Teen doesn't want family time


Why Teens Doesn't Spend Time With Family





























As our children get older in age and become teenagers , it’s normal for them to

start being more independent with the way they do things.Which can sometimes

mean that they might not really want to spend quality time and getting to see this

from a parents point of view , can make us feel sad.


Spending quality time with your children is very important , because it allows

parents to be more involved in the lives of our children.This we’ll help the family

stay together , which is why parents are encouraged to have this activity in the

first place.Not to worry because there are a few things that you can try to allow

them to feel more willing to share their time with you and knowing will have a

positive impact on how you relate with your family.






















Don’t Force Family Time


The first thing parents will need to do , is try not to force our teenagers to spend

more time with you.Just because you’d want them to them closer to you , it

doesn’t mean that you start to push for more meetings with them.Having Quality

time as a family has to be fun for everyone and you inviting your children to be

where they wouldn’t want to be , will only make them less likely to have a good

time and have an activity to look forward to in the future.


Which is why you’ll need to prevent yourself from doing to much , take it slow and

try to pick the right moment to approach them.




Find Out What They’d Want


Another thing that you might what to do when your child doesn’t want to be with

you , is try to think about different ways you can spend your day.Your teenager

would be excited by doing the same activities that you used to do when they we’re

toddlers , now would they ?.Being with the people that you love is all about the

enjoying each others company. The best way to make sure that you try and get

them to be more interested in family activities is by asking them what they’d like to

do.Parents shouldn’t always assume that our kids will like the ideas that you pick

out , its all about involving each and everyone.Ultimately , its about putting a smile

on their faces.






















Is Your Relationship Good ?


Sometimes , its easy for parents to ruin the relationship that they’ve got with their

teenage children.Which might be a great reason why they don’t want to share

their time with you , even if you didn’t intend to hurt your children’s feelings.Its only

right for parents , to approach them and find out if they did anything wrong ,as this

will help you fix things and get back to having a stable relationship.


This just goes to show that parents shouldn’t always assume that or children are

acting negatively towards them because they have a bad attitude , as there might

be a particular thing bothering them.



Our teenage children are no longer young anymore and parents need to take up

the responsibility of finding new ways to get things done , because getting to be

together as a family is very important.So don’t be in the habit of getting being in a

rush to be with them , you want this moment to be meaningful and not seem like a

burden.So try to make sure that you take the first step when it comes bring

everyone closer together , stay positive.




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