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How To Be A Better Parent
























Parenting is one of the most challenging things to go through, more especially

if  you’re new to it.However even though it can have its difficult moment it does

bring joy and happiness , knowing that youbrought into this world.You’ll share

some good and exciting moments with that will last forever, however as

as parents we always want to give the best always want to give the best to our



This means that we also try to ensure that we are the best version of

ourselves in order to provide a stable and good environment for them to

grow up in.As you become a better parent it will become easier for you to

relate to your children and form a strong relationship with them. In this post

we'll look at some of the ways on how you can be better parents for your young

ones and hopefully by the end of it all you get a pointer or two. However in

order to get the results you might want you'll have to practise these tips on a 

regular basis , as this will put you in a better position than  you were on.


Just by the fact that you are reading this article shows that you mean well for

your family and you’re willing to change , so keep up the good work.Not 

everyone has an opportunity to become a parent, so just try to make sure that

you try and make this a fun experience.You don’t have to be a perfectionist

all the time , so making some mistakes  here  and there is okay.












1. Attending Parenting Classes


One of the ways to become a better parent is by learning how to improve your

skills, this can be done by attending some classes on parenting.In these

sessions you’ll be taught alot about how you can do better for you and your

family, having to learn tips from people that have experience in this field really

does come in  handy.


However even if attending these classes is vital, there’s a common stigma that

if you attend these classes then you’re a bad parent which is not true. The

main reason as to why these classes where created was to ensure that you

know how you can provide the very best for your child, so don’t feel

discouraged about finding the time to attend these classes.Its all om the best

intreset of your children after all , so learning the areas were you can do better

and how to promote sustainable growth is a great way to improve yourself.



2. Setting Some Parenting Goals.


Sometimes in order to achieve something, you might have to set a few goals.

Having some objectives will enable you to have alittle bit of some extra



Whenever you set a target to achieve something, it will act as a constant

reminder for you and it will help you follow through with your plan.The reason

why most people don’t become better is because they don’t really follow

through with their plans, even if they had all the right material that they need in

front of them. so setting some objectives is a really good way for you to stick to

your method , you can write down some things that youèll like to achieve at

the end of the week like for instance.



  • Spending more time with your daughter
  • Teaching them how to have good behavior
  • Show them how to cook
  • Teach them the Lords Prayer



The list can go on and on, the most important thing is that the goals that you

set should be benefit your childs well being.Setting the little tasks like this will

help you get a better handle on things, you can also make it a competition

between  you and your spouse on who can get things of the list quicker.


Adding alittle bit of competition can spice things up and people say parenting

isn’t  fun, so just try to be creative when making this list.



3. Bonding Makes You A Better Parent


Showing your young ones that you love them by spending time with them is a

critical part of becoming a better parent, Bonding allows the both of you to find

means of how you can easily relate with one another.


This special relationship will also allow your children to be more open with

whats on their mind, giving you the opportunity to understand them and how

they're really feeling. Spending quality time with your young ones is not only

important because it makes you a better parent to them but also helps to

stremgthen the relationship of the family.If you don’t have this type of

relationship at the moment its okay , because there are alot of things that you

can do to reignite that  connection.


Its never to late to start trying to show your children that you’re there for them ,

no  matter what age they may be.












4. Staying Committed To Your Parenting Style


In order for you to become a better parent you’ll have to stay committed to

your method of parenting, as mentioned earlier its only way to ensure that you

put yourself in a better position to be the person that will help them develop.


However its important to know that being consistent does take sometime but,

you’ll just have to remain focused even when you might not be seeing the

results aren’t showing because they will come eventually.Just a small point to

note is that ,if you constantly mix up your methods of choice it’ll only make you

becomes less consistent.So try to stick to one thing only, this will help you

avoid unnecessary  information.



5. Self Care for you.


Taking care of your children can be very tiring, especially with everything else

going on in your work life and other daily activities.With all this you might

become too busy to take care of yourself, I know you want the best for them

but if aren't at your best then how are you going to put in the right amount of

effort that you need  to.


That being said you too as a parent must make sure that you have enough

time to do nothing but relax, spending some away time from your children is

very important for a health relationship for a couple.So going out for dinner or

on holiday for a few days to help you get rid of all the things your mind’s

stressing  over.


Having Self care strategies will help you maintain a balance between yourself

and other things that you might be involved in, having some “me” time is

essential whether you spend it reading a book , watching your favourite show

or even taking a nice relaxing bath which you’ll definitely need some

bath salts for has to  be done to help you stay health mentally.



6. Leading By Example


As a parent you have to be a good role model to your children and this can

only be done when you lead by example , doing this will allow you to be a

much better  parental figure in their lives.


When teaching children how to be respectful , polite and any other moral value

you’ll find that most of the time they’ll only learn what they have to if they see

you practicing the same thing. Research has shown that children usually learn

by seeing and repeating what the have been shown, as a guardian its very

important for you to take advantage of that aspect and try to be the best role

model that you can be.


So next time if you’re trying to teach them morals , try to show them some

examples by acting the part.You’ll notice that as you continue to do this it ,

you’ll  won’t have to super impose things all the time.












7.Acknowledge Your Roles As A parent.


In order to know the ins and outs of parenting you’ll have to know what you’re

roles are , this will help you make better decisions when it comes to your child.


This will also allow you to concentrate on things that will not benefit them , this

brings up yet another important point you might want to here.Usually some of

us parents often feel intimidated by the way our fellow peers are looking after

their children, but if you fully know what roles to follow then it will make you

have more  confidence in yourself.



8. Showing Your Love & Support.


Being involved in the life of your children is very important , if you’re not as

involved in their life then it can affect them negatively.Showing your children

that you love and support them every step of the way, makes you become a 

better  parent.


Being their for your loved ones when they need you is critical for the health of

the family, show them that you care by starting to attend their ; concerts,

spccer games and even their teacher confrontation sessions. By doing this it

will have a very large effect on their confidence, which will help them succeed

in the future.



9.Good Content


Providing your child with high quality content is very essential as a parent,

with easy access to the internet it has become easy for anyone to get

information.So by making sure you give them content that is appropriate for

their age group is a must , because what they see and watch can have a very

big influence on their behavior. As well as their attitude towards others.


That being said you have to make sure that you check on what they’re doing

online from time to time , however this doesn’t mean that you should become

strict.Just check on them once in a while.












10. Be A Good Listener


Children at times tend to have way more energy than us, am I right ?.So you

have to try and listen to what they have to say even if its one of those

questions that’s been asked numerous times.Doing this in a way , provides

them with a sense of support  because they know fully well that their parents

are always willing to give  them attention.


With that being said all you need is patience , so stay calm and show them

your love and care.If you’re consistent with that you’ll , make your job as a

parent much  easier.



In Conclusion being a better parent starts with you, ensuring that you have

some goals and target in mind can help you to reach your goal.Remember

that following through with your parenting strategy , will help you create a

sustainable environment for your family.I really hope this article allows you to

be a better parent for your children , if you know more ways feel free to share

f them with your friends.



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