why i hard to find a pupose in life


Why Its Hard To Find A Purpose In Life.























Am sure we all want to have the best in life and this idea , is what decisions we

make from the types of jobs we get to the kind of people to the kind of people that

we surround ourselves with but , do all these things makes us satisfied with

ourselves or are we missing the key ingredients that allow us to find our purpose in

life ?.


At some point in our lives , am sure you’ve taken the time to sit down and ask

yourself.Whether your following your lifes purpose or if we’re just supposed to

exist.Having a motive or a drive in your life , can help you remain focused and help

out other people in the process.There are so many things that can make it harder

for us to find out what we should do with our lives , below are some of the few

things that might be blocking our vision.



Doubt & Fear


One of the biggest things that we deal with each and everyday , which is a very

huge reason why you don’t make that discovery is because of fear and doubt.Not

having the confidence to believe in ourselves and think that our voice isn’t good

enough to be heard , will only limit the chances of you getting to find out something

that’s for you.You only get to leave once in life and you not taking your shot will only

keep all those ideas you have buried.So don’t doubt yourself and keep in being

unique , this is more of a reason to go out in to the world.



What will other people think


Staying with the same theme of self confidence , its easy for us to back out of an

idea because you’re worried about what other people would think of us.

Overcoming this feeling is a huge step in a positive direction ,especially when it

comes to being able to find your life’s calling.Something that you need to

remember from this post , is no matter what you do .Be it good or bad , not

everyone will agree with what you’ve got to say.Which is why you’ll have to gather

up the courage to step out into society and speak your mind , if you know that what

you’re doing is right and will help alot of people in the long run.


You shouldn’t feel afraid of doing it , so always have good intentions in whatever

you do in life.Finding passion shouldn’t be based on the comments that you

receive from everyone , so keep on pursuing your purpose even if you’re being

opposed by others because they’ll be the ones that will need you later own.



Not Being Exposed


Lack of experience , is another good and valid reason , for people not being able to

find ways of how they can impact the community. Being open to new experiences ,

we get to go through so many situations in life either good or bad.Its only through

these moments that we’re able to find our passions and this will get to make the

world a better place.So you taking the rough path can lead you to something that

will help others , which is why endurance is key.



Social Media


In Today’s day and age , its really difficult for all of us to keep our hands off our

phones.Many people love to communicate with each other over platforms like face

book , twitter or Instagram.Social media has made it easier for us to receive

information from different parts of the globe , which is a good thing but it also has

bad side too.With all the luxury lifestyle’s that we get to see on these platform , it

becomes very hard for us to admire having such a way of living.Which will make

us to take a second look at ourselves and question if where lazy or not trying hard

enough ,at times.It’ll even cause us to rethink our purpose in life .Which is totally

the wrong way to go about things.Its okay to look at what other people have

achieved but use it as motivation for yourself , but don’t be pressured into dbeing

something you’re not.



Environment Around Us


With all the negative things that happen in the world , it can crush our spirits

because we feel like nothing will get better and in the long run.It can cause us to

stop thinking about what the world has to offer but one import thing that you’ll have

to remember is , each storm has to come to an end at some point.Even if things

are looking bad at that moment in time , keep on moving forward and it’ll get better

with time.When the environment around might not be great , you’ll still find an

opportunity to fulfil your lifes purpose.



Not Willing To Put In The Time


Nothing that you want comes easy and free , not being able to sacrifice a bit of

your time is one of the main reasons why we all struggle to get where we need to

be.When you find out how much works it takes to fulfil what you want to do , we

often feel demoralized and just like social media.We don’t really have to only focus

on the wealth others have accumulated as the drive for our goals , it takes time for

people to reach where they need.



Those are some of the things that you need to be aware of when trying to be

consistent with finding your purpose in life , its difficult for all of us to keep on

working with all the things we talked about in this post but we’ve just got to believe

in yourself.


Date : 06 Nov 2020

Post By : LifestyleNstuff



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