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Guilty Parenting









































Parenting does come with many challenges but sometimes we get in the way in our own

way when we fail to forgive the mistakes that happened in the past, being a parent doesn’t

mean that you’re won’t get to cause a few errors.


Even the parents that seem like they’ve got everything together aren’t completely free of

this either, feeling like you’ve been a terrible mother or father can make it difficult for you

as a guardian to be the pillar of support and positive that your children need.

Stop feeling guilty about your parenting because your kids still need you and here are

some of the ways that might help you overcome this challenge in your life.




Be Open about It


Getting to recover from your parenting mistakes only happens when you acknowledge

them, hiding from this truth doesn’t help you get better but only makes it easier for

guardians to repeat the same mistake and doing this over a long period of time might ruin

the connection that you’ve got with your children.


Taking the time out of the day to reflect on how you can get better not only improves your

life but that of the children as well , making it even more of a reason for parents to forgive

themselves for the mistakes that they’ve made in the past.


You don’t need to be too hard on yourself us a mother or father because you looking down

on yourself each time you make a mistake isn’t won’t help, but what will is acknowledging

them and looking for better parenting strategies.




















You’re Okay


Overcoming the challenge of feeling guilty about mistakes made when parenting can be

very hard to deal with because we often try to forget them without acknowledging them as

which was looked at in the point above, nobody is the perfect parent and this means

mistake’s will happen from time to time.


You’ve still got so much more ahead and you constantly dwelling on these moments will

prevent you from seeing the positive changes in your lifestyle, as long as parents keep on

putting in the right effort when it comes to being present at each important moment in their

children’s lives.


Then everything will turn out just fine because it’s all about the effort, so keep on moving

forward and try to be the best for them.




Sharing is Caring


The truth is you’re not going through this alone and  bottling up this feeling is only going to

make you a lot worse but a very great way of dealing with this problem is by opening up

about it. Talking to people that you might be close to or seeking a therapist, will not only

allow you to feel better about what you’re going through but also give you an opportunity

to learn better ways of coping.


Sharing whatever you might be going through with your friends that are also parenting, is

something small that will help you become better at raising your children because being

able to know new ways of doing things is only going to improve your parenting skills.

Don’t bottle up how you feel because you’re not alone, so share it and receive the he

lp that you need from the people that care about you.




















Take Your Mind off It


Feeling guilty about any mistakes that you might have made during the day can affect your

mood, further limiting the amount of joy and happiness that you’ll invite into your life , it’s

very difficult to forgive yourself whenever you might have hurt your loved ones feelings.


Like it has already been mentioned in this post, we’re all going to make mistakes from

time to time but the only thing that will make a difference is how you choose to react and

with all the stress that you might have already been going through.


This feeling is the last thing you’d want to have lingering on your mind, which is why it’s

more than essential for parents to have breaks because being a parent doesn’t make you

any less human.


Taking your mind off that thought by doing something you love is going to help you feel

better about yourself, you’re just as important because you not feeling at your best will

make it hard for you to put in the best.





Those are some of the ways parents can cope with feeling guilt about the mistakes the

make whilst raising their children, remember it’s how you react to these moments that

matter the most because you can always do better.


Positive parenting is all about making the effort and that’s a choice which can only be

made by you, stop feeling sorry for yourself because your children still need you in their



Continue showing them all the love and support that they need to have the best in life.





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