What to do when life sucks


What To Do When Life Sucks































Life has got plenty to offer most of the times when things are going well we often

tend to forget things that might be valuable to us and when you’re going through

some tough times we feel as if its time to give up.


its important to know that in order to appreciate what is good, sometimes you

might have to go through a rough patch.This situation can cause you to go

through alot of stress both mentally and emotionally,which can also cause you to

experience some for of depression.



learning how you can deal with a situation such as this is very important, as it will

not only give you the  adequate steps to take but make stay composed and not

give up easily.Don’t feel low if you are going through a tough  time because it

happens to everybody, life is about time so you will not go through this for forever

and every time you’ll  look back at it and smile because you overcame.So cheer

up and be happy.


Below are some of the useful things that you might need that can help you even

through the tough times.




1.Acceptance Is The Key To Change


One of the main steps that a person can take when going through a bad situation

is acknowledging that they might not be where they want to be, this might sound

simple but most people stay where they are because the have not accepted their

current situation.So simply coming to the realization that you might be in a bad

place will allow you to become more likely to change and adapt much easily.


However its important to remember to accept the situation but not stay

comfortable in it and always now that you can be able to change it around no

matter the situation, try as much as possible to slowly accept the situation.It might

not be as easy as it sounds but if you do it slowly you’ll will get there, its not about

how fast you change but the effectiveness of it.




2.When Life Is Sucks You've Got To Think Positive


Staying positive even through a difficult period of time is very helpful, not only will

it allow you to stay happy but it will also help you stay motivated to keep going.It is

essential that you always have this positive mindset from the start of your day , as

this will set the tone and your mood for the rest of the day as well.


Having such a mindset will also help stay content with your current situation well

knowing that it will eventually get better as time goes by, getting some morning

affirmations that can lift your mood are very useful.You can also reflect upon the

good things that you have achieved through out your day to help boost your






















3.Don’t Let The Situation Change your Attitude


Even though the times might be tough on you it is not a reason for you to change

your attitude towards others, in fact this should be a time to even have the best

attitude you can.In doing so you will not only help yourself but others will learn

from you as well.


If people see that your attitude they will be amazed at how composed you are and

will be setting a good example for them to follow as well.




4.Keep on Moving


This is another critical point that you’ll have to take note of when you’re going

through a hard times, never give up on yourself and never lose hope but just keep

on working.Another thing to take note of is that you should never let a situation

change your good attitude , because it might just prevent you from learning from



Allowing various scenarios that happen in your life affect you in a negative way

can only keep you from achieving what you might want to achieve, so never give

up keep on going because when you feel your at the bottom the only way you can

go is up.The major difference between staying in a position and coming out of one

is perseverance, if you continue to consistently believe in yourself you can and

you will come out victorious.




5.Life Won't Suck For Too Long 


Good things might take sometime to happen so its very essential for you not to

feel the need to rush and look for a quick way out,because you might make

decisions based on something that might not be worth it and may make your

situation even worse than it should be.


That being said try as much as possible to think through everything adequately

before acting on it,being patient gives your room to be more joyful and happy

which is definitely a positive.So trying to have this virtue is a good thing to have

during such times.





















6.Personal Care Strategies Are Essential


Taking great care of yourself is very essential especial when things aren’t going so

well,this is because it is very easy for us to become stressed and this can take a

tole on your body both mentally as well as physically.Getting rid of this negative

energy is essential as it will allow you to be more productive and accomplish

more, however self care is not all about stress it’s also about making sure that you

are providing your body with the appropriate nutrients and other necessary things

that will allow your body to stay health.


Things such as eating right , working out , meditating and other activities can help

you restore your body, another important thing to remember is that you should be

getting enough rest.Sleeping not only allows our body’s to rest but it also for our

systems metabolism to work more effectively, so taking care of your self is very

important and you might also want to have other personal care strategies that you

might need to know.




7.Getting Some Advice.


