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How To Get Kids Off Video Games








































Most parents would like to see their children , sitting in front of the Tv for hours on

end.Playing Fortnite and other video games , getting your kids off video games

can be a really difficult task for most parents to do.Its very easy for you to feel like

grabbing their consoles and denying them the things that they enjoy but , this

might not be something you should do.


Making sure that you’ve got creative ways of handling this situation , will prevent

you from having a bad relationship with your kids.Even though you might just be

looking out for their well being , your kids won’t always share the same point of

view and this is why we’ve come up with a few ways of getting your kids to play

video games less.

















Making Them Understand


The first step that you’ll need to take when you’re looking to help them take a

break form their games is talk to them , if we just forcefully try to get all this tech

away from them without giving them a reason for it.Can really have a negative

impact on your relationship and affect the positive environment that you had ,

parents should always make an effort to sit them down and help them understand

why you’re looking to take action.


This way , it’ll be easier for your kids to understand your point of view.You might

also want to hear them out as well , communication is a two way street.When you

listen to what your kids have got to say , it becomes easier for you to find creative

ways to help them stay off of their screens.Don’t always think that they know what

you’re thinking , which is why you need to sit down with them and talk about it.



Try Setting A Limit


If your son stays up late at night sitting down in front of the screen with the

controller in his hand , it would be great if you try to set a limit for them.The truth is

, most of us are looking to change our children’s routines instantly and that’s the

wrong way to approach this situation.Its very easy for us to feel pressured in

correcting our childrens habits in the hopes of them getting better , which is why

you need to take things slowly.


You reducing the amount of time they’ll be able to play games , would still allow

them to do something that they like without feeling like being completely denied

access.So if they would stay up all night , then it would prevent them form using

tech at late hours of the day.Then gradually get to continue reducing it to your

liking , slow and steady wins the race.You don’t have to rush because everything

takes time and remember , you’re doing it for the long term not short term.


















Monitor Them


One of the best ways that parents can try to limit their childrens screen time is

through monitoring , by this we mean. Getting to find out what the do during the

day , this will allow you to plan for them adequately.According to Aisa Firestone

PhD , in an article on why its important to break routines.It was mentioned that

you poorly examining our habits could have a limiting effect ( Short Term).


Which is more of a reason for you parents , to try and monitor them for sometime

before you actually take action as this will help it last a longer time.You can create

a log where you write down how many hours they spend and use some of these

methods to reduce that time.



Find Some Alternatives To Gaming


The other point that parents must look to remember when breaking your kids

video game habit , is trying to find them alternatives.You need to be able to

provide your kids with something else to do when , they aren’t on their coach

looking at the screen.


We often tend to forget that taking these things away from our kids would leave

them bored , its all about placing or substituting that activity with another.There

are so many things that you can do as a family that will keep them entertained

throughout the day , playing some board games or doing arts and crafts.


Are some of the examples of substitutes , an even better approach would be

asking your children what they would like to do.Doing something that they’ll love

will keep them happy ,even as they take a break from all the gaming.


















Playing in Open Space


The next point that parents should consider is , trying to make them leave their

rooms especially if they’ve got all the things that they need.When your kids have

everything in their rooms like a PC monitor or gaming setup , it would become

very easy for them to actually stay in their rooms.Placing all these things in a

place that will be visible for you , such as the living room.Would allow you to make

sure that they stick with the plan and follow it through.


If what they need isn’t in a place where they feel comfortable , then it would

become very difficult for them to keep on carrying on with the same routine as

before.Its the small things that we get to put in place that will change them for the




Chores & Tasks


your child might not be as active with the way they spend their day , if their

spending too much time on games.So why not give them a few tasks and chores

to complete around the house , which will help you keep the home environment



Another way to get them off their screens for a bit is having them do something

constructive with their time , it may not necessarily be school but it might be

something that would help them develop a new skill.Having a hobby that they can

do would be another fun way to get their minds off Fortnite for a while , this would

be a good opportunity to find something that you can do together.



When it comes to getting our children to change and act better , its really great if

you could take things slow and make it easy on them.Parents are always looking

out for their kids but its not really about how fast you do it but , its all about how

your able to make progress each and every week.


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Date : 15 Jan 2021

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