Adapting to life after child leaves for college


Adapting To Life After Child Leaves For College






















Every time your child achieves something big , we as parents would always think

about what our first experience was when they where born.Is funny how all those

emotions hit you whenever you see the acceptance letter for their university or

college , parents often feel like their prepared for this moment but that’s far from

the truth.


Getting those butterflies in your stomach is common because it means that you

love and care about them , we’d all like our young ones to become successful with

their lives by making something out of themselves and this all starts when they

leave the home for the first time.Knowing some of the ways that you could adjust ,

after your son or daughter heads off for college is what we’ll help you with in this




Get Rid Of The Anxiety


One of the main things we think concerns parents the most about all of this is , the

amount of times that we think of our child’s well being.Sending off your kids is a

really big step for any mother or father , you keep on thinking about their safety

every single minute of the day.Which might also affect your own well being too , in

order for you to combat this feeling it would be good thing to show them some of

the basics before leaving for their freshman year.


This can be anything that’s ranging from them learning how to take care of

themselves to any basic lifestyle hacks.The benefit of doing this is that it’ll allow

you to worry less about them , because you know that your son / Daughter will be

able to look after themselves.



Be Honest With Yourself


The more you try to fight the feeling of your only child leaving for school , the

harder it’ll be for you to move on with your lives.You need to tell yourself that they’re

grown and the house will be less noisy , just because they’ve gone for school it

doesn’t mean that you’ll never see each other again.


You’ve been together for a very long time and seeing them where they are now , is

a blessing in itself because so many people would wish to have the same kind of

situation.Being true to yourself doesn’t mean that you’ll get over your kids not being

at home but , it’ll allow you to open up and find newer ways to use your day.



Resist Visiting Them


The first response that parents might have when our children are in school , is

finding a way to visit them each week and this isn’t something you want to

do.University , is a place that allows your teenage children to become adults.If you

keep on taking trips to see them or try to calling them each and every week , you’re

only delaying them from being independent.


Parents need to know that , treating your daughters and sons like babies by doing

things for them all the time.Will always make them expect you to do that all the

time , so let them handle stuff for themselves once in a while.Its time for you to

take a break and relax for a bit , after all those years of driving them to school in

the morning.


The good thing for you is that there are platforms like Skype and other messaging

apps that will help you stay in touch when you need to , simply call or text them.



Full The Void


How do you spend your week ? , the key part of coping with your child when they

go odd to university.Is finding new ways to keep yourself occupied , if you don’t

have a hobby then this would be a great time to find one.Am sure you’ve had one

or two things on your minds , which you’ve wanted to try.Picking up a skill would

definitely give you something new to think about , if you’re out of ideas.Maybe you

might want to start your own garden in the backyard , sure it might take up some

work but it would be a really great way to take your mind off things and do

something productive with your time.



Spend Time With Your Partner


You spending time with your spouse is very important for relationship , when was

the last time you went on date and had fun ?.If you took too long to answer that , I

think things will have to change.Now that your only child has gone off to college.



Talk With Other Parents


Lastly , getting to open up about how you feel with people that have gone through

the same thing as you.This might help you get used to the new lifestyle , so try as

much as possible to make time for each other during the week.Where you can sit

down and talk about everything that you need.


Dealing with your children leaving for college or university is not the easiest thing to

do , but its something that you’ll just have to get used to it.We all know that during

the festive season , you’ll be able to see them and get to catch up.Sending them a

gift or parcel that will remind them that you miss them no matter how far they are.



Date : 25 Nov 2020

Post By : Lifestylenstuff

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