Bounce back after hitting rock bottom


Bounce Back after hitting Rock bottom





























Bouncing back from a season in which you hit rock bottom can be very challenging

because the past experience is still fresh on your mind but even though each person goes

through a rough patch at some point in life, allowing yourself to stay in that very situation

is what will prevent you from making any progress.


The harsh reality about life is that it won’t stop in order for you to get yourself together, but

taking advantage of the chances we’ve been given to make a difference is the only way to

ensure that you get to experience a major breakthrough.


If you’ve been struggling to find your way out and looking to bounce back from hitting rock

bottom but don’t know what to do, below are a few tips that will allow you to turn your life





Learning experience  


Most of the time we quickly work towards having a better life without getting to learn the

important lessons because you hitting rock bottom should be taken as a learning

experience, getting a sense of what it feels like to have less will help us approach life


Finding yourself in the same situation happens when we choose not to learn from our

mistakes, making it very important for each of us to develop the willingness to pick up

anything positive things that occurred even in this challenging moment.






















Feeling like you’ve been left behind is always going make us want to rush the process in

order to create a successful lifestyle but moving too quickly will only cause individuals to

create a lot of mistakes on the journey to creating a life full of freedom, individuals have to

realize that the goal of bouncing back from rock bottom is to set a solid foundation to build



You’re not trying to change your life one moment but making the effort to positive affect

your life permanently, which is why you’ll have to remain patient even as you go through

this process because change takes time and nothing happens overnight.



What you want  


Having a sense of direction is what will help you remain focused on accomplish each

target that you’ve set for yourself, Goal setting is a very important part of life because our

dreams are what guide many of the choices that we make and failing to have an idea of

what you’d want will keep you stuck in the same cycle.


Revisiting your goals is the best way to get on the right track, each day has its own

challenges and whenever you lack the direction it becomes easier for these moments to

affect you negatively but refusing to give into pressure and remaining locked in on your

target is a choice that will promote progress in your life.




















Be Consistent


A big reason as to why most individuals remain trapped in the same position is because

they lack motivation to be consistent with trying to improve themselves, having the ability

to keep on trying each day is what will put individuals a step closer to their big



Life is all about effort and being consistent is what will help you achieve the same positive

results over a long period of time, even though it might seem like things aren’t going your


Throwing in the towel is not an option because you never know when your situation might

change and having the willingness to keep on being consistent even when you don’t feel

like it, will be enough to help you stay prepared for that timely opportunity.



Don’t Limit Yourself


Sometimes we can stand in the way of our own success by dwelling in the past, allowing

yourself to remain fixated on the negative things that happened is what will prevent you

from taking the next step in your life.


The past cannot be changed and the only way to bounce back when you’ve hit rock

bottom is by choosing to take action, letting go of all the negative things that remind you of

your last season is a good way to create room for positive changes to take place.


Cling onto something that doesn’t add any value in your life will leave the door wide open

for those same mistakes to happen, stop being your own worst enemy and begin setting

yourself up for success by choosing to have the right attitude towards life.



















Feeling Good About You 

Being in a negative situation and trying to breakout into the new isn’t always about rushing

to take action, ensuring that you feel good is just as important because going through a

rough patch should doesn’t mean your life must come to a stop.


Self-care routines are what help us with stress management and give us the ability to

remain energized throughout the week, your happiness shouldn’t be based on what’s

happening around you because everything changes with time.


Finding happiness starts with you and failing to be joyful in difficult moments, will make it

harder for you to have joy when things turn around.




Your mindset is the key to changing any negative situation into something positive and

choosing to have a better approach towards life is going to give you the platform to

succeed, however this doesn’t mean that things will become easier but its more about

making the decision to push through any obstacle which we might face.



Manifesting your desires into existence is always going to take more than positive

thinking, having the willingness to keep on knocking on that door is the only way to

guarantee change and allowing yourself to give up half way through the process isn’t an


Finding yourself at the bottom is an opportunity to start afresh and reconstruct your life

from the ground up which is a chance that not many people have been given, making it

very important for every individual to take advantage of this opportunity by using it to

improve their lives.

Ultimately the choice to make out of yourself is a choice that can only be made by you, so

take back control of your life and remain motivated to endure through every challenge

knowing that you’ll bounce back.




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Date: 07th March 2022



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