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How To Be A Better Chirstian
























Being a Christian is something personal and its all about the relationship that you

have with God, being a better Christian will allow you to improve your

communication between you and him.Having a few things which will place you in

a better position is what we’ll try to get help with in this post, so by the end of this

you’ll be able to add somethings to your daily routine to improve your christian




Who Are These Tips For ?


These tips are for anybody that is trying to get healthier in their walk and

relationship with the lord, the goal of each and every christian is to make sure that

we spread the word to one another.Jesus said we should love one another and

this means we get better.



How to be a better Christian ?


Here’s a list of things that you can do to improve yourself, remember that to get

better you have to keep on practicing these tips.Good things take time so just

relax and take your time, you’ll be just fine.




1. Spending Time Reading The Word of Good


The most essential thing to do each time as a christian is to spend some time

reading the word of God, the word of good was present in the begin when the

world was made according to John 1:1.This scripture means that the word of God

is alive and it can be used to speak into your life.So try as much to read the bible

daily will surely change your life , for the better.




2. Prayer Is Essential


Taking Things to the lord in prayer is a must for each and everyone of us, no

matter how bad the you think your situation might be.Most of the time we often

feel that you might have sinned too much or done so much wrong against him

such that he will not accept us which is so not true, in the book of Romans Paul in

talked more about sin and forgiveness(3:23).


Everyone one of us has sinned one way or another and all we have to do is come

before the Lord and humbly ask for forgiveness , because its only him that can

forgive us and always remember his love is everlasting.Prayer is the one of the

ways that God will communicate to us ,even in times that are hard pray.He is

faithful and merciful to listen to you.




3. Be A Better Christian By Attending Bible Study 


Another effective way you can improve yourself is by attending bible study, one of

the good things about doing this is that you get to hear what other people think

about about particular topics and scriptures.Which will help you learn more and

help you understand things from a different point of view, bible study will help you

stay in touch with people that are more like you.


Being with people that are like minded will help you grow as a christian and

proverbs 13:20 explains just that, if you surround With like minded people, you’ll

be able to build on each other and grow.




4. Meditation


Just like in Joshua 1:8, we too should also meditate upon the word of the lord

everyday to ensure that we become better people.The main thing about most of

us as individual is that we think meditating is all about finding a quiet place and

going into an insane level of focus, when in actuality its really not as difficult.In

order for you to meditate, you just have to reflect on what you’ve read and

thinking about ways in which you could have applied it in a particular situation.



5. Sunday Service


Having communion with one another is very important when it comes to your

christian life, which is why would be nice of you to attend the Sunday services

more frequently.Doing these sessions you’ll be able to listen to what the preacher

has for you, the only thing I wished could happen more is asking questions during

the services.But that is why you have to attend the bible study classes, so try to

make an effort to attend.With all the information available online you should miss

any services.




6. Helping Someone


Helping other is what Jesus would want each of us to do, which is why it can be a

very useful tool to improve yourself.When people look upto you, they often expect

you to uphold certain values and this can be beneficial for us to use.As this will

help you remain consistent with your christian lifestyle, it can even make you

become a better christian .We’re not perfect , its only through Christ that we have

the ability to become righteous and this is why its good to serve other. Serve

others so that you to can be served by the one that sent you.



7.  Accountability


Lastly on this list and most importantly , we have to be accountable for our actions

as Christians.Doing this will help you grow as a christian, God knows what you go

through each day and you have to humbly ask him for his forgiven.When we pray

and confess that we have sinned, it shows that we are being accountable for

what we have done.This will help you improve the way you carry yourself in life as

well because, he who is in you is greater than the one that is in the world.




Those are 7 tips that will help you become a better christian and I hope that you

can apply these tips to your life to help yourself.Jesus is always willing to accept

you and God has so much love for you that he is willing to do anything.I mean he

gave up his only son for you , that means in his eyes you’ll always be special.The

only way to place yourself in a position to do better is by making sure you practise

these things daily , at Sunday school we always used to say we grow because we

read the word of God  and Don’t stop growing.


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Date 17 Mar 2020





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