learn to live with disappointments


Learn To Live With Disappointment




































Life has its ups and downs , which means that you’ll get ti experience a few

disappointments once in a while.Learning ways on how you can deal with our

short comings properly , will allow you to bounce back and get on your feet

quickly.The way you handle yourself when you’re faced with regret is what will set

you up for the next step , which is why reading this post might help you with that.



Live and Learn


The very first thing that you’ll need to do when you’re not successful is getting to

acknowledge the truth , the hardest thing that anyone can do in life.Is getting to

accept reality because knowing the truth can break you , but its the only way that

you can be able to start moving forward.Getting to know that things aren’t going

your way , allows you to come yo with ways to improve and do much better.


The only thing that you can do after being disappointed is learning from the

mistakes and find ways to get better , so next time when things aren’t really going

the way you’d want them to.Don’t avoid it and face it head on , the sooner able to

come to terms with what you going through.The quicker its going to be , for you to

be great.

















Its Time To Move On To New Things


Most of the accomplishments that we set out to achieve won’t be completed if

nothing is done , which is why you and I have to try to step back up.The reason

why disappointment hurts so much is because we get to put in so much time and

energy into our project.When you put that much effort into something , it becomes

even more difficult for you to deal with the negative results.


Quitting is one of the simplest things that you can do but if you want to keep doing

better for yourself , the you’ll have to keep on moving forward.Drowning ourselves

in sadness or regret , won’t really change anything and you doing this.Will only

keep you in the same position without any changes happening , at some point in

our lives.


Will all have to go through disappointment because you can’t experience success

without knowing what it feels like to fail or not achieve , so don’t think for one

second that you’re going through this by yourself.There are so many people that

have become successful , who were sinking before they started floating and the

only difference is that they kept on pushing.



Disappointments Can Be Positive


The perspective that each of us has on life is very important and this is what can

separate you from moving forward or staying in the same position that you’re in ,

even as you get to dwell on your short comings.Its essential for you to pick out the

good things , even in the bad situations and just because you might not have

made it this time.Its not all bad , reason being that you know how not to repeat the

same mistake.


Don’t constantly put yourself down because of the mistakes that you might have

made , the fact that this hurts so much means that it meant alot to you.Being able

to put in all your effort into something isn’t easy and is a commendable effort on

its on , which is just one of the reasons why facing regret can be good for us.Most

individuals are afraid to follow their dreams because they don’t want to fail but

that’s not you , personal growth starts with accepting our downfalls and this will

only set you up for better things to come.


We all need to be self motivated when trying to achieve our goals and this is why

this experience is valuable and none of us would want to experience this again ,

which will make your success feel even more joyful.

















Make sure That you Take Care Of Yourself


Another thing that you should remember to do whenever you’re trying to get over

disappointing times is make sure that you take good care of yourself , even

though this might sound like something that you already do.Facing problems daily

can be really hard and might cause you to go through alot of stress , your mental

health is very important and we feel that in order for you to do the best . You’ll

need to feel like the best version of yourself and this is why you’ll have to take

care of ourselves , having alittle bit of self love wouldn’t hurt at all.


So don’t think that its okay to keep on working without taking breaks , you need

them to help you recharge and give you the strength to move forward.Which is a

reminder that resting is very important , good health is very hard to come by.

Stay health , if you want to be wealthy. Should be your mantra throughout the

year as you look to push through things that might have a negative impact on your




Be Slow


Just because you’re trying to work through disappointment , it doesn’t mean that

you should rush back out there to fix things.Even though life doesn’t slow down

for us , it doesn’t mean that you working without having a plan is the right step

either.Sometimes you need to think things through before making  even bigger

mistakes , than you did previously.


Its okay to crawl before you can run , take the baby steps and don’t rush

things.Life is a competition between you and you alone , so don’t really feel like

comparing yourself to other people because they’ve got goals that are

different.Cutting corners will only put you back and that’s why you need to be slow

 , that fact that you’ve not achieved your goals. Means that you’ve got experience

on your side and that’s better than starting from nowhere.

















Don’t Let Them Define Who You Are


Moving on from these moments is one way to deal with disappointment , the

situations that we find ourselves in shouldn’t define who we’re as people because

we can always do better for ourselves. Take it on the chin and learn to let go ,

leaving in the past won’t take you to the future and getting to lose.Is what will help

us prepare to win the bigger challenges ahead of us.



The truth is that we constantly face problems each and every single day , which is

why you’ll need to remember some of these points when you’re trying to work

through disappointment.We’ll all have one of those days where things just aren’t

working out the way we want them too.However , we’ve all got lives to leave and

making the small changes may look insignificant now.After a few days , things will

be looking a whole lot different.


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Date : 29 Jan 2021

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