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Children have to be taught alot of things by you the parents, am sure you

remember the days when you were trying to show them how to walk and you’re

probably thinking of how happy it made you.


Another thing that you’ll also have to show them is discipline , which has to be one

of the most talked about topics when it comes to parenting.This might be due to

the fact that there are multiple methods out there either on the internet or social

media on what you should do, in todays post will look at how you can discipline

your children without being to harsh on them.


Hopefully by the end of this post you should be able to look at disciplining your

children in an entirely new light , in life you’re never to old to learn something new.




What Is Discipline ? 


First of all, in order for us to properly look at the method we want you as parents

to start using.We first have to understand the true meaning of the very word

discipline.According to the dictionary, this is the act of training people to be

obedient and it also goes on to say that its a way of correcting disobedience

through a punishment.


By looking at the definition provided above, we might feel inclined to use harsh

punishment in order to correct the mistake our children had committed.However

this shouldn’t be the case , as we will show you later in this post.




 5 Steps To Take When Disciplining Children



Now that we can take a look at some of the steps that you can use when

disciplining your children , you can try to add these steps to your day to allow you

to prevent yourself from being to harsh on them.






























#Step 1

The Explanation


Before your quick to lash out at them , why not try to find out if there was actually

a method to the madness.Which means that you have to ask them to explain

themselves , because children often feel the need to do something they

shouldn’t.This maybe because to them at that moment , it might have felt like the

right thing to do.So allow them sometime to give an account of what they’ve

done , doing this will show them that you value everything that they have to say

and you try not to cut them out when their talking to you.



#Step 2


Calmly Bring About Clarity


Remaining calm in such a moment is very essential , as it will allow your child to

continue to tell you the truth.The next thing to do is to explain to them what they

did wrongly , most of the time parents just rush to give their children a punishment

without even giving them a clear reason of what they did wrong.


Which doesn’t solve the problem at all in my opinion , so remain calm and talk to

them more about what they did.I know most parents will say it was different from

the times when they where growing up but , times really have changed and you

might need to adapt to them.


Note : I used the word adapt and not change which simply means , that you have 

           to integrate your styles into a way that they can blend into todays style of               parenting.























#Step 3

The Apology


After explaining to them what has occurred , this is the time you set yourselves up

to receive the Apology. Making sure that they’re sorry for what they’ve done will

allow them to become more aware of that particular action.Which will effectively

make them not repeat it ,thats if they actually meant to Apologize.


When they say that they’re sorry for  what they did , don’t continue to pick on

them.This might just make them feel like they might are being picked on.




#Step 4 


The Punishment


Now that you’ve talked to them about it , now comes the second part of discipline

which is the punishment.This will ensure that they remember that every action has

a cost.If you have other children in the house , this could be used as a perfect

example to use in order to show the others the consequences of disobedience.



Picking The Punishment


Picking the punishment is solely your choice to make as a parent , however don’t

make the punishment too serve. As this will cause them to push themselves away

form you , so pick something that you know will be just a bit difficult for them to

deal with.Like for instance , you can take away there mobile devices and other

electronics for 2 entire days or you could also take away their video games.


This can really go well with some extra chores around the house, thats just an

example of something that you might consider. Am sure you parents know what

makes your children tick , so I’ll leave that to you.
























# Step 5

Time To Make Up


Now that everything is over its time to hug it out , ensuring that you do this will

continue to strengthen the relationship and connection that you already have.Now

I know that most of your children will show alittle bit of resentment towards you

after this but , its only normal so don’t really stress about it though.They will

eventually given to your love and everything will be back to normal, to cheer them

up you might want to make them laugh alittle.


All this is done out of love for them , as we just want them to be the best version

of themselves.Those were 5 of the steps that you need to take when disciplining

your children , but before we end this post we’ll give you alittle bit extra.


There might be sometimes when you might feel like your child just seems to not

be getting better , which is okay because you’re not alone.Here are some of the

things that you need to remember whilst you parent










Extra Tips On Discipline 



1. Parents Should Stay Patient


Good things come to those who wait as the old saying goes m so just remain

patient.You have to remember that the way you view a situation is different from

your children , so try ti be more flexible with the way you parent.This doesn’t mean

you let things slide but , just remember that kids make alot of mistakes and they’re

still growing.
























2. Being Consistent


The only way to get the results that you want is to continue to be consistent ,

when you remain actively trying to bring up your children in the best way and it

seems like its not working don’t give up. Human beings aren’t always perfect but ,

you can reduce the chances of your children making the same mistakes by

staying consistent with your discipline routine.


Don’t stop trying because sometimes it may take alittle longer for a permanent

change to occur , that’s something to keep in mind during a tough period.



3. Change Your Approach


If the way you try and show them the right thing to do doesn’t work , its time for a

change in delivery.Sometimes the strategy can be right but its the way you bring it

out that maybe wrong.So switch it up a bit or better still you can find out other

ways on how to do things from your friends and other online platforms like this



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In Conclusion , even though some parents might try to use harsh methods of

discipline.There better ways to do it , so just try to be more calm and relaxed while

you talk to your children.Making sure that you show them this value is what will

make them become better people even when they grow up , there are many perks

that come with being disciplined as we have seen above.In order for a child to

grow up well behaved , the parents should be able to make it clear to them whats

right from what isn’t.



Explaining this to them will ensure that they gain a full understanding about whats

going on , so before you lash out at them talk to them.


Having a good relationship is all about communication , even if they do the wrong

thing you have to remember that they to are growing.With growth comes change

and soon enough, all the efforts that you put into showing them the right way to do

things will provoke them to become respectable people.



One last thing is that you , should always try to be the best role models for them.It

makes it alot easier to tell children that they’re wrong if you always act in the right

manner in front of them.So try your best to be the person that your children want

you to be and this just might make them more inclined to be like you too.



Hopefully you enjoyed this post and picked a thing or two on how you can

discipline your children , take action today by trying the things that you have

picked up and see if they work for you.Keep on providing a good environment for

you children , spread more love and care towards every member of the




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Date 22 Apr 2020

How To Discipline Your Children 

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