What makes a healthy parent child relationship



What Makes A Healthy Parent Child Relationship

























Many are the time that you as parents , get to question the kind of relationship

that you’ve got with your children.Getting to ask yourself whether you’ve got a

healthy parent child relationship with the members of your family or not , might

actually make you worry about alot of things and can draw your focus away from

the people that are actually important who are your children.


Instead of asking yourself what a healthy family relationship looks like , we’ll look

at some of the key aspects of the ideal family environment and these should help

you set the right foundation for you to improve or work on the bond that you’ve

created with your kids.


















The very first tale sign that shows you whether you’ve created a positive

relationship with kids , if there’s trust.This doesn’t only mean that parents should

be able to believe in their children but , its also has to go the other way round as

well.This value will allow you and your family to properly communicate with each

other , without feeling the need to hide anything.


Which definitely comes in handy whenever they get to be more distant and

parents would usually feel disconnected.Having this quality in any relationship is

essential and its not something that is easy to build , it does take along time for

your family to get to were to has to be.In terms of feeling safe to relay on each






Sticking with the theme above , it would be inappropriate for us not to talk about

safety.Creating a positive environment for our children to live in means that they

need to feel safe , children also get to go through a roller coaster of emotions

during the week and this can make it difficult for them to open up about their

problems when they don’t feel comfortable to express themselves.


Which makes it another great indicator that you can evaluate your family with to

see whether you’ve got a positive parent child relationship , providing them with

the emotional safety and comfort that they need whenever they feel sad.Is what

will allow them to feel better and put a smile back on their faces , if they don’t feel

the comfort that you provide.Its going to be difficult for parents and children to

connect, when you’re trying to find a solid bond that will last for a long period of

















Children Need Your Support


The main reason why having a strong relationship with children is important , is

because it allow you to find way to be supportive.Whether your kids might be

going through school or are working on their own project over the summer , being

supportive is one of the things that will fuel their confidence.


Its always goof to know that you’ve got people in your corner to cheer you own

when you need the support , you not turning up for them.Will have a very negative

impact on their confidence and belief in themselves , even when they get older.


According to an Article on Parenting and Its Effects on Children ( Reading and

Misreading Behaviour Genetics) By Eleanor E. Macoby , it was stated that our

children’s behaviour does get influenced by other things but parents do have a

real effect on their kids and this makes it even more of a reason for parents to

create a stable bond.



Respect Is Essential


Whats a healthy relationship without being able to show respect towards one

another, its easy for parents to look at this and think that because they’re

older.What they say is always right , which is not always true.Being respectful is

about being thoughtful about others and this all starts by letting your children

express themselves freely , you need to show respect in order to earn it.


This is a very important tip you’ll have to remember especially when your children

approach their teens , boundaries have to be set and this might not necessarily

mean that you let them be incharge of their own lives but.Its more about being

able to give them just enough privacy without having to make them feel too



















Freely being able to talk about things with your family , will allow you to express

how you feel and also help you keep everyone in order.However , communication

is a two way street and parents also need to give their children a chance to voice

their opinions if your looking to build a healthier relationship with the members of

your family.


The only way you can know how your children are feeling is if you talk to them ,

which is why we talked about comfort and safety in the points above.Them talking

to you , will allow them to talk about whats going on in their lives and help you find

a solution to the problems that might be affecting them throughout the day.



Room For Change


Mistakes and misunderstandings will happen from time to time , a health bond is

one that should allow you and your kids to move passed these moments.Parents

also need to take accountability for the mistakes that we make and change them

for the better , this is something that we need to remember when creating a more

positive relationship in the home.One thing that can make this easy , is by talking

to other parents that you might know and see things from a different point of view.

















Love & Affection


You’ll have to show them that you love and care for them , not having this in the

household can make it seem like nobody is connected.Buying your kids gifts and

thinking those toys are a great substitute for your time , is a sign of bad

parenting.You need to be more involved in their lives and show them that you’re

there for them , love is what keep the family closer together even when things

might not be looking great around us.


The best way to show them that you love them is by spending time together , their

are so many fun activities that you can do as a family and knowing some of

them.Would help you make your house feel more like a home when everyone is

around , so get to build the healthy bonds that you’ve always wanted by showing

them that you care.Saying the small things like , “I love you”.Can have a really big

impact on how they feel.




Those are some of things that parents should be looking at building , when it

comes to having a healthy bond with their family.Having people that you love and

care about , automatically makes them very important.Even though we’ve given

you some of the things that makes our relationship what we’d want them to be , its

important for parents to remember that problems and mistakes will occur from

time to time.


Its only right for you to remain patient even as you raise your children , don’t feel

like your connection can become healthy overnight because it does take

sometime.Its all about being willing to try and be the parents your children need to

have a bright future.


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