why healthy smoothies are a must have


Why Healthy Smoothies Are A Must





























Usually we tend to drink alot of drinks during the day like soda , ice tea or even

milkshakes , but have you every thought about trying something that’s much

healthier and tastes just as great.Yes you guessed it , healthy smoothies are a

great alternative to add to your daily routine.Which is we should all aim at having

a healthy drink each day .



Am sure most of you are familiar with alot of healthy smoothie recipes , but the

most common questions about them are why should drink healthy smoothies in

the first place and what are the benefits of adding these to your routine ?.In This

post will try and answer all those questions and more , so if you had any doubt

about these drinks then by the end of this post you should be more




Before going any further in this post , we should first talk about what makes these

types of smoothies different from your regular fruit drinks.A healthy smoothie is a

blended mixture of fruits and other vegetables , which make a very nice and

nutritious treat to have.Did you know that you could also have a smoothie in a

bowl, this is another way you can mix things up and be creative with what you’re

eating.The only difference with having it in a bowl is that , it has a thicker

consistency.Creating this healthy drink is all about having the right ingredients.




















1. Smoothies Are Easy To Make


One of the best things about having this nutritious drink each day is that its very

their very easy to make , all you need to have is a blender , some healthy

ingredients and a couple of good taste recipes.Then you should be all ready to go

and create your very own drink , making smoothies will only take you about 4 - 5

minutes of your time.


This will come in hand if you’ve got somewhere to be and you need a nice quick

health snack to make , just toss everything in the blender and pulse a couple of

times.Quick and easy , is always the best way to make a nutritious snack.




2. Very Rich In Nutritional Value


Healthy smoothies contain alot of fruits and vegetables that are very rich in

vitamins such as vitamin C, D , E and also rich in other minerals such as

Iron.Which our bodys need in order for them to function properly , ensuring that

you take in all the appropriate nutritional elements into your body is essential for

your well being.


The good thing with smoothies is that you can also put in more nutritional value by

adding some of your protein mix or health supplements into your mixture.Which

makes it more of a reason why it would be a great add to your breakfast and

consider it as your soda substitute.




3. Smoothies Make A Good Healthy Snack


Snacking has to be one of the main reasons as to why people gain alot of weight ,

because most of the things that we like to eat are usually high in fats and

calories. Smoothies , have no added fats and are very low in calories , as they

constitute mainly of naturally grown ingredients.


However this doesn’t mean that you should start taking in alot of food because it

might be healthy , but always remember to watch your portions.If you’re trying to

get off the soda’s that you love to drink , having a smoothie or water as a

replacement is a very good start.




















4.Smoothies Are Great For Weight Loss


Are you looking to lose some weight , so that you can go a few sizes down this

month ?.Then having a healthy smoothie might be a good way to go , making a

tiny change to your daily routine by drinking this instead can be a small step in

cutting out the calories.


As we mentioned earlier , we gain weight because we eat too many snacks that

are very high in calories and also due to over eating.Being a fruit and vegetable

based drink , its a really great way to feed your body with the right  nutrients and

drop some weight.




5. Taste Great


Getting to mix some of your favorite fruits in a blender to makes a great tasting

drink is simply amazing, and with all the fruits and vegetables available to you ,

the sky’s the limit.Coming up with your own blend is great , with smoothies you

can’t make something you can’t like because what you make is upto you.


You can easily make a tropical mix or feel more like strawberry , having to switch

up your choices will make it more enjoyable for you to actively be more involved

with drinking these daily.




6. Low in Added Sugar


For those of you that like to have a nice sweet drink that’s not really high in added

sugar , then healthy smoothies are the way to go.That’s a great benefit of having

plant based drinks , they’re natural and have no added sugar to them. Making it a

must have if you’re trying to cut down on the amount of sugar you’re trying to take

in regularly.




















7.Immunity Boo

As mentioned earlier in this post , having these healthy drinks is a good way of

getting in a bulk of the nutrients that your body needs to function.Which is very

essential if your looking to give your immune system a the boost it needs to

ensure that you’re well protected against various disease.


We do come in contact with alot of bacteria and germs during our day to day

activities , so ensuring that you practise good hygiene as well as have the right

nutrients intact.Will allow you to remain healthy , so there’s yet another thing that

you could consider.So strengthen your immune system  by actually increasing

your nutritional intake and find out more about this  , in a post by Harvard health .




8. Dietary Needs


Another good thing about having healthy smoothies , is that they help you to

improve your digestion. The fact that the contain various vegetables and fruits that

are rich in fibre , will allow you to improve your digestion.




9. Great Way To Get Your Greens & Fruits In.


If your children don’t really like to eat fruits and vegetables , then this is just a

great way for you to get them to have the foods they need to grow.Children’s

bodys are still growing and developing , meaning they need to have all the right

nutrients in their diet.


If they’re really pick about their vegetables , then you can have some creative

recipes that you can create in order to have them eat their greens.Finding ways to

get them to eat some greens and take in other vitamins , will keep them healthier

and prevent them from being deficient in nutrients.


A healthy family starts with a good healthy diet and adding a few of these drinks ,

could further improve their well being.




10. Small Change To Becoming Healthy


Another good reason you might want to start drinking healthy smoothies is that ,

its a small change that you can make to change your lifestyle.This is a very small

way you can try to change your lifestyle , sometimes its the small changes that will

have a big impact on your dieting. With these small changes you’ll be able to see

where else you can improve or cut down on , which  is a big positive.




Those are some of the reasons why you might try some healthy smoothies ,

hopefully you’re able to see the positives and try to add these drinks to your day.

Do you need some healthy recipes to start with ?. well check the link below to find

alot more smoothies recipes that you might want to try out.




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