children need to know hoe to be honest at all times and making it part of your list

of home rules , will make it easy for them to remember.Honesty is a virtue that am

sure most of us would love to see in our kids , charity begins at home is one if the

most common sayings about raising children.Which just serves as a remainder

that we should try and instill of the values they need to learn from home , being

honest is about telling the truth even when it might put them in trouble.


It allows children to be more accountable for their actions as well , so try to make

sure you add some of these things onto your house list and ensure that your

family members get to follow through with them.



Screen Time Has To Be Limited


In an article by the (AACAP) American Academy of Child and Adolescent

Psychiatry , children between the ages of 8 - 12 can be on their phones for 4 to 6

hours.While teenagers can go up to 9 hours on their phones , which is just way

too much time to be glued to a screen if you ask me. So coming up with this rule

for children will prevent them from having way too much time with their phones.



House Chores Should Be Done


Keeping the house looking nice and truly is what will help you as parents ensure

that your loved ones stay healthy , introducing chores to your household will also

give your children the opportunity to take part in the cleaning.


Giving them different duties to do during the week makes it easy for the house to

be kept clean , this guideline will make it clear that no chore should be pushed for

a later date and just serve as a remainder that the place should remain clean.


















Know this is a house rule that mainly applies to the teenagers , setting a certain

time when they’ve got to be home is very important.This will prevent them from

staying out for too long and gas to be one of the main things you’ve got to

highlight to them , setting up a curfew means that if they were to come passed

that time , they’d have to experience the consequences.Doing this just makes you

more conscious of where they’re going to be at particular moment in time.



Picking Up After Themselves


A good example of a rules that parents should set is ensuring that your children

get to pick up after themselves , cleaning up the mess that they make will help

them improve their personal hygiene and gives them the opportunity to learn how

to be more organized with the way they do things.Being in the habit of clearing up

their mess is a good habit that will continue to develop as the grow older.



Time For Bed


Having a good nights rest is very important for young children as this will give

them that energy that they need to actually have fun and be active , according to

an article by the sleep foundation.The recommend amount of rest for children is 8 to 10

hours , making sure that the don’t stay up to late will ensure that they always get

energy they need.


Try as much as possible to make sure that they go to bed early , which would also

mean that they don’t get to use their phones that they don’t get to use their

phones an hour before then as blue light can negatively affect our childrens

















Be Polite


Teaching our young children how to be polite is very important , which is

something that you need to ass to the list of family rules.Telling them that they’ve

got to respect elders is saying please and thank you , won’t hurt anyone.


Which is why we mentioned earlier that parents would have to lead by example ,

showing them that you’ve got to be polite must actually start with you being this

way towards them.So try to ensure that this is part of the guidelines to follow in

your household , this will allow your children to be respectable towards people

outside home as well.



Asking For Permission


If something isn’t for your children and they might want to use it , then they’ll have

to ask for it before they use it. This is also part of being respectful towards other

people as well.



Family Time Is Family Time


Whenever your going to be together as a family or if you’re having a meeting , its

important for your children to know that they’ve got to make space for some family

















Cleaning Up After You Play Outside


Children love to play outside and get their hands dirty but its very important for

them to make sure that they stay clean , having good personal hygiene is an

aspect of staying healthy.Making it a rule for your children to go clean up after all

that fun outside , will help you ensure that your family stays in good health.


Those are just some of the rules that you can set up to make sure you maintain

organization within the household , you might want to add a few more things to

your own rules which will make it a more compact house list.


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