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The holiday season is one of the times of the year that we all look forward to , this

might be because of all the time that we get to spend with our friends and family.

Even during these fun times , it can be very easy for us to put on weight and this is

something am sure most of us would want to avoid during this period.



Finding some ways that you can maintain your current waist size this season

without having to put in any extra effort is something that we can help you with.In

this post we’ll look at some of the things that you need to watch out for and add to

your daily plan , which should allow you to stay healthy whenever your at home for




Staying healthy and not gaining weight at Christmas sound like a miracle , but it

should really be that difficult at all.More especially if you’ve got these helpful tips

that you can use.Below are some of these healthy ways to keep your waist size

























1. Cooking Alternatives


Occasionally , most of the time that you’ll spend during your weeks will be around

the dinner table. Having a nice meal is always the best way to bring people

together and this is what makes it a really good place to start your weight gain

prevention plan , by simply changing the methods that you’ve been using to

prepare your foods.


Using some different cooking methods might just be what you need to cut down

on a few of those extra calories , for instance you can try to bake your chicken

instead of frying it.Doing this will help you get rid of the extra fat that might be in the

meat , which is a great thing to hear.


You can also use some other alternative ingredients like replacing your regular oil

with canola oil , because canola seeds are actually good for your heart.


Making small changes like this will help you improve your chances of staying at

your current weight during the holidays.I know we’d all like to get alittle bit of crisp

on our meat but the good thing is you can do that without putting yourself at risk ,

there’s nothing that a cooking book can’t fix.


If you’d like to know more about healthy eating alternatives check our must know

healthy alternative post , where you’ll be to learn various switches that you can

make to your day.
























2. Move Alittle Bit More


Another easy way that you’ll be able to avoid any weight gain during the festive

season is by making sure that you’re more active.Being active will stop you from

being lazy and also help you stay in shape , rather than just being indoors all the



Heading out for a few walks at least once in a while can actually make a large

difference for you , being in the sun for a while is also goof for your health you



If you’re up for it , you can create a fitness routine for yourself to stay in shape.This

am sure is something that might be hard to do if you don’t have a workout partner ,

so whilst you’re trying to come up with this plan you can try to be more active.


Go outside and have some fun , play some sports if you’ve got to. Its all about

being more active , so a walk each day or morning run wouldn’t be so bad.
























3. Watch What You Eat


Eating healthy doesn’t always automatically mean that you’re going to be able to

stay at the weight that you want to be , because you’ll have to remember that

eating too much foods that are high in calories can also affect your weight



So what you might want to start doing is keeping track of your calories , this will

help you take in only what you need during the day.


Eating more calories than what you need will only cause you to go into the gym

twice as much as you’re supposed to be , which sounds like alot of work.


Therefore regulating what you put into your body is the safest way to go , their are

various ways that you can use to keep track of the calories you take in. These

range from using a calorie chart to even mobile apps.


Try to be in the habit of watching what you eat , especially during this time

because of all the great food recipes that will be available to us. We all have to

remember that there is a specific amount of calories that we’ve been

recommended to eat and staying in that limit is just as important.
























4. Portion Sizing


Eating a nice tasty meal is great but when you eat too much of it , you’re getting

one step closer to going up a waist size.Which is why you’ll need to reduce the

amount of food you’re eating by cutting down on your portions sizes, the best way

to do this as we apart from actually counting your calories (mentioned above) is by

using a smaller plate.


Eating your meals on a smaller plate will allow you to eat less and give you a

chance to maintain your current weight for the Christmas holiday as well as any

other time.



Staying in the right shape doesn’t always mean that you’ve got to be lifting a tone

of weight and doing the most in the gym , sometimes its more about how you get

to live your lifestyle and those healthy tips above should help you do just that

during the time when you get to eat the most.


Its all about finding the balance between your meals and your activities , the many

reason why you’re home during this time is family.These ways will allow you to

enjoy more of your time with them , hopefully you’ll add these to your daily routine

and improve your well-being.


Post By Lifestyle'N'Stuff

Date : 02 AUG 2020

How To Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays

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