hy life is a precious gift


Why Life Is A Precious Gift





























Most of the time we usually take alot of things for granted , from our resources to

the people that surround is during the day.Its only when we go through rough

moment or challenges , that help us realize just how precious of a gift life

is.Sometimes in order for you to change your perspective of things , you might

need to ask yourself some questions.


In this post will help you answer the of just , how valuable your presence on this

earth is , nobody said that the lives that we live will be easy but this doesn’t mean

that you can’t continue spreading joy and happiness toward , other

people.Hopefully at the end of this read , you get to change the way you think and

become a far better person for the people around you.


















We Don’t Get Second Chances


The biggest blessing that we receive each and everyday without even trying to

think to hard , is the gift of being present.Our lives are so precious to all of us

because we don’t get to have another chance when we end this one , which is

why you might need to start being more appreciative of the moment that you have.


Not everyone can wake up to the smiles and fresh air you have , its not live a

video game where you can turn back the clock and try to start afresh.You only get

one shot at it , of course you’re human and are bond to make mistakes from time

to time.So , if you’ve got the opportunity to take a chance at something then do

it.Like the saying goes , tomorrow is not promised to anyone.


Us not getting a second chance is actually a really good thing because it helps us

realize just how much valuable everything we have is , this is the a good reason to

actually start valuing your life and the time you spend on earth.



Achieving Your Dreams


We should all like to make something of ourselves and being successful in

whatever you’d like to do , might help the next person feel like they can

accomplish their goals that they’ve setup.Making the world a better place starts

with you making a change , getting to achieve your dreams is the biggest gift from



Its precious because of what you make out of it and this should just be thought of

when you’re trying to be successful but even in other aspects of your life as well ,

since this is more of a self help post.We’re going to be concentrating on individual

needs , which is why you need to keep on dreaming and striving to become what

you set out in your heart.


On this platform , we feel that in order for you to help others.You need to be at

your best.The good thing about getting to achieve all your goals is that it’ll inspire

more people than you think no matter the circumstance , impacting the lives of

others in a positive ways is what makes the world better.

















You’re Unique


If you take a look in the mirror when you wake up in the morning , you’ll see the

image of the only person that has been made like that in the world.The one thing

that you’ll always have to keep in mind is , they’ll only be one you in this life time.


There are so many things that will make us feel less of ourselves but its essential

for you to be positive because , in what ever problem that we get to face.There’s

only one person that can handle that situation like the way you would , so don’t be

afraid to try and achieve what you’d want to.


Don’t feel bad about the way you look or the way you dress , if you love what you

do.Then you should keep on doing what makes you happy , at the end of the

day.Your happiness is whats very important to you and it only comes through

doing what you’d want to do.



Spirituality & Inner Peace


Many of us are affiliated to a particular circle or religious group , you might be

asking yourself why we brought up this point.Most of the denominations that we

follow , allow you to look to the creator and continue taking the steps to follow

what you’re being taught.Which will help you find the true value of the life that

you’ve been given.


Which will ultimately help you to impact the lives of other people as well , finding

inner peace can be really difficult for most of us because of we focus on our

problems rather than trying to seek help from our respective religious groups.So if

you’re looking to do some soul searching , maybe you’d like to go back to the

basics and seek help spiritually.



















If you recall from earlier in this post , the life that we have was said to be a

precious gift because of the impact it has on other people.We get to smile more

each day because of the types of people that we surround ourselves with , our

friends and family will always be there for us when we need to be cheered up.This

is what makes our lives even more valuable to us and is another reason why you

need to be really grateful for the people in your life.


So the next time you’re thinking why all this worth it , remember that its because

of you and nobody will ever replace you.Keep on trying to be the best you can to

spread joy and happiness towards other people.


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Date : 27 Nov 2020

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