hurting childrens feelings


Parents Hurting Childrens Feelings

































Having an argument with your children or getting to hurt their feelings on accident

, are some of the things parents go through daily and this can leave them

upset.As well as put your relationship under alot of pressure and its important for

parents do so something about it , having a strong bond with your kids would

allow you to keep the family closer together.


Even if you hurt your childs feelings , there’s still some room for us to make up

and put a smile on their face.Making sure that you get back on the same page

before you go to bed is really essential , sometimes even the perfect relationships

have a bit of problems but its all about trying to make the effort to be present in

their lives.























Say Your Sorry


We would all like to see our children own up for their mistakes by apologizing to

us , but should you do the same when your in that situation and the answer is

yes.Making sure that you tell your child that you’re in the wrong for treating them

badly is essential , not only does it show that you acknowledged your mistakes

but , it also sets a good example for them to follow when they do something



So try to make sure that you’re that you talk to them and apologize , even if you

didn’t really mean to hurt their feelings because mistakes do happen.Its all about

leading by example and showing them that they mean alot to you.





Think Of Way To Improve


Whenever you make your children feel sad , its important for you to try and find

ways of preventing it from happening again.Improving yourself as a parent is one

of the most essential things that each of us have to do , as this will not only help

you get better us a person but also allow you to become a role model that your

family needs.When you’ve got a negative attitude towards your kids , it will start to

rub off on them and they’ll also start to develop a bad attitude.


So try to aim at being the best you can be and this means that you need to work

on your flaws and start to improve yourself.






















Comfort Them


The fact that you didn’t get to treat them properly would mean that , they aren’t

really feeling like themselves.Which could only mean that its time to cheer them

up , this could be hard because your children might still be thinking of what just

happened.However , showing them some tender loving care will definitely make

them feel comfortable.Showing your children love , is a must for each of us as




Another thing that you should know is try not to force them to feel better , if their

not ready to talk to you at that time.Then you can wait for them to come around ,

the same thing should go for your apology.


Giving you some help with your children is one thing , but applying the necessary

step is up to you the parent.We all make mistakes once in a while and we get to

make most of them as parents , whenever we don’t acknowledge the wrongs that

we’ve done.You reading this post means that you know you’ll have to improve and

thats a good step to take , so next time when you hurt your childrens feelings.

You’ll be able to make up in no time and cheer them up.





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