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Whenever we’ve got a bad day or when things aren’t going our way , its very easy

for us to lose hope and rethink our future.One thing that you need to remember is

that , most of us go through this and you shouldn’t feel like you’re alone.


With all the things that go on in the world around us , its very important that we

remain hopeful and continue to believe with all our dreams.The tough times that

we go through don’t really get to last for along period of time , so its very essential

that we remain locked in and focused on ourselves to improve our future.In this

post will look at a list of hopes and aspirations you can have for the future ,

leading on into a new year.

















1. Getting a new job

2. Moving into a new house & being independent

3. Buying yourself a new car would be nice

4. Staying fit and healthy Through Out The Year

5. Visiting Lego Land

6. Going To Another country & getting to learn a new language

7. Try To Visit Disneyland

8. Making sure you spend more time with your family and friends

9. Meeting people that will benefit your life

10 .Making the bad habits less frequent and replacing them with new ones

11. Figuring out how you could live the lifestyle you’d want

12. Putting an end to all the complaining

13. Taking control of your own life

14. If you’re still in school , you can hope for Better grades in your courses

15. Developing new skills that will benefit your lifestyle

16. Try to find Inner peace and become more religious

17. Helping our the community to make it safer for everyone

19. Switching up and updating your wardrobe

20. Getting a gym membership to help you stay fit

















21. Trying to get off your phone & social media less

22. Start being more of parent to my kids and an important member in my life

23.  Learn to take care of myself and body

24.  Volunteer myself to a positive goal by helping other (needy)

25.  Start saving up money & using it wisely

36.  Doing more personal reflection

27.  Becoming more open to other people

28.  Being less judgemental about our situations & learning how to adjust

29.  Allowing ourselves to be more willing to sacrifice

30.  Being a role model for younger people.

31. Giving off positive energy

32.  Seeking True Happiness

33.  Not Giving up on my hopes and dreams

34. Inspiring people to chase what they’d want ( Be more supportive)

35. Reading more books

36. Repairing all broken relationships with the people we care about

37. Never settling for less

38. Running in a marathon or completing

39. Express Yourself More

40. Going green and start saving energy
















41. Spending more time with your spouse

42. Being more active

43. Taking your family on holiday

44. Make the future bright by voting

45. Going camping in the great outdoors

46. Making decisions that are good for you

47. Getting more rest

48. Starting your own following or community

49. Building up self confidence



Even through things can look differently through out the year , these things will

make the next year much better for you.Its all about focusing on the positives and

keep on having faith that you’ll be able to continue to have a great future.


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Date : 20 Nov 2020

Post By : Lifestylenstuff



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