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Our day to day lives are full of various activities that can make as go through alot

and take a tole on us both physically as well as finding the right

balance and keeping yourself right is very essential when it comes to maintaining

your well-being.Mastering the art of self care is very important as it allows us to

become more productive with whatever we are doing.


Most people think that this topic only relates to the mental health aspect but it also

has alot to do with the interactions that we have on a daily basis. In the world we

live in there are various things that happen in our daily routines that might cause

us to go through alot of stress both physically and emotionally. Which if we don’t

deal with adequately can cause alot of complications within the body and can

affect our well-being negatively.




According to a blog by PschyCentral it is defined as an activity that is done with

the main goal of  taking care of not only our mental health But also taking care of

our emotional as well as physical health as well. Something very essential to note

is that the activities that help us to achieve this balance must nor be forced.


However this should be something that we would enjoy doing as this will help you

become happier and benefit from leaving healthier lifestyle in general. So try as

much as possible to select activities that would be easier to fit with your daily

schedule. This is great because you’ll be able to practise them more frequently

and further preventing you from becoming stressed.




1.  Positiveness is essential


The best thing to do to be set on the right path when it comes to keeping personal

care is to have a positive mindset. Being positive not only helps your confidence

but it also allows you to feel happy which is great. Sometimes with everything that

goes on in our lives it can be hard for us to remain hopeful but it’s important to

remember to always look on the bright side of things, looking for the goodness in

things even when nothing is going your way will help you stay content allowing

you to make an effective change to your lifestyle.


Staying in this happy vibe will also give you that extra boost in energy in whatever

you are doing, as it will prevent you from feeling tired and easy to find joy in what

you are doing. Lastly the other thing is about staying in a positive mindset is that

your energy will make other people enjoy your company , which is good as people

will be inspired by the way you carry yourself.


So having this mindset is very important as it not only affects you but other people

around you too, try to keep your levels of positivity up even in hard times you will

appreciate it. You can also start writing down some positive quotes and

affirmations to read when you wake up in order to put you in the mood.




2. Working out is good for Self care


As mentioned earlier when talking about self care we also have to maintain our

body’s by keeping them in great shape,exercising has been traditional seen as a

method or a means to lose weight but it also has some additional benefits that

help with the body as well. This is why practising physical activities can be very

important ,so adding them to your schedule can be a great idea.


For instance one of the benefits you get from it is that it acts as a form of stress

relief and yes you heard that right, working out allows your muscles to relax

therefore getting rid of all the tight knots that might have been formed within the

body.This helps ease the flow of blood making you feel much more relaxed and

revitalized. So exercising is a greatway to stretching your muscles and also

helps you to become stronger, however it also boost the functionality of the body.


Trying to make an effort to go to the gym even when you wouldn’t want to

because you don’t want to as even the smallest achievement in your exercises

can give you the confidence you need to take on the day. Exercising also

improves your the your focus and your physic in general.



3. Self care also envolves Healthy diets


Eating health is a great way to ensure that your well being is maintained, that us

why having a good and nutritious diet is very important as it gives the body the

right amount of valuable nutrients that it needs.It is essential to have a balanced

diet as this is the key in maintain the right balance in the body, if the body is given

a diet that doesn’t have enough nutritional value it can cause your body to

undergo all sorts of conditions.


Taking note of what goes into your body is very helpful as it allows you to prevent

yourself from causing harm to your body, because usually most people don’t

like to check what ingredients are in their foods we buy  and this can

cause you to gain weight.


Having said that you have to ensure that you take in the right amount of calories

per day in order to give the body the right amount of energy, the recommend

amount of calories that should be taken by an adult per day is about 1000. So

make sure you don’t consume to main calories.




4.Detoxing is good for the Body


Making sure you stay hydrated is very important as this helps you get rid of toxins

which helps cleanse the body, toxins are harmful substances that affect the

bodies performance.


These toxins enter our bodies through various ways  such as through the food we

eat, the substances we drink and even the contact we have with the environment.

If these substances accumulate in our body they can cause us to go through alot

challenges such as hormonal imbalances or even a difficult in gain or losing

weight,therefore getting rid of these toxins is just as vital.


Staying hydrated is one way in which you can get rid of them, so drink alot of

water it helps more than you think as it makes it easier for the body to perform the

roles its supposed to perform.




