Why child is unmotivated


Why Child Has No Motivation



























There are so many days when you might see your children sitting by themselves

and lack any motivation to do anything with their lives ,which will keep them lazy if

they get to remain in this state.As parents , you need to step in and try and figure

out what might be wrong with them.In order to give them a chance to be

active.We’ll look at some of the things that might be causing your children to feel

less motivated , which should allow you to switch up their mood and set them up

for more success.



Stress & Pressure


Even tough children might not go through the things that we do , they might also

have problems of their own.Maybe there was something that happened at school

or it could be something else that’s bothering them and has lowered their mood ,

talking to them will help you find out the best way you can help your children.This

is really the best place to start when trying to motivate the unmotivated child and

improving their mindset.


Its harder to stay locked in if you’re dealing with problems and this is the same

with our children , handling this first might allow you to say positive words to give

them confidence.













Recent Failure


Education is the most important stage in the lives of each of our children , as they

get to develop skills that will help them become successful in future.Our children

need to know that sometimes achieving our goals and failure is common , how our

kids handle this allows them to be better people.This is why as parents , its

important for you to help them get over this stage in their lives and help them

bounce back and change their attitude.


The way we as parents react to our childrens down falls , is very important

because your expression will matters the most.Parents need to be more positive

towards their kids , even if they might not be performing well in school.Try to

encourage them and motivate them to do better by cheering them up.





When things seem very difficult for your kids to achieve , its not that hard for them

to be unmotivated.Which is why they need your encouragement because chances

are that whatever task they’re about to accomplish , because it might not be that

difficult at all.They just need that support from you and they’ll be able to complete

their work , getting started is always tough and when you push them to start.It’ll be

a breeze for them them as they’ll see that its easy and simple , so be there for

them and motivate them.













Brain Power


With everything in their day to day routine , we need energy to complete all the

things they’ve got to do.If your kids wake up feeling tired and lazy , its going to be

very difficult for them to get anything done and their lack of Sleep is a very good

reason for why they might not be as motivated as they should be.Which can

definitely be fixed by coming up with a curfew, it has been recommended that kids

are supposed to sleep for more than 7 to 8 hours in a day.


This should give them the right amount of energy that will power them throughout

the day , you only get to do the best when you’re at your best.Allow them to get

the right amount of sleep and this will allow them to be more motivated to do




Negative Words


The words that we speak to our children are very important because they can

either make or break them , saying negative words like ,“ You’ll never achieve that

“ or “you can’t do that “ . Can be really damaging towards them , as they have a

really damaging impact on their confidence.When they feel like they can never

achieve anything with their lives , it becomes very difficult for them to be self

motivated.If you speak negative works towards your children , its time for you to

change your attitude towards them.


Raising children that get to become success starts with parents being able to

support them with the little things , even getting to tell them that they can do

it.Would definitely give them boost which they’ll need to do more.














Another thing that can make our kids less enthusiastic about life , are the things

that might be happening currently going on around them.Most of the things that

happen in society , are just temporary and its up to parents to help children look

forward for brighter days to come.Nothing stays the same for a long time , even

the attitude that your children might have will change.


Its all about being able to find ways to keep them going , while remaining patient

to motivate them because it won’t be something easy to do.Make sure that you

keep on being supportive parents , that are always there for their children.


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