How social media affects teens


How Social Media Affects Teens


























With the growth of technology and other services such as the internet, it’s very

easy for each if us to stay connected and upto date with all the latest news from

around the world.Social media has made it easier to connect with friends and

family from the comfort of our own homes, for teenagers this has become the

regular thing to do as they spend more of there time on platforms such as

Instagram and Facebook.


Even though spending our time check up on whats going on in interesting lives of

others, all this time that is sent can affect teens in alot of ways.By the end of this

blog you should be able to take note of the important things and try to make some

positive changes to your life or the life of your children.Here are some of the main

ways that teenagers are affected by social media.















1. Teenagers Attentiveness & Productivity will be Affected


With all the hours that teens get glued to their mobile phones, we can ask

ourselves whether they have enough time to do other things.Even though

watching a few cat videos is fun and allows you to unwind, spending too much

time on these platforms will only limit the amount of concentration and productivity

you might have when it comes to the important things.


Being Productive will help you to achieve your goals much quicker, putting in

effort is what separates the successful from the rest.The more time you spend on

social media , the more it becomes a destruction to you.Preventing you from

achieving your full potential, making it important for each of us to reduce the

amount of time were spending to like photos and actually try to do something

productive with our lives.



2. Social Media Forces Isolation


Social Media is very interactive as we might have all already known and because

of this , it’ll usually level us to focus on ourselves.Which will make teens forget

about whats happening around them , as a parent you should be quickly be aware

of this change if you notice it in your children.


Social media can have a very negative impact on the relationship within the family

, distancing themselves from everyone else will make it harder to know whether

they’re doing well and your involvement as a guardian is very essential in their

















3. Social Media Limits Self Confidence In Teens


People on social media often like to post photos of themselves(selfies), just to get

the right amount of gratification from their from their followers.However due to alot

of trolls all over various platforms, it can affect the confidence of our youth.These

hateful comments may cause them to go through alot of mental and emotional

stress, which will make them think less of themselves and this is a very bad

thing.Relying on media platforms as a source of gratification will only limit what

you can do , teens should be able to set some targets and feel they can achieve




4. Pressure From The Social Media Community


When growing up, teens often have to go through alot of stages and changes in

order for them to make their own decisions.Social media has a very big influence

on the news information that we receive but, it has an even large influence on the

teenagers in society today.The videos and information that they see, might be

able to paint a different perception of what life is all about.Like for instance, if they

happen to see all these wealthy people flaunt their money each and every time

they go online.


It can definitely have change the way teenagers think about success , which can

be a very big problem when it comes to motivating them to achieve something.

Success is not based upon how much money you make but should be looked at

how much you have matured over a long period of time, which should be talked

about more often.
















5. Take Less Care Of Yourself


The fact that they spend so much time on their electronic devices can cause

teens to forget about taking care of themselves , am pretty sure you know what

am talking about.Self care should be practised by each and every person , as this

will allows us to keep our bodies in check and also helps us to maintain our

personality too.If your always glued to your phone , it’ll be hard for you to know

whether you’re doing okay.


Another negative effect that comes with using your phone too much is that blue

light does have a negative effect on our eyes, blue light has the ability to affect

your sleeping pattern as well.This is why each of us have to learn ways on how

you can maintain your body, with the right care practices you’ll be able to get

through the week easily.



Those are some of effect social media has on the teenagers in today’s society

but, to make this post even more useful and helpful.Below are some tips on how

you can manage your usage on these social platforms, this might just be what you

need to add to your day to maximize your potential.Hopefully you picked

something useful from this post and try as much as possible 

to limit your social media usage 


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