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Raising Children Without Discipline





























One of the most important values that parents need to instill in their children from

the time they grow up is discipline , as this will allow them yo become more

responsible and accountable for themselves.Which is the main goal of ensuring

that they’re well behaved , this process however.Is not that easy but it has to be

done either way , if you think that you’re the only parent struggling to keep your

toddlers under control.You aren’t the last , we often feel our children won’t change

and continue carrying on with that attitude that you don’t like.


Makes it really easy for us to give up on the process , which is why we decided to

write this post and allow you to see the value in being persistent with helping them

learn good values.Have you taken the moment to stop and think about how your

children would turn out if you stopped disciplining them ? , if you haven’t done

this.Below are some of the consequences and challenges that your kids might

face when you don’t help them out.

















Won’t Know Right From Wrong


One of the first things that you might want to know as a parent , us your children

will not be able to tell the difference between what is right and wrong.Which can

get them into alot of trouble when they get older , we know this might sound alittle

bit out of the ordinary but its true.As parents , you need to be able to guide your

children throughout their lives and help them know what is correct and what isn’t.


If the only thing they know is how to cause trouble or be disrespectful towards

other people , they’ll grow up thinking that its a normal thing to do.Which will à

further affect the way they get to relate with other people , so make sure that you

keep on trying to help them through and through.


Its easier for you to help your younger cones growing up to be disciplined , as

compared to when they get older in age.According to an article posted on the

health section of the BBC UK page , it was mentioned that some scientists from

the university of oxford found that it was easier for young brains to learn things.


Although this post isn’t about science , its just as important for us to help you

understand the benefits of letting your kids know the right thing.When they’re still

young in age , no parent would want a rebellious child that won’t listen to anything

that you’ve got to say.






No Success


Whenever we think about discipline , we often associate it with bad behaviour.

Which is only fair but , you’ll also need to look at it from another point of view.

Every guardian would love their children to be successful and prosperous in

everything that they do , being an adult.Its easy for you to understand how much

of a factor discipline would play when it comes to being successful with our

lives.Which is you need to impart this mindset in our kids as they grow up.


If your children grow up without being able to learn this , its going to be very hard

for them to remain focused on what they should be doing.Even though they’re still

at a young age , its perfectly fine to let them learn the value of developing this

mindset.Being successful doesn’t start when you get older in age but its when

they’re growing up , so if you start noticing any behaviour patterns that you might

like.Make sure that you deal with them now rather than later  , as it’ll be much

easier for you to handle it.

















Lack of Accountability


Another thing that happens if you don’t get to discipline your child enough , is that

they’ll grow up without being able to take responsibility or accountability.This has

to be one of the most essential reasons why many parents struggle with getting

their children to talk when they’ve done something wrong , being able to take

accountability for their actions.


Even when they do the wrong thing , its important for them to remain truthful in

whatever their doing at each stage in their lives , letting them no that their are

consequences for their actions by giving them some punishments here and there.

Will help them stay in line but don’t try to be harsh when doing this.



Other things like lying , is a really bad habit that can land them into alot of trouble

if they don’t learn anything from you , so next time you feel like you’re struggling

with your child’s behaviour.We hope that these points will give you more of a

reason to keep on going.Keep on trying to raise children that will have a good

behavior , even if it means punishing them at times because you know that your

doing it in order for them to turn out okay.


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Date : 30 Nov 2020

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