Life isnt about finding yourself life is about creating yourself


Life Isnt About Finding Yourself Life is About Creating Yourself









































Many are the times we often sit down and reflect upon our lives , in order for us to

find more meaning to everything that’s going on around us.The thing about

walking on this journey called life is that , we’ll experience so many ups and

downs but its not really about the destination.Going through a lot of experiences is

what makes our time on this planet even more meaningful , its these very things

that mould us into the people that we’re going to be in the future and this is why.


Life isn’t about finding yourself , life is about creating yourself.This is a quote that

was left behind by George Bernard Shaw an Irish playwright , which pretty much

sums up why human beings are special. When life is throwing all sorts of things at

us , its easy to look the other way and just call it quits but doing this doesn’t add

any value to your life at all.


Nobody said that our walk on this earth is going to be the easiest because nothing

good comes easy , its for this reason why individuals have to be able to push

through the barriers and try by all means to do better for yourselves.


















The Meaning of Life is What You Create


The meaning of creating yourself is to be the the person that you need for the

future to be brighter , even though rainy days may come and go.The one thing

that will make a huge impact on your situation is making a choice , although we’ve

got the opportunity to make decisions everyday.


Its easy for us to forget that these small choices do have a bigger impact on our

lives because not everyone gets the same opportunities and its all about doing

what you can with you’re resources , so try to start making the right choices each

time because when you’ve made a bunch of them.You place yourself in a better

position to have the future that you’d want to create , so don’t take what you’ve

got for granted.



What You Create Matters


What matters the most in life is the kind of impact that you get to live behind

because no one is immortal , which makes all of us a precious gift.Being here on

earth isn’t just about you and you’ll have to remember that no man is an island ,

no matter how much fun you’re able to have alone.


Its going to be hard to deny that it wouldn’t have been a better experience with

other people around you because its the moments that we share with our loved

ones that last forever , what kind of impact did you have last year or have you

become a better person for your family ?. This are some of the questions that

you’ll have to ask yourself and working on ourselves is good for the soul , growth

only happens when the things around you change.


















So if you’ve been asking yourself whether life is about finding yourself or creating

yourself , our answer is that its a bit of both.Our journey on this planet will

ultimately come to a stop one day and nobody knows when that’s going to

happen but while you’ll still have the time , why not use it to turn your dreams into

reality and make the life that you’ve always wanted to live become real.


So be willing to thrive and not give up on yourself because the only person that

will change the future is standing right in front of the mirror , show the would how

its done by being yourself because you’ve got what it takes to make things



We all have to start from somewhere , so use that to create something

good for yourself and be a person that will benefit other people as well.So

remember that you can do anything that you focus on because that’s what

humans do , we’re creative.


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Date : 03 March 2021



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