5. Improve your Self-care by getting enough rest 


Getting a good amount of sleep is very essential when it comes to your personal

care, it is very important because it allows you to relax your mind not forgetting

recharging your batteries.If you aren’t getting the right amount if sleep it can put

you and your body through alot of stress which can then prevent you from being

productive as well as prevent you from conceiving, in an article by it stated that sleeping helps the brain in getting rid of

toxins as well as helps it to build new paths which are good for brain functionality.


Even though getting some shut eye seems simple you’ll be shocked to know that

over 30% of people in America have less than seven hours of sleep, therefore try

to get as much sleep as possible in order for you to be the best version of you.


That being said its essential for you to have the recommended amount of sleep

which according to is about 8 - 9 hours if rest but, sometimes it can be difficult to

achieve this so having a designated nap time during the course of the day is a

pretty good strategy that isn’t utilized alot so give it a try.




6.Calling Time Outs is beneficial for Self care 


These days it is very easy to get caught up with work or your daily schedule such

that you can even start to feel fatigued and overwhelmed, this is why it’s important

to set aside sometime in your daily routine that is just for you. This time that you

set cannot be used to do extra stuff but should be used to do nothing at all, this is

very important as it helps the brain rest and allows you to stay calm.


Self care is all about trying to make sure you stay emotionally and mentally stable

too, so this would definitely be the nest time to catch up on your favourite shows,

read a book, painting ,taking a walk or even going shopping if it helps.Use this

time to do things that make you happy and just distance yourself from others for a

bit, creating time for this is very essential so try by all means to slot this into your

daily routine.



7. Meditation is Helpful for personal care


Meditation is a really great way to get your mind, body and soul into focus, most of

the people think meditation is complicated but it really isn’t. Reflecting on your day

and how it went is a great way to start,having this focus is a good way to deal with

the problems that you might face.



Meditation can be done anywhere you want but I think it’s important to practise it

in a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed, this will help you achieve

maximum focus whilst avoiding distractions.Practising this is a great part of

maintaining your well-being, its all about finding peace and tranquility.One way

thing that you can do to help you to achieve focus and concentration is yoga, as it

has got a lot of benefits for the mind and not forgetting the body.


In an article on the Osteopathic website they mentioned that the main purpose of

yoga is to create awareness and harmony for both the mind as well as the body, it

also frees up tension in the blood vessels helping improve blood circulation and

body performance.Doing yoga can be a good thing to add to your schedule , so

learning some good yoga  strategies would definitely help you.




8. Social Media Detox 


Staying on Instagram and Facebook is really nice because of what you are able to

stay up to date on in terms of the latest fashion trends and technology, however it

is also very important that you take adequate time off it. Not only does it make you

lazier but it also prevents you from staying in touch with your surroundings, most

times we become to glued to our phones and forget the stuff that really matters.


Therefore try to make an effort to stay off your phone even for just 30 minutes a

day and you’ll see how productive you can be, doing this can also allow you to be

come more creative and useful.




9. Spending Time With people That Care 


This point is very essential as it helps in dealing with the emotional aspect of self

care, keeping in contact with the people that love, care and support you is a most

in order to maintain your well-being in general. Knowing that you have got people

that will always cheer you on and have your back is a great confidence booster,

which can help you thrive and achieve your goals in life.


Having that group of people that you can complain to helps you deal with the

stress that you are dealing with, so building a strong bond between you and them

is very important. There are various ways in which you can strengthen this bond

such as having dinners, holding fun events as well as checking in on them once a

while really helps.





10. Control The Aux Cord.


Sometimes all you have to turn that frown upside down is to sing along and listen

to your favourite songs, music is a very simple but yet effective way to put you in a

good mood. Music has the ability to help you connect with your feelings, so

playing the right jams can elevate your mood and keep you feeling on top.


It can also help you drain the stress in your life and help your brain rest, so play

some music and stay happy. Happiness is the key to maintaining great self care.

In conclusion self care is helps with stability when it comes to dealing with life in

general, therefore taking sometime for yourself is a must even if you have a busy





Remember that having the right mindset will always benefit you in a very big way

as it not only affects you but also the people that are around you , being positive

helps you stay committed giving you less of a chance to give up. Eating the right

foods and having the right diet is also a key part in building up the body’s

immunity which helps you fight various disease with ease, having the right amount

of nutrition is very important and try to stay within the designated calorie levels.



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