Getting some advice from your fellow friends and family is very essential for

growth during such a stage, as this will help you make more health decisions that

will eventually put you in a better position.Usually people tend to think that talking

about your problems with someone and asking for help makes you look some kind

of way , but how would you know what to do right if you don’t ask?.


Talking about your problems and opening up will leave some pressure off of you

and help you to feel more comfortable with yourself, so its important to try and get

advice were you can in all things that you do.If you know people that have been

through the same situation that you are going through talk to them, because most

of the times you will find that they were actually in a worse situation than you are .




8.Surround Yourself With The Right People


In order to keep your spirit high and have a positive mindset all the time, surround

yourself with the correct people.Doing this will ensure that you stay happy and feel

that they are people that care for your well-being,if you don’t keep the right people

closer to you during times like this it will feel harder than its supposed to be.So try

to keep moving with people that will build you up and cheer you on, having your

family members really helps.






















Usually when you hear the word detoxing it refers to getting rid of toxins within the

body but in this case we will use it differently, by detoxing we mean getting rid of

things that might be causing you from not moving forward.The thing that people

might forget is that when you’re in a place or situation that isn’t working out for you

, it can be used as an opportunity to start over and have complete control of what

happens next.


This can also be a good time to get rid of any bad habits that you might have been

practicing and even getting rid of some people that might have been bringing you

down, so use this time to carefully strategies for whats to come.




10.Learning Opportunity


As mentioned earlier this time can be used to separate yourself from all the bad

vices that you used to be apart of but it can also be used as a time to learn

something new.Therefore going through some bad experiences can be a good

way to gain some knowledge on things that you might not have known and this

can make you a better person,so take this into consideration whenever things

might not be going your way.


This is very useful if the situation was caused by a mistake that you might have

made in the past ,so that being said learning from it will give you insight on what

not to do next time.




11.Believing & Self Motivation


This is one of the most important things to help you overcome any situation is

believing in your abilities, if you don’t have faith in yourself you will be easily

deterred from what you are supposed to be doing.So have some confidence In

yourself , trust and believe in your abilities you will get yourself out of anything.


Always be motivated in whatever you do and to get that boost in your confidence ,

having some good words by some motivational speakers can help you.To further

lift your mood you can listen to your favorite artists and this believe it or not

actually does help.





















12.Being Grateful


Even when the times aren’t that great it is very important for you to remain grateful

for the things that you have been given, because gratitude allows you to be more

accepting and content with each and everything that happens to you. So be

thankful that you are in this situation for it might be a blessing in disguise and may

help transform you for your future.You have to be grateful because there are

many people in the world today that don’t even have half of what you have, so

always be appreciative of the small things as they will lead to you having more





13.Don't Forget To Have Some Fun


Staying happy will keep you smiling and lift your spirit even more , so its very

essential for you to have fun even in hard times.Its essential that you find some

time to just do things that will make you smile and feel happy, always find some

time for yourself to do what you would like as its critical for personal care.




14.Express Yourself


Going through a hard time might cause you to experience all sorts of emotions

which is okay , however its very important that you don’t bottle these up.In an

article posted on the psychology today website , it was stated that being in touch

with your emotion makes you a better person and a better parent.


That being said its important to find activities in which you can freely show

express yourself, this can be either through art and drama or through a more

physical activity such as sports.So try as much as possible to become more

involved in such exercises because , being able to express yourself is important

for your growth during this period in time.




15.Taking A time out


Sometimes we might start to over-think a situation and will cause us to go through

alot both mentally and physically, therefore taking sometime just to relax and do

nothing is very important for us. Most times the reason we might not be very

productive is because we don’t give ourselves the break we need and you might

as well take this as an opportunity to start to add such an important step into your

daily routine.


Life is not that easy so its okay to go through a little bit of a rough patch because,

if you are winning all the time you might forget how it actually feels to appreciate

that victory.So that being said embrace the moment and never give up for it shall

soon pass away, you’ll look back at it and smile because you managed to

overcome it .


Remember its how we act in these situations that can make or break us , that

being said stay positive and believe in your abilities.


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