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Providing a safe environment for our children is something that every parent

should be able to do , as this will allow your children to leave in a place that they

get to call home in love and comfort.Our children usually need our supervision

whenever they’re at home , as this is just a safety measure to prevent them from

getting hurt or causing some extra chaos around the house with things that aren’t



There comes a time for each parent to make a big decision , which is deciding

whether they should start leaving their children alone whenever you’ve got to ran

some quick errands.Which am sure most of you are trying to make at the moment

, hence you reading this post.


Its a very huge choice to make and helping you know some tips for staying home ,

are important because the safety of your children will always be a parents biggest

concern and rightfully so. One of the reasons why making this decision is difficult

is because we always think that bad things are going to happen when you’re not

there but , here are some of the few things that you can find helpful for you and

make you feel more comfortable with your kids being by themselves for a couple

of hours.



1. The Age Of The Child Matters


One of the main things you’ll have to consider whenever you think of leaving the

house in the hands of your children is their age .This is very essential because

they’ll should be able to do the small things , like being able to head in the kitchen

and grab something to eat or ensure that they don’t go outside.


There isn’t any legal age that has been stated as far as we are considered , when

it comes to leaving your child alone at home.Meaning that it’s sole up to parents to

know what would be right.Of course , if you’ve got a child that is very young like a

toddler then we are highly against you leaving them all by themselves and you

need to get a baby sitter.


Maybe a good age to start considering this is when they’re like 10 years of age or

closer to that because , they’ll be old enough to start doing things on their own.We

recommend that you take your time with this because its giving them alot of





2. House Rules


Preparing your children for the moment when you’re not going be around and

supervise them , is important for parents to remember.The best way to be able to

do this is by having some house rules.

Having a good set of house rules will help you keep your house organized

throughout the day and keep things flowing smoothly , putting the essentials on

this list will make it simpler for your kids to know what they’ve got to do.


So you can come up with a separate list of guidelines for leaving children home

alone , below are some of the things you might add to your house rules.


  • Don’t Open The Door
  • Make sure You Call Me Every 40 Minutes
  • Don’t Turn On The Stove
  • Foods on The Table
  • Make sure feed the pets
  • Leave the plates in the dishwasher



Small things like this are just examples of the items you’d like them to consider ,

just make the whole being alone thing much easier on yourself by going through

the steps slowly with them and you can also make the house rules simpler to read





3. Stock up on snacks


When leaving the house to go on your errands , its important for you to make sure

that you’ve got enough food and snacks for your children just in case you might

take too long.Making sure that they’ve got some food to eat will be one less thing to

be worried about , so try to make sure you stock up before you leave.


If they want to eat something like pizza then you’ll have wait for it to be delivered

before you live , but as a parent you need to ensure that they eat the right amount

of calories each day and don’t exceed the limit.




4. Emergency Calling List


Even though it might be part of the house rules , to call you each time they need

something.Having an emergency list of contacts might come in handy for those

moments when you might not be available to pick up your calls , giving the phone

numbers of close friends , family , neighbour or even the baby sitter can be useful.


Another thing that we encourage you to do is try and alternate calling times with

your spouse , so that the work load is evenly distributed.




5. Things To Do Before You Leave


We’ve looked at some of the measures that your kids will have to take when you’re

not there but , you can do a few things before you go out of the house.


Like for instance , you can make sure that you’ve turned off all the electric

appliances that aren’t going to be in use and also making sure that harmful

chemical substances are stored out of the reach of children.Are just a few

examples of things that you can try and do.



The safety of our children is important and an extra measure that you can take is

getting a house monitoring system , so that you can remotely check on the house

while you’re at work and see who’s at the door.The small things like this should

give you more of a secure feeling that your kids will be safe when you’re on your



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Date : 12 Sep 2020